Presidential Amnesty, Work Permits in Cross Hairs of American Legion

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Today the American Legion issued a statement on the President’s planned amnesty. Read it. Bet you’ll agree. H/T Rees Lloyd\

Ah, it’s good to be King. 

“The head of the nation’s largest veterans service organization today questioned the wisdom of the White House putting politics above national security if it carries through with its plan to give amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants through an executive order.
“At a time when ISIS, al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are killing innocent Americans, it makes no sense to let our guard down and send a message that the United States is an open, soft target,” American Legion National Commander Michael D. Helm said. “A message was sent during the recent elections, and it clearly wasn’t that Americans want amnesty. The American Legion urges the president in the strongest possible terms to put our security, and our citizens’ interests and wishes, ahead of providing amnesty for millions of immigrants here illegally.”
Helm – who is on a Far East tour that includes Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines – was just as adamant in stating that The American Legion fully supports legal immigration.  “The United States has benefited enormously from citizens who have obeyed the law in the journey to becoming Americans,” he said. “There have been many prominent Legionnaires who legally migrated from other countries, including one of my recent predecessors, Fang Wong. I just visited with a new American citizen who is the wife of an American government official working in Laos. Her first husband was killed by communists in a re-education camp. She is one of the most patriotic Americans that I have met. My sister-in-law is a U.S. citizen from Panama.
“These patriotic Americans help make our country great. One common characteristic is that they have earned their citizenship the legal way. In fact, we have reached out to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to offer our help in bringing immigrants to full citizenship. Rewarding illegal immigration is a slap in the face to those who have obeyed the law and patiently went through the process.”

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3 thoughts on “Presidential Amnesty, Work Permits in Cross Hairs of American Legion

  1. Rees

    “it makes no sense to let our guard down and send a message that the United States is an open, soft target”

    It makes absolutely no sense, but we are dealing with a “President” who rejects the fulfillment of his most important responsibilities, those of Commander in Chief. A President who was somehow AWOL on the night the Libyan Ambassador was assassinated by terrorists (perhaps enjoying the same anti-Islam movie the Administration subsequently blamed for the attack), drew multiple sinuating red lines in Syrian dessert whose constant change aggravated the Syrian civil war, promised the Kurds support in early August of this year, only to finally provide a small portion in the form of air support in Kobani in late September, some 8 weeks later. Promised weapons, ah not so much in delivery.

    This is the same alleged Commander of our Armed forces who handicaps our military in Afghanistan with arbitrary and arcane rules of engagement preventing their combat success, all the while undermining their morale. He provided far more support to a freeing a deserter captive, for presumed political advantage, than he has defending those who hunted down Osama Bin Laden or for that matter those who serve and reside on training bases in the US.

    This is the President that looked eye to eye with Putin only to develop astigmatism, being distracted by multiple beheadings of journalists who ascribed to the certainty and safety of those red lines drawn in the sands of Syria.

    He assures us that a Nuclear Deterrent Agreement is imminent with Iran, while engaging them in an proposed alliance against ISIS, both of which fail due to the impotency of our Secretary of State; this while he originally absolutely ignored the Green Revolution in 2009 which was by far the most promising sign of his Arab Spring and new democratic emergence which would have gone a long way in assuring a new trusted Arab partner in pursuing a long term solution to the problems in that region.

    It makes no sense, but then the policy makers is in this Administration have yet to demonstrate urgency and proficiency in formulating foreign policy initiatives. This Administration has consistently let our guard down throughout the world, appeased and displayed the reluctance to engage determined enemies. And so how could one conceivably expect logic and common sense to be applied with immigration and domestic border protection administration policy despite its preeminent importance??

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