Mr. Why: Gavel Down II. They Rigged the Game in Clackamas County. Here’s How to Fight Back.

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E-mail the board no matter where you live It’s one thing to have the smearing coming from random people but the press and politicians are assisting.
Although the press has received this Nov 22 poll they have refused to publish it.

Clackamas County residents.

Pay for part of Sellwood Bridge    76% NO
New car registration tax                 84% NO
Milwaukie Light Rail                       71% NO

But they have no problem reporting anything cooked up by the County Commissioners.

After 185 opponents show up at one hearing, 175 at a second and the county wide poll County Chair Lynn Peterson rigged the public input and the press reports is over and over again without any evidence at all. 

“We definitely have a feeling from the public on what they think about this. Not only from the testimony, but also from the written testimony that we got under public comment, and it was two-to-one in favor.”
How did Peterson rig it?
She recruited her Metro/TriMet/Bike pals to stack the deck with emails (see it here).

Portlander Jonathan Nicholas (who came and testified) chairs a Metro bike committee Peterson is on along with Scott Bricker, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Jay Graves, CEO of The Bike Gallery and Rex Burkholder Councilor Metro Council. They put out a call to action for members to email the Board in support of the fee (see it here)

“The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is urging their members to speak up in support of the new fee. Email your comments on the issue by December 8th to

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.