Portland Antifa Protester Is Run Over & Killed Trying to Halt Speeding SUV Leaving Violent Group’s HQ, Cider Riot

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Portland’s Professional Protesters™ have made stopping traffic a hallmark of their activism. Timid politicians, such as Mayor Ted Wheeler, allow Antifa and other Leftist protesters to halt traffic with impunity. As a result, there’s an outsized sense of power that comes from being able to stop someone on a whim. But on Saturday night one of Antifa’s most notorious activists found out that not everyone stops on his command.

Sean D. Kealiher was killed in front of the unofficial Antifa headquarters, Cider Riot, while trying to stop a speeding SUV.

Kealiher reportedly tried to halt an SUV and was run over. By the time the cops got there, Kealiher had been dragged into a private car and dumped at a local hospital where he died. The NE Portland cidery was quiet.

There isn’t a lot of information about the attack. That’s by design, of course. The people who wear masks to hide their identities took to Twitter to order silence to the media and to the “pigs”:

The tweets say:

“Sean/Armenios [sic] family has asked that we not talk to the press.

“No media response at all. none [sic]. no talking to them period. [sic] please respect this. [sic]”


“Your words can impact the survivors, the organizing on a large scale and the family getting support. Don’t let the press platform off this and dont [sic] let the pigs build cases. Consider not telling stories on public fb pages/organizing pages (keep it in the community).///”

The Portland Police are investigating it as a homicide. The medical examiner has determined that it was a homicide from blunt force internal injuries.

The Antifa bar reportedly was filled with friendlies. A fight reportedly broke out and, before too long, Kealiher was stepping into the street to stop an SUV speeding away. Shots reportedly were fired at the SUV by Antifa members.

Judging by Antifa’s reaction this looks like fratricide.

A Facebook post by someone who appears to be with Patriot Prayer held additional information culled from social media reports. The info has not been verified:

Late model Ford Explorer, allegedly the vehicle driven and occupied by 3 African Americans who attended a reggae…

Posted by Russell Schultz on Sunday, October 13, 2019

Despite the apparent circumstances of his death, Kealiher, who also goes by his nom de guerre, “Armeanio,” is being groomed for martyr status:

May he rest in power as we carry on in his honor.

After Kealiher was hit there reportedly were shots fired at the SUV. The SUV either hit, or came close to hitting, the Democratic Party headquarters in Portland.

Antifa and local anarchists, but I repeat myself, then vandalized the DPO:


Portland’s Police Commissioner and Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has been stridently on the side of Antifa over law-abiding Portlanders, sent sympathies to the violent thug and his family:

See those roses in the photo above? Those represent Rose City Antifa.

Though it goes without saying, Antifa is a continuing criminal enterprise that apparently derives funds to offer the family of this thug “support.” From whence does that “support” come?

It has also encourages members and allies to obstruct justice and suborn perjury.

Why Ted Wheeler continues to support these Leftist thugs is a mystery. But that’s (social) ‘justice’ in Multnomah county.

Here’s KGW TV’s story about it:

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9 thoughts on “Portland Antifa Protester Is Run Over & Killed Trying to Halt Speeding SUV Leaving Violent Group’s HQ, Cider Riot

  1. antifa is a domestic terrorist organization funded by George Soros, they should ALL be arrested and imprisoned the minute they set foot on ANY street wearing a mask or kerchief over their faces and carrying anysign that puts down anyone!
    I am surprised they vandalized the building of the d’RATs, since that party seems to protect them, perhaps they’ve grown drunk with the power of getting away with impunity from committing so many criminal acts.

  2. […] They were the aggressors and.I heard even fired at the car. Karma’s a bitch sometimes.

    Edited for content

  3. I think its poetic justice. Theres an old saying.”You live by the sword, you die by the sword”. This animal got what he deserved and his idiotic friends made it even worse. […] If you want to be heard and your viewpoint shared then dont be a criminal and cause violence. I will be happy when every one of them get all the hate and violence that they spew dumped right back on them. They are domestic terrorists PERIOD.

    Edited for content

  4. Can anyone confirm this account? How is this a homicide? Armed ANTIFA mob vs 3 fleeing African Americans–my oh my! “Late model Ford Explorer, allegedly the vehicle driven and occupied by 3 African Americans who attended a reggae concert, hosted by ANTIFA at CiderRiot. Allegedly the deceased and his Antifa friends got in a dispute with these victims while leaving the establishment, where the deceased ran out into the middle of the street to block their vehicle from departing the area. Then allegedly ANTIFA militants opened fire on the vehicle. Where as the vehicle driver tries to flee the gunfire and runs over the now deceased. (Like running over a speed bump, not a collision as told by the lack of collision evidence on the vehicle).”

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