No Domino’s Or Pizza Hut In Washington D.C.?

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As we are being asked by the Obama administration to change light bulbs, drive smaller cars, decrease our carbon footprint and go green because global warming is so dire that the administration is discussing radical technologies to cool the Earth’s air, how hypocritical that B HO decides to satisfy his love for pizza by flying in a Pizza Chef 860 miles from St. Louis, Missouri to prepare specialty pizza’s for he and his staff, some 140 people today.

Reported in the UK Daily Mail, we read that Obama flew in Chris Sommers, 33 and his business partner Ryan Mangilardo of the Pi restaurant in St. Louis to prepare the pizza that Obama discovered during the campaign and called the best pizza he ever tasted.

The pretentiousness of Obama in flying two chefs from St. Louis and back can only be rivaled by John Edwards $400.00 haircut before he dropped out of the campaign.

While I have no doubt the Pi Restaurant does make a fantastic pizza, what was the cost to taxpayers for pizza chefs to fly to Washington D.C. just for “a casual lunch” when I am sure Washington D.C. hosts some very fine Pizzerias that undoubtedly also make some very good pizzas and most likely would deliver?

Also important, when we are being told we must make due, cutback and even accept tax increases to help the economy improve, does it make economic sense to pander to politicians and their staff in this sort of pretentious display?

If taxpayers did not pay for this pizza and travel, which I highly doubt, just what carbon footprint was created to feed Obama and his staff this “casual luncheon?”

I was always taught a leader leads by example. As we are told we must make sacrifices, shouldn’t Obama and his staff also sacrifice instead of catering their whims and taste buds when local pizza’s would suffice and feed all?

Sommers and Mangilardo consider this an honor and in recognition of their pizza ability, I’m sure it is.

But in respect to a faltering economy and dire claims of global warming, I find it to be a haughty display of an appalling sense of entitlement.

Maybe there is a subliminal message that Pi’s signature specialty pizza just for Obama, the “Hyde Park,” is topped with chicken and hot sauce!

Isn’t it a comfort to know that when you and I struggle to make ends meet and can barely afford Pizza Hut’s 555 deal, Obama flies in two chef’s just to hand toss pizza for his staff luncheon?

Just another example of Obama’s “Yes, I Can,” while he looks down his nose at us with “No, You Can’t”

2010 is not that far away.

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13 thoughts on “No Domino’s Or Pizza Hut In Washington D.C.?

  1. Oh, the HORROR! Whatever will we DO! We must stage a protest! Forget about the Teabagging Parties! Quick, we better organize a PIZZA Party!

  2. Faster than declaring a bow is not a bow when it is Obama bowing before a Saudi Monarch, leftwinged blogger and Obama apologist Tommy Christopher informs us that, “Chris Sommers flew commercial. Not only that, he flew coach. Not only that, he had already planned a business trip to DC, so the restaurant paid for his travel!”

    This spinmeistering begs a couple minor thoughts on this unsubstantiated spin. Since the Pizza chefs were on a “planned business trip,” how is they find time to hand toss pizza for 140 people? Did they forget their “planned business trip?”

    Also, just how did Obama learn his favorite pizza guys were in town on a “planned business trip” to take time out of their busy schedules to hand toss pizza for 140 people?

    Clinton had better spin when he declared “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski.”

  3. Might as well attack his pizza. Nothing else seems to be working for you. I am eagerly awaiting your upcoming onslaught on the Obama kids’ new dog.

  4. Sorry to disappoint, Nathan, but it is only the left who unmercillesly attacks children, as ya’ll did to Bristol Palin.

    But, you know good and well had Bush been asking for America to sacrifice and give up so much to help work us out of dire circumstances, then flew in chefs for a pizza party, ya’ll would be screaming for impeachment from the rooftops.

    But, that’s okay. I just see it as more el doble estanardo.

    However, if you truly are interested in attacks over dogs, you need look no further than how leftsists did the Breeder who sold Joe Biden the German Shepherd pup.

    Like I told you, it’s your side always attacking children and over puppys.

    Better luck next time.

  5. While the Republicans playing Wiley Coyote to Obama’s Roadrunner is quite entertaining, it has become one long cartoon. Time for them to order more ACME products. You know, the kind that blow up in your face.

  6. Nice dodge, mini-nathan, but from the links I provided, it appears the Wiley Coyote moment is yours.

    I wouldn’t be too wuick to compare Obama to the Roadrunner either. More like Foghorn Leghorn, always running off at the mouth and being shown up.

  7. What I’d really like to know is: where’s the $180,000 wardrobe that Todd and Sarah Palin looted from Neiman Marcus during the final weeks of the McCain-Palin campaign?

    The Republican National Committee footed the bill for it. Aides described the shopping sprees as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus” and told the news media that they had to use their own charge cards to underwrite the shopping sprees of a woman who describes herself as a “hockey Mom.”

