Jesse Macbeth Comes Clean On IVAW

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h/t Gathering of Eagles

Jesse Macbeth, former anti-war protester who falsely claimed to be an Army Ranger and stated atrocities were being committed daily in Iraq has released a video admitting that higher ups in the Anti-war protester group, Iraq Veterans Against The War knew he was lying and even encouraged his lies to help turn public opinion against supporting our Troops, President Bush and the liberation of Iraq.

During the 2004 campaign of John Kerry, another former protester came forward exposing Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Steve Pitkin told how he too was coerced and Kerry’s group also knew there were no atrocities unreported or committed on a regular basis.

America, you have been sold a bill of goods, packed with lies and you fell for it, hook line and sinker!

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14 thoughts on “Jesse Macbeth Comes Clean On IVAW

  1. I’m Shockeddddddddddddddd

    PS: But will John F Kerry D-Massachusetts (who fought in Vietnam) apologize for his
    Lies back in 1970-1973 and then again in 2004.

  2. Klatu

    Jesse Macbeth is a light weight compared to Kerry.

    Unfortunately, I would bet $$ that at Obama’s first opportunity to sack Gates, he will name Kerry his Secretary of Defense.

  3. Pete: Well, you might be right but the Senate Hearings for John F. Kerry D-Massacusetts (who served in Vietnam) for Secretary of Defense would Probably include the Swift Boaters and John Oneill himself in the audience. And if so I hope they EAT John F. Kerry D-Massacusetts (who served in Vietnam) ALIVE.

    PS: But ya know there’s alot of Military Haters in the Democrat Party for NOBAMA to choose from for Secretary of Defense besides Kerry.

  4. Klatu

    I am sure O’Neill, himself an admitted Democrat would show up to plead the case against Kerry, but the “Dick Cavett” type Democrats in the Senate would surely circle the covered wagons to shield the Mass Junior Senator, who received his “Honorable Discharge” only due to a Special Carter Presidential Commission in 1978, some 6 yrs after Kerry’s real scheduled discharge date. Maybe Kerry spent more time with the Hanoi envoys in Paris than he has actually admitted?!

    And maybe some day we will see his Defense Dept