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and I answered her. So here’s my answer to What I Think of Mc Cain’s Veep Choice:

With this pick I conclude John Mc Cain has a pair of brass ones. This is in addition to the pair I credited to his account when I learned he was going to announce his VEEP choice the day after B=HO was giving his big speech. He totally sucked the oxygen out of the obama’s big speech coverage, denying him a 24 hour news cycle. SWEET!
This choice was unexpected, flawlessly pulled off, and she’s the real deal. He could have gone safe with Mitt or Pawlenty but didn’t. He went with the pick that will actually make women say to themselves, ‘well you bastard dems you didn’t think of enough of Hill-dog to add her to ticket, so screw ya, at least John Mc Cain is giving a chick a chance!”
She’s exciting.
And conservative.
She’s a governor with executive abilities. She’s a former small town mayor. She oversaw the Oil and Gas Committee for the the state of Alaska. You think that might be important? When she got there she saw corrupt practices. She informed on one commissioner (a patronage appointment), got the Attorney General so tied up that he resigned (corruption), fought the old boys, and beat out Murkowski in 2006===she beat a sitting governor!
She had her 5th child last April and was told while he was in utero that he was down syndrome, had him last April and “saw perfection.”
It’s one thing to say you’re ‘pro life’ it’s another thing to walk the talk.
Do you think she’s feeling “punished with a baby?”
Barack Obama refused to support an act that allowed the live births of aborted babies to be given with medical treatment (that’s right, when these “induced birth” abortions didn’t ‘work’ and the babies were born alive, the hospital would put them in the soiled laundry room and let them die without intervention). Obama knew they were stuck in the soiled laundry room and left to die (Christ Hospital, Chicago, Illinois). Even NARAL supported treating those babies as human beings. Obama is to the left of even the National Abortion Rights Action League. Wow. Is there any ROOM to the left of that group??? Apparently.
Yes, there’s a difference here.
She’s also supportive of drilling ANWR.
I hope she doesn’t change her ‘plain spokedness.’
I can ‘t believe Mc Cain had the juevos to choose her.
She’s the reason I would vote for this ticket. Vote “for” it instead of “settling” for it.

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  1. Further proof of being the “real deal,” is her son. Track is currently in the U.S. Army expecting to be deployed to Iraq.

    Once McCain/Palin wins the election, I’d expect that deployment to change due to Secret Service Security concerns.

    But, we cannot lose sight of the fact that he volunteered not knowing his Mom was to be the VP pick.

    The Democrats feigned expressions of bewilderment are very enjoyable.

    Do they not realize every time they complain about any “lack of experience” for Palin, they underscore their candidates even less experience?

  2. How many houses does that make for the GOP ticket. See McCain thinks he has 7 and Palin…

    As Lloyde Bentsen said, she’s no Joe Biden. I am gonna love the Biden/Palin debates, and so are the American people.

  3. I can’t believe McCain had the juevos to do this either, frankly. It takes real courage to make a statement rather than support policies and principals that would benefit the American people–and get you elected. Obama is unprepared and ignorant but at least he’s been in a national office. Palin is just a sign that McCain isn’t a serious candidate… just the moderate wing’s latest attempt to throw the GOP’s traditional strengths out the window in favor of compromise and looking good for the TV cameras. As a staunch Republican (and an even more staunch conservative-libertarian), I shouldn’t be forced to hold my nose before voting for my party’s candidate. What a joke.

  4. Me, I am eagerly looking forward to the debates between Governor Palin and Senator Biden.

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, son.

    She didn’t earn the nickname of Sarah “Barracuda” for nothing!

  5. Keith pretty much sums it up for most Independent Conservatives. My mom who is a independent conservative thought McCain is just making an attempt to pander to the woman vote. My mom felt insulted that McCain would just choose any “empty skirt” (her words) thinking she would support him. She wonders why he didn’t choose Hutchinson or Elizabeth Dole. The truth of the matter is Lew, Victoria and others actually don’t like McCain. They like the veep better. Lars Larson declared the same today. On the other hand, Michael Savage said McCain is done with the “school girl” pick and will be opening a car lot in Georgia next year.

