Light Rail Art

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What is this? It’s a fence. It’s art. It could be worse. It could be those heads/sculptures of disturbed people going in at the commuter line rail in WashCo.

From the Tri Met web site:

Division Street Light Rail Station, Portland, OR

A 500′ long sculptural “fence” will create a vibrant presence at a light rail station along the I-205 freeway. The sculpture will be visible from many perspectives: an overpass, three lanes of highway traffic, rail passengers, and a pedestrian/bike trail. From different perspectives the fence line will shift from solid to transparent.

Materials: vinyl-clad fencing fabric, steel

Commissioning Agency: Tri Met

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

7 thoughts on “Light Rail Art

  1. I think that if the money is to be spent on art (I wonder who lobbied for that), the art to be used, should be determined by a vote of the people.
    The artists could each present their ideas, put them on display, and the citizens could then vote.
    At least that way, the art chosen, will represent the tastes of the majority of the citizens (at least the majority of those who care).

    Someone could go to the effort to make this a ballot initiative.
    I don’t see how it could lose.

  2. Well, at least if the people choose the art, by majority, then we would get better art (or at least better, as seen by the majority).

    I doubt this piece would have been chosen (but I could be wrong.)

    I think there is some law, maybe on the state or federal level, that requires some percent of funds, used for certain types of projects, to go toward art or something. I don’t know the details, but I know that there is a fountain at OSU that was built based on this (but they can’t keep it on, because so many college students are way to immature to treat a fountain properly).

  3. I think that the government should indefinitely suspend the 1% for art program for public works projects. I enjoy art and believe it’s important, but not this and not for every public works project. We still have $600K of art in the Wapato Jail being enjoyed by the …spiders.

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