Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Mayor

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Portland Mayor Sam Adams is one of the more conservatively dressed at “Pride” Parade

The annual drag show known as the “Gay Pride” Parade has come and gone. Once again we inveigh against the the date of the parade–Father’s Day–and beg the “proud” homosexual community to change it. It’s never been seriously considered to my knowledge.

The “Gay Pride” parade consists mostly of drag queens trying to look like Ru Paul, leather festooned men and butch chicks. It’s a freak show for the “flamboyant” crowd.

I feel sorry for button down gay folks for whom this parade is a civic embarrassment. They’re not proud, they’re chagrined.

I feel sorry for families as well. In my last testimony to the Portland City Council I noted that Portland almost goes out of its way to offend families. This is just another example of the City giving its imprimatur on an event that openly thumbs its nose at families.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.