    At least the Dems like their candidate for President. I should rephrase that. They LOVE their candidate for President. And with over 35 Million people watching last night on the TV, millions on the Internet(s) and the rocking attendance at the collosium, it is clear there was really no issue around the “disappointing” announcement today. Obama got his word out.

    Really, the veep is more just an after thought for most campaigns. If the Republicans make it obvious that they don’t like McCain, but love his veep choice, it will in fact hurt McCain’s chances. It may be too late though as some reporters are starting to pick up on it.

  6. Me

    As of yesterday, CNBC was aware of only one Palin house, and no indication the Rezko helped her buy it.

    It is obvious she is no Joe Biden. She can string two sentences together without taking from an undisclosed source!

  7. Lew

    Interesting how Obama promises change reciting a litany of half century old Democratic programs, while promoted by the same old boy Democratic network who have been around that long.

    Interesting how McCain found a VP candidate, who single handedly cleaned up the institutionalized corruption ensnaring Alaska,including prominent Republicans. I am sure the Murkowskis, Clarks, Knowles, who have felt her bite, would not suggest she is an “empty skirt”.

    And why is it that the Obama campaign immediately jumped on her for having no experience? With her short, yet active stint as Governor, she now has more Executive experience than the entire Democratic team!!

  8. “Me”
    Love it.
    From national security to John McCain’s wife’s houses.
    Great deke. Oh wait…
    BTW: Palin eschewed the executive staff at the governor’s mansion, “I’m not a mansion kind of person,” and forswore the governor’s jet. I guess she likes to pilot her own float plane.

  9. Victoria

    And how many mansions does Madame Pelosi have? Curious, the deafening press silence on that issue.

    Maybe Governor Palin should have sold the Alaska State jet to Pelosi?? Oh darn, I forgot, it is probably much too small for her entourage.

  10. The Governor’s Private Jet was one issue that helped propel Palin into Alaska’s Governorship.

    She saw it as too expensive and impractical in that it couldn’t even land in most areas of hte state.

    Once governor, she had it sold.

    The previous governor, failing to obtain funds from the Department of Homeland Security to purchase the jet, bought it anyways, against the wishes of the state legislature and using State Funds.

    Upon the sale of the aircraft, Mrs. Palin said, “If the Department of Public Safety decides at a future date that it needs another aircraft, we will invest in something more sensible that can land on Alaska’s rural airstrips. Any purchase, if deemed necessary, will go through the normal legislative budget process.”

    She has confronted the corruption in her state head-on, be they Democrat or Republican.

    As to Roger’s comment, The truth of the matter is Lew, Victoria and others actually don’t like McCain. They like the veep better.

    So what?

    The fear instilled in the left by this choice is just too apparent as they attempt any and every way to denigrate and attack her, before they even find out about her.

  11. She has an impressive resume for such a young age, I’ll give her that. And she seems to mean it, which means she’s more conservative than McCain himself. And she’s more conservative than Romney, who’s a fraud – believe me, and she seems to be more likable than Giuliani. All pluses for the Republicans – the Republican base, that is. The undecided voters? I’m not so sure.

    Here’s what I know:

    Palin is anti-choice, anti-stem cell, opposes benefits for same-sex partners, and wants creationism to be taught in schools alongside evolution.

    Because of these issues, any hope that John McCain would gain disenfranchised Hillary Clinton voters goes right out the window, assuming they are informed voters who care about Clinton’s positions and not just the fact that Clinton is a woman. Any Clinton supporters who wanted to vote for her *just because* she’s a woman really need to re-evaluate their thought processes.

    So, while I’m all for injecting new blood into the scene whenever possible, I see this as more of a stunt for McCain than anything else. What should be a bigger concern is that, unlike the Biden/Obama relationship – which has grown over the past two years – McCain has apparently only met Palin “once or twice”.

