Mail Bag! Immigration, Abortion, Guns

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From Sani:
Today, a customer in Key Bank Clackamas was held up by a Hispanic male holding a big knife to her throat and demanded money from the teller.
Victoria, we don’t need to wait until we got dead bodies in banks. We need to write to Obama and order him to make Executive Order to reclassify big knives as military style assault weapon and ban them!!

From Donald:

This case of a girl [Yashanee Vaughn] buried in a shallow Grave at Rocky Butte really disturbs me to no end, What are we going to find out next Terri Horman’s attorneys know where Kyron was pitched.
Shame on us and our system

From Jim:

Our Clark County Congresswoman has made a statement “no” on gun bans. This is great news. She calls guns “home protection devices”.

From Bob:
This guy [St Rep Mitch Greenlick] is such a moron, and he ought to be kicked out of office for putting forth such an ill-conceived proposal that isn’t even legal.
First of all, the Attorney General of the US is the only one who can add or remove a substance from a Schedule (21 USC 811). Does this flake fancy himself to be the AG?
Additionally, the federal law that governs placement on a CSA Schedule requires certain findings. 21 USC 812(b)(3)(B) states, in part, that a required finding for a Schedule III substance include “The drug or other substance has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.” Do Camel straights have a “currently accepted medical use” that I haven’t heard about?
How much is this colossal waste of time costing the taxpayers of this state? I’d like to see a “Stop Wasting Our Time” law be enacted.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.