Oregon Insurance Commissioner: No OrBamaCare fix

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Obamacare obama with needleThe Oregon state insurance commissioner has rejected President Obama’s “fix” of the disastrous ObamaCare health care insurance overhaul. In a news conference yesterday, the president told insurance companies he would not charge them if they allow people to keep their old health insurance plans. Today, however, the logistical nightmare of starting over with the 140,000 Oregonians who have already lost their health plans appears to be more than the insurance commissioner can tackle at this point. Oregon is last in the nation for ObamaCare sign up, its Cover Oregon software a complete bust. (see post below). 

The Zero reports of a meeting today of the health care brain trust who chose to take the lead of Washington state in saying no to the presidential ‘fix.’ 

In an already confusing time, “we think that adding more communication, different options, changing dates could possibly be confusing and actually I think make this more difficult,” [Insurance Commissioner Laura] Cali said.

Confusing is an understatement. Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare–officials are currently presiding over the worst rollout in the country. (see post below) 

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3 thoughts on “Oregon Insurance Commissioner: No OrBamaCare fix

  1. I guess Kitzhaber’s use of the “smartest” people in the room looked good on paper; but in practice and the world of reality for Oregonians, it’s headed toward an implosion or a reversion to the old Oregon Health Plan bureaucratic hit or miss lottery system of admittance. On the latter, you just have to note the Oregon legislature balanced the budget this year on the flimsy Kitzhaber promise of saving $1 billion in state health care costs.
    I hope Kitzhaber seeks re-election because there’s a good chance he’ll be dragging a big anchor called “Cover Oregon” in the campaign. One can dream.

    1. Oregon got a spiff in the all the deal making to pass ObamaCare in the first place. We got a Medicaid spiff to cover partial costs of ObamaCare exchange set up. That’s probably some of what they used to “balance” the budget (eyeroll).

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