    The Republican National Committee sent its people up to Alaska after the election in an attempt to retrieve some of the loot. They refuse to disclose what’s become of it. It appears some of the items have been sold on eBay.

    You can read the story right here on FAIR and BALANCED FOX news:

    How much did the Republican party spend on Sarah’s shopping sprees? According to FOX: “The RNC spent about $180,000 for various clothes, hair styling and accessories for Palin and her family during the presidential campaign, Federal Election Commission records show.”

    My hunch is that the Obama family could fly in the chefs from St. Louis every week for a year, and John Edwards could get a $400 haircut every other week for the rest of his life, for about the same price as the extravagant wardrobe of your beloved hockey Mom would be vice-president.

    Fair and balanced.

  8. Since whatever Sarah Palin’s wardrobe may or may not have cost wasn’t our tax dollars, what difference does it make?

    Just another strawman to deflect homey’s extravegance while asking the people to sacrifice.

    Perhaps Jose forgot that Sarah Palin is not president and B HO is?

    Pitiful attempt, Jose, pitiful. And, with so much verbiage to boot.

  9. where’s the $180,000 wardrobe that Todd and Sarah Palin looted from Neiman Marcus during the final weeks of the McCain-Palin campaign?

    Your Palin smear campaign is clearly evident.

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Republican party monies are donations that would support a Republcan candidate. So there is no scandal there. None at all.

    Sara Palin carries herself like a lady, always. There is not one thing wrong with being a hockey mom. No scandal there either.

    How much did the Republican party spend on Sarah’s shopping sprees? According to FOX: “The RNC spent about $180,000 for various clothes, hair styling and accessories for Palin and her family during the presidential campaign, Federal Election Commission records show.

    Who the crap cares? She dressed well, and was groomed. You have a problem with it. You know what, that is just weird.

    You wanna talk expense? It is far more expensive to care for a black woman’s hair. Oh and don’t do that lefty crap and tell me to prove it. YOU check it out.

    Oh and since it is on the taxpayers dime, why are you not taking a look at Michelle Ombama? I want to know??? WHY? She is dressing one way to board a plane, exiting the plane wearing an entirely different designer outfit. Do you know how much that ugly toilet paper gown costs, the one she wore to all those inauguration balls? No and you don’t care. Slobbering all over people that don’t know what they are doing and have no clue about spending modestly in a time when the nation is hurting.

    Just exactly who and where do you think that Michelle Obamba was getting coached by anyway? When she was brought into the limelight, they had to tone her down. She was aggressive and abrasive. They also had to tone down and soften her clothing. You will not see her as rough as she once was, nor will you hear her sound as she once did as though America was her problem.

    You must know nothing of trying to create an image in the eye of the public.

    As far as I know I think Sara Palin got her lingerie from Victoria Secret, or was it Fredericks of Hollywood? I don’t know, and don’t care. You know why? It doesn’t matter, and to bring up that sort of crap is just petty.

    If you think it okay for the Obomba to fly in a chef just for Pizza, well so be it. I on the other hand think it is a total waste of our tax money.

  10. I am telling you Lew..

    Its amazing how two or three of the “progressive” posters have a pathelogical attachment of bringing up Sarah Palin.

    She was a vice-presidential canditate that surpased the ire of the left more than the presidential canidate. Yet, the left can not let her go..

    Like Mr. Waters says.. what the RNC spent on Palin is moot.. she is not the vice-president and if the RNC Spent the money.. what dose Anyone care? It all turned out to be a loosing bet…

    Obama also beat out John McCain in fund raising..

    He had 355,963 donors who gave $200 or more to his campaign.. 63,842 donors who gave $2300 or more. and 12,753 that gave $4600 to get him into the White House.

    John McCain had 145,316 that donated $200 or more, 34,376 that gave $2300 or more.. and just 6,649 that gave $4600 or more in contributions..

    So much for the myth of the Rich donating to republican front runners.

    We are now talking about Tax Money.. the election is over.. Sarah Palin is Governor of Alaska. Brack Obama is now the President.

  11. Kitanis, it is all to deflect attention away from the pretentious lifestyle the O’s have adopted now that they have “moved on up.”

    Typical of the socialist that demands everyone else sacrifice for “the good of all,” they grab more and enjoy the luxuries they wish to deny us.

    Well, ya’ll voted for him and wil pay for his lavish lifestyle and extravagance’s.

    Be sure to pay your increased taxes and fees and please, do not take any deductions. You are denying them funds when you do.

    As for Sarah palin, ya’ll keep on bashing her. Don’t be surprised if she succeeds the O in 2012.

  12. Obama finding himself in the White House is like a deperately poor man getting a check for $1 billion and, without having any clue how to be responsible with the money, lives the life of luxury. Not enough money to return PM Brown’s thoughtful gifts with similarly thoughtful ones but plenty of money to fly in two pizza chefs for his dining pleasure.

    Even “Slick Willie” had an inkling of how to pretend to be classy.

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