Oregon and Washington Given D’s by Michelle Rhee’s Student’s First Organization

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Michelle Rhee’s organization, Student’s First, has given Oregon and Washington both D’s in the organization’s National Policy Report Card.  Only two states received B minuses (Florida and Louisiana) and none received A’s.

The 2013 State Policy Report Card grades states on education laws and policies instead of education outcomes

Rhee is a controversial figure–but only because that’s the way the media portray her. She is in truth only controversial because she puts, as the name of her organization explicitly states, student’s first. That will not win you any awards by so called national education groups run by the teachers union cartels.

The former DC Education Chancellor was run out of town because she became a first believer parent choice and vouchers.

 In putting the report together, StudentsFirst took into consideration whether the state elevates the teaching profession, empowers parents, spends wisely and governs well. No state received an A, and 11 states received an F.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.