    So we’ll see. I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interests to start judging the value of this pick 24-hours after people even learned who she was. I had no idea who she was until yesterday, and I’ve never heard her speak, so I don’t know her demeanor or anything like that …

    … And I’d guess most of America is like me in that regard.

    So all of us, liberals and conservatives alike, should sit back and see what happens in the next few weeks before we start evaluating things too much.

  12. 60 years ago this summer, Hubert Humphrey made an impassioned speech before the Democratic National Convention. He implored the Democratic Party to adopt a strong platform on civil rights, demanding an end to segregated schools and job discrimination and making lynching a federal crime. The platform was passed.
    45 years ago the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. led the march on Washington. I have a dream. Let freedom ring. Free at last, free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.
    Senator Obama’s speech Thursday night was the fulfillment of the dreams and hopes of millions of Americans, black, brown, and white. For over half a century we have worked for this moment. A proud and historic moment in our nation’s history. A milestone in binding the wounds and absolving America of the stain and the shame of centuries of slavery and racism. Our dream is not here yet, but we’re at the top of the mountain. We can see the other side. Thank God almighty we are free at last.
    Less than 12 hours after this historic event, Senator McCain pulls off a cheap stunt. I’m sure no one here reads liberal blogs. They’ve been buzzing for ten days that the McCain campaign would deliberately announce its VP pick on the day of or day after the Obama speech, calculating to cut the media coverage of the Obama speech. Brilliant move, right from the desk of Karl Rove, known as Turd Blossom in the Bush White House, known as a traitor and a liar and a master election thief in other circles.
    Neither political party has ever pulled this stunt before. Neither party has ever deliberately undercut the other candidate’s acceptance speech. It’s totally low class. To pull it now, after the historic nomination of the first African American candidate by a major party, is disgraceful.
    Nice that you cheered the move, Victoria. Low class. I’ve long thought that Senator McCain, however much I disagree with him on many issues, is a decent and honorable man who would not engage in the kind of Karl Rove tactics that the Bush campaign used to smear him in South Carolina eight years ago. Afraid I was wrong. Now I can only conclude that he wants to be president so bad he’s willing to do anything. Behind in the polls, he hired Rove’s proteges to run his campaign. I hear Swift Boats just around the bend. I see African Americans standing in line for eight hours to vote in key states in November. I see vote totals that don’t match the exit polls in state after state where exit polls have never been wrong.
    I see our dream being pissed on by the Republican party. Black and brown people don’t vote for their candidates anyway, so why should they care?
    They don’t. They’ll lose. Let freedom ring.

  13. Jose

    Obama’s speech on Thursday was a momentous occasion on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s great speech. Obama was eloquent in his scripted delivery, as he generally is, but this speech was his opportunity to establish commitment to change, rather than simply giving it lip service. It seemed woefully lacking in promising anything new.

    The speech consisted of three basic parts

    1. Attacks on McCain
    2. Promise to support enactment a litany of failed Democratic programs promoting an ever expanding government role. These were the same old tired ideas that have been floating around in Democratic circles now for a half century.
    3. A Conclusion promising “Change” and with an subtle imbedded attempt to mute or silence challenges or questions aimed at his campaign,

    “And that’s to be expected, because if you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters.

    If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.
    in to attacks.”

    Ironically, this third portion of his speech seemed rather at odds with the first portion, in which he made frequent attacks on McCain.

    This was nothing more than a rather traditional acceptance speech from someone who promises “Change”. It was, as his speeches a typically are, short of detail and long on well structured rhetoric.

    Rhetoric, for example, I found patronizing to the Armed Forces and Veterans, invoking the names of past Commanders and Chiefs Kennedy and Roosevelt from a bygone era of the Democratic Party, when Defense and Defense budgets were a far higher priority of the party.

