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From my friend, Rees Lloyd, American Legion, on the issue of illegal immigration:

I wrote a Resolution, “Equal Application Of Selective Service Laws To Illegal Aliens,”which was adopted as national policy of The American Legion by vote of delegates to the 2007 National Convention. The Resolution calls on Congress to enforce the Selective Service Act, which expressly includes “illegal aliens”as among the males residing in the U.S. who must register for the draft between the ages of 18 and 26. However, the government simply does enforce the Selective Service law against illegals.
Want to know how to track down the 20-million Mexicans in the U.S.? Simply have the police ask for production of draft cards whenever they make a stop of all males between the ages of 18-26, the same way the cops ask for a driver’s license. No draft card; go to jail, and be deported. The ACLU claims it is a constitutional violation for cops to ask about immigration status; no court has held it is a constitutional violation for cops to ask for draft cards.

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8 thoughts on “Ponder These Words. Tell Me What You Think:

  1. When I registered for Selective Service when I turned 18, did I get a card? If I did, what did I do with it?

    Point being, I never carried it on me, and I doubt many others actually do.

    While I think it might be a good idea in *theory*, I don’t think it’s practical.

    It’d be like asking for a Social Security card – I have one, of course, but I *never* carry it with me.

    Not having it on one’s person doesn’t necessarily prove or disprove anything in an on-the-spot kind of way.

  2. True enough but it is a clever way to check citizenship that no one has thought of forbidding the police to check for. Might be a good policy to implement if you require carrying it as proof of citizenship or something. Naturally, it can be faked (like SS cards, driver’s licenses, etc) but it is, again, a clever way around foolish “sanctuary city” policies.

  3. Sorry.. I do not believe in bringing back the draft to just stamp out illegal immigration..

    Heck.. I don’t want the military to put up with the whiney liberals who get drafted.. why have them put up with illegals who will just play the No Habla Engles defense…

    Simply put.. our President and the House and Senate have been ducking this issue and the President and the House and Senate before that were ducking the issue.. Illegals are illegals.. secure the border or else…

  4. I think they should begin reissuing Draft Cards, even if they don’t reinstate the draft.

    While this move wouldn’t discover all of the Illegals in the country, it should put a significant dent in their population.

    Additionally, I think COngress needs to pass legislation outlawing “Sancutary Cities” that harbor and protect ILLEGAL immigrants.

    In the meantime, we also need to adopt Mexico’s Immigration Laws and enforce them!

  5. When I was younger (a lot younger) we had to register for the draft and were required to carry our draft cards at all times. I agree with Lew that registering for the draft should be required again, even if an actual draft into the military is not implemented.

    I like that idea of the police asking for the draft cards of all those young people whom they stop for whatever violation. It would go a long way toward catching up with the illegal aliens.

    But don’t look for it to happen anytime soon.

    Especially if Hillary or Obama make it into the White House.

  6. And Lew, I agree, too, with the idea os outlawing “Sanctuary Cities”.

    Two things area gainst that happening: 1. It ain’t gonna happen as long as we have the liberal socialists running Congress, on both sides of the aisle. And it definitely won’t happen in Oregon or Washington with Teddy the Useless and Chrissy the Faux Governor in charge.

    2. Portland, arguably one of the most notorious of the Sanctuary Cities on the West Coast, has Tommy the Immune and Vancouver has Royce Pollard as mayors. Even if Sanctuary Cities were outlawed Tommy would just ignore the law or tell the powers that be that unless he gets Top Secret clearance or some other foolish demand (like he did a few years ago with the JTTF deal) then Portland won’t comply. I’m not sure what Pollard would do, but he would probably appoint some politician with a six-figure salary to be in charge of it.

  7. “I agree with Lew that registering for the draft should be required again, even if an actual draft into the military is not implemented.”

    Earth to Scottiebill. The current law requires males 18 and older to register for the Selective Service. Cards are not issued or required to be carried. It is too bad that Rees and you do not know the law. Looks like tou just want to enlarge a bureacracy.

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