Is This Legal? Government Supported Group Holds ‘Blacks Only’ Ferguson Event in Portland

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In the same place that forced bakers out of business because they refused (out of religious conviction) to bake a cake for a same sex wedding, a government supported 501c3 organization has held a meeting that excluded everyone–except blacks.

Over at Progressives Today, Mike Strickland reports:

The Portland, OR branch of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party held an event at Portland’s Center For Intercultural Organizing. The AAPRP puts on several events and organizes in communities, but this time, the event was specifically “blacks only”. No whites, no Asians, no latinos/latinas, no natives… Only “for all who identify as being of African descent“.

Strickland points out the group receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants.

Sounds to me that a group which practices discrimination is not a place where the government should be putting our tax money.

Read the details over here. Oh, and ‘All African People’s Revolutionary Party’? Don’t bother scrubbing your websites. They’re alllll screen capped. Have a nice day. 

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3 thoughts on “Is This Legal? Government Supported Group Holds ‘Blacks Only’ Ferguson Event in Portland

  1. Victoria: While I do not venture any opinion on Oregon State law, I don’t believe that government facilities or government grant funds can constitutionally or statutorily be used to exclude people from participation by a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization based on race.

    Can the government grant funds to white racists of the KKK to stage “whites only” events as a 501(c)(3) enjoying a tax-exempt status as a “public interest” entity? If not, neither can the government give grants to black racists to stage “black only” events which exclude others based on race. This Portland event is, expressly based on race. Hitler couldn’t have said it better than the self-declared
    black “revolutionaries” in Portland. It is racism — black racism, pure and simple.

    There is a simple principle: All racism is evil, no matter the color of the perpetrator, no matter the color of the victim.

    Black racism is no more acceptable than white racism — even though neither the media nor politicians nor bureaucrats charged with forcing anti-discrimination laws will even acknowledge the existence of black racism.

  2. It is a waste of time to cater to the protestors. They obviously want to ignore that a police officer was attacked and a local shop owner robbed and bullied and the man that had a choke hold had been arrested 30 times and didn’t care, if he was arrested.

    My only guess is the wimpy government officials, are afraid to too tell the other side of the story or they don’t care about what officers go through.

    I have come to this as a possibility; it is my personal story that has brought me to the realization the mayors who don’t support the police are wasting their time allowing the protests.

    When I was growing up, I had a half sister who rejected me since I was a toddler, she was 16 years older than me. If she was able to do something hateful towards me, she took every opportunity. I couldn’t understand why she was treating me that way, what is her problem.

    She treated me like I was a liar, I was always doing something wrong, and I did tell the truth and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. She had a daughter my age, and the daughter’s father caught her having sex (age 15) and he yelled at her. I thought that is great, he is trying to protect her, didn’t sound very nice the way he expressed himself, but he was trying in his way to protect her. But my step sister, her mother, made him sound like he was doing something wrong and encouraged her daughter to do as she pleased??

    It has been 60 years, and we never saw eye to eye on anything. I saw where she made a post concerning people who cuss and talk about God’s love and caring for all, in the same sentence (which is what she does), she said, people who don’t cuss aren’t honest. She also supports Occupy Democrats, Obama, anti-Cruz, etc.

    I have decided she is a wacko, and she did me a favor rejecting me. I don’t want anything to do with her.

    I knew a man who was married to a woman who would belittle and verbally attack her sister in law. He would get on her case for being mean to her sister in law, who he said, was a really sweet woman. After a few years, she admitted she did it, because she thought in her mind, ( no one was sweet, she was a lair, she was a fake, there was no way anyone was sweet like she was acting, that she was pretending.)
    I get it now, after hearing his story about his then wife, I wanted to be a nice person, I wanted to follow rules and not cause trouble. I could be made angry if someone pushed me or bullied me long enough, I would feel a need to defend my self and felt bad afterwards. BUT I did want to do the right thing, and my sister in law, her daughters, thought I was faking it. They don’t believe someone wants to do the right thing, and their perception of things, is WAY OFF, they thought I was pretending and hiding something. They secretly enjoyed me failing, when I tried to do the right thing, and things would not work out.

    I was done a favor, it was good I was rejected. The difference, I am doing the rejecting now, if people think I am a fake and hiding something, they are a danger to my future, via false accusation etc. I had a guy one time at work, accuse me of being an alcoholic. I was invited out to drink, and I said I don’t like alcohol, but would drink a coke. Then this guy started rumors I must be an alcoholic, that’s why I am not drinking he said. He is like the main stream news people, gotta tarnish, gotta tarnish someones character.

    The world is full of people who have only been surrounded by bad events and shielded from good or right. If a child is taught to hate cops or mistrust anyone at a very small age, that is what they know.

    I grew up surrounded by negative women, and I didn’t realize until I was in my fifties, that when I spoke — how negative I sounded. I thought I was normal and didn’t get it why people (who I thought was fun and enjoyable to be around)didn’t want to be around me.

    The protestors are products of misguided parents, who taught them to hate and not trust good people. It’s a waste of time to allow them to protest, they are not going to burn out. In fact it just fuels them, negative is like food Maybe a small percent will have their eyes opened, but most won’t, I believe.
    I hope you understand my point.

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