    It is easy to speak to real change, more difficult to deliver, especially if you are obligated to the old boy network in Wash DC — the Kennedys, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, et al. Maybe, he should look at implementing change in his party, before attempting to change the country!

  14. Iknowhowtospell, the issue of Romney being “a fraud” is something that would be nice to get better proof for than the personal assurances of someone who lived in Massachuettes while he was governor. I don’t so much doubt your honestly as find two conflicting accounts, one from an author who did a fairly thorough analysis of Romney’s bona fides, and the other from you who lived in MA while he was governor, difficult to reconcile without you offering substatiated details that I can compare with the other account. Email me or post on the blog or whatever you like… I’m honestly and genuinely interested.

    As to Governor Palin, she’s an impressive candidate on paper. She looks nice, she sounds nice… and she reminds me of Barrack Obama but with some conservative trappings. I also have severe doubts about her for the reason you don’t like Romney: a personal account of how she’s managed Alaska from someone who’s spent a great deal of time there.

    Just as a general note about your first two points: anti-choice is meaningless until Roe v. Wade is overturned and anti stem cell research is meaningless because no one has ever proposed banning the research but, rather, refusing to fund the research with taxpayer funds. Otherwise, you’re right.

  15. I like Palitin.
    I like here more on ethics issues than actual policies, and I know I have had minimal exposure to her possible “dark” side.

    But in reality, I think the best we can hope for, during the next presidential term, is that the congress has the opposite party in the majority, than that of the whitehouse. If there can be some sort of dead lock, so that nothing at all gets done, we may come out of the next 4 years with little enough damage.

    Are there any promising looking independents or 3rd party candidates, with any sort of minimal chance yet?

  16. Courtesy of Monica Crowley of the McLaughlin Group who thinks with the Palin pick, Obama will regret his now infamous guns and religion remark,

    Monica Crowley states,

    “The Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is now running with McCain as his choice to be vice-president. She is a tax-cutting, pro-drilling, environmentalist, gun defending, pro-life mom of five, with a son in the Army about to be deployed to Iraq.

    You want “change?” Here it is. Obama said last night that change doesn’t come “from Washington, it comes TO Washington.” How odd, then, that both Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, are quintessentially Washington creatures.”

    She went on to say,

    “Governor Palin, from Alaska, is about as far removed from Washington as you can be without living in Russia…

    A few months ago, Obama put down people like her, saying they “cling to their guns and their religion.”

    Something tells me Governor Palin is going to be a rock star in the states that really matter—Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan. They like their guns and religion too.”

    I think Monica has it right.
    Watch out Washington, DC the barracuda is circling!

  17. VP Sarah Palin

    PS: Interesting that the Ron Paul Loving Liberal-Tarians on this Blog(and you know who you are, you fakers) are beside themselves over the Great Pick of Sarah Palin. I’m glad to see John McCain making such a great Pick.

  18. iknow, your post above is one of the more cogent things I’ve seen from you.

    That was a very lucid and reasoned comment.

    Jose, if choosing Mrs. Palin is just a “cheap stunt,” what was selecting Obama over Hillary Clinton?

    It has been over a century for Women’s Suffrage. Wouldn’t have Hillary’s nomination, or even Sarah Palin’s selection, be the fulfilment of the Woman’s Suffrage movement?

    Reading your comment, it appears that the only reason he gained the Democrat Party’s nomination is because he is Black.

    Seems to me that if selecting a vice-presidential candidate based on gender is a “cheap stunt,” what does that say about selecting a presidential candidate based solely on race?

    The utter fear expressed from the left over Palin’s nomination convinces me even more that she is the right choice.

    McCain’s rise in the polls this weekend shows she is a wise choice. The Obama/Biden ticket should have traditionally received a double digit bump in the polls. Instead, Zogby is reporting the polls stand at McCain/Palin: 47% – Obama/Biden 45%.

  19. Lew, it’s quite possible you’re confusing correlation with cause. It’s pretty widely acknowledged in the media and among the pundits that McCain possibly nullified the traditional “bounce” that a candidate recieves after a convention by timing the announcement of his VP selection just right. Ergo, that Sarah Palin is a good candidate is only one of multiple possible explanations for the lack of convention bounce for the Obama/Biden ticket. Personally, I sincerely doubt that Palin has anything to do with it but time will tell.

    By the by… where’s this “fear” that the left is expressing? I’m just as quick and eager as the next conservative to grin at liberal hysteria and say that it proves something but I haven’t seen or heard any of this hysteria and fear.

  20. Keith, Zogby’s poll is here.

    The “fear” I speak of is shown in the attacks that commenced with minutes of her announcement.

    Claims of the Downs Syndrome baby isn’t hers, but her daughters.

    Article on her husband and son aren’t registered Republicans, but registered “undeclared.”

    Elevating the investigation into the firing of the Democrat Public Safety Commissioner over her brother-in-law not being fired, although he remains on the force today.

    Cries of her not being experienced and being second in line for the presidency, neglecting that Obama has even less experience and is being fronted for first in line.

    Cries of her bieng for “Big Oil,” then claiming she supports a windfall profits tax on them.

    A new site even went up crying that she supports Gay Rights, which was traced back to a pro Obama site.

    NOW and NARAL both have condemned her because she belongs to Feminists For Life, an anti-abortion group. NOW and NARAL, claiming to be Pro-Woman, seem very selective as to which women they support.

    Many attacking her ignore that she is the Governor of Alaska, claiming instead she was only the Mayor of a town of 9,000.

    Pulling out the female Democrat Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin (why her, I don’t know) to claim that Palin would be a “fragile” president in the unliklihood something happens to McCain, again neglecting Obama’s total lack of any worthwhile experience and being fronted for the top position, not the second.

    All this and much more in the first 24 hours since the announcement. Many have advocated her for some time and none of these attacks were ever brought up, not until she was officially announced.

    Face it, the attacks listed are acts of desperation if I have ever seen any.

    Peruse FreeRepublic some, Keith, we are posting them as we find them.

  21. Did I question your statement about what the poll said? No.

    OK. So by your logic, the opponent immediately criticizing the VP candidate means they’re afraid. Thus, the Republicans must be afraid of Biden, using your logic. It’s absurd; the opposition would immediately launch every attack they could find upon the most perfect VP candidate in the history of the world. You have to come up with something more credible than “the opposition attacked her so they’re afraid of her”.

  22. I can’t claim that I speak for the entirety of the liberal universe, but I can tell you what my friends and I thought when we heard that Palin would be McCain’s partner.

    We almost all, to a person, said “Huh?” and “Who?”

    I promise you, in my little microsection of the population that will vote for Obama, the word “fear” was never used. In fact, none of us were worried in any way, shape, or form about her as a candidate. We all sort of laughed it off, wondering what he thought he was gaining by the choice.

    If we were “afraid” of her, we’d: 1. Have known who she was ahead of time, and 2. Well, have known who she was ahead of time, I suppose.

    Maybe in other circles, such as the ones you seem to have found, she’s a problem – but in mine, man … this is no sweat off our backs whatsoever.

    And I’m not saying that to “play it cool” and make it seem like I’m not worried even though I secretly am. I’m honestly not at all upset/concerned/bothered by this pick.

    Again, it comes down to the fact that McCain is solidifying his conservative base but not reaching out to disaffected independents and undecideds.

    Anyone who – like Palin – is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage rights, anti-evolution, etc. … well, they weren’t going to vote for Obama anyway. So what does McCain gain here? This is what I can’t figure out.

    I absolutely applaud Palin for taking on fellow Republicans and not just sweeping her party’s dirt under the rug – that’s something EVERYONE from EVERY party should be proud of. I also understand that she has a very high favorability rating in Alaska.

    But, the population of the entire state of Alaska is roughly equal to the population of Austin, Texas. When she was a mayor, her city included less than 6,000 citizens.

    Perhaps on paper, without looking at stats like that, she may seem to have more “leadership” experience than Obama, given that she was a specific leader of a geographical region and not “just” a Senator.

    But I can’t buy that argument. Not with those small populations.

    Again, I’m not trying to demean her efforts or history at all; I’m sure she faces unusual challenges given her environment that other governors don’t, and the fact that she does it all while raising a large family is outstanding.

    But if you’re jumping from the JV high-school team to the starting lineup of an NBA team, as she’s trying to do … man, I just wonder Coach McCain is fielding the right starting lineup.

    Of course, I’m cheering on the other team …

    I think the surprise “flash” of excitement regarding Palin will be greatly diminished and dampened once the novelty wears off and we get to know her more.

    We just have to wait and see.

    Now, if he’d chosen MICHAEL Palin, I’d have a serious crisis on my hands. 🙂

  23. If I hadn’t been briefed on Palin beforehand and heard her name being floated on talk radio, my reaction would have been the same as your group, Iknowhowtospell. To my knowledge, a genuine dark horse has only won once as a presidential or vice-presidential candidate. I think it might have been the Polk/Dallas ticket…

    I’d not even argue that he’s solidifying the conservative base all that much. Sure, certain organizations have endorsed him now that Palin is a part of his ticket but does that neccessarily mean the base loves him now? I don’t know although I don’t believe so.

    Hey, me too! 😀 A guy like Mike Palin would be a real kick on the campaign trail!

  24. Lew said

    “Face it, the attacks listed are acts of desperation if I have ever seen any.”


    Lew, imagine that, the Me generation is afraid of Governor Sarah Polin. She clings to her guns, her religion and loves being known as a soccer mom with a “First Dude”.

    They, of course, will try anything to discredit her. Next they will suggest her Miss Wasilla crown was a rigged contest, obviously disqualifying her from consideration as Vice President.

    Check out some of the Dem blogs. Somehow, I get the sudden impression there is fear, blood in the water. The Baracuda is circling!

  25. They have even floated a fake nude photo of her, Pete. Too bad astute readers looked closer and saw it was acutally Julia Louise Dreyfuss.

    iknow, I have no doubt your circle is confident. I am speaking of other groups around the country that as soon as they heard of her qualifications, started all the comments I listed.

    I too applaud her for shaking up the “old boys” and hope to see others, from both parties, repeat it. I’m sick of the corruption that has taken over government and I do mean both party’s.

    That her state isn’t heavily populated is a red herring. What possible difference could the number of people have? It is the policies and negotiations a governor makes that counts, not how many people live in the state.

    Past presidents have governed states near the bottom of the education and income and won wide approval.

    I still stand by my feelings that this was a brilliant move and one I called for on my blog earlier.

    As we say elsewhere, we don’t approve of Sarah Palin because she is a woman, but because of the woman she is.

  26. Lew

    If I gave you the impression I was high on her simply because she is a woman, I apologize since that was not my intent. I think, however, her choice as a reformer willing to face down corruption in her own party, as an independent willing to back down large corporations (and I suspect foreign heads of government) was a stroke of genius.

    She will draw from women, of course, maybe not the hard core Hillary Dem, but soccer moms who have kids and are facing high gas bills and higher food bills because Wash DC and specifically Congress can’t get its act together. And she obviously has the solution and is conversant on it. She will also pull many of those voters who out of “frustration cling to their religion and guns”.

    I don’t think she will prove her metal without going through the Democrats attempts to scandalize her or the gamut of political commentators who will try to trip her up with every question. That is the process and I am sure she will be more thoroughly scrutinized and vetted than any other national ticket politician in recent history.

    The way she handles herself on this new national stage will now obviously have a tremendous impact on the success of the McCain/Palin ticket. Only the next 60 days or so will give us the answer to that question. I am betting she has what it takes and am one conservative that welcomes her on a ticket I was having trouble getting excited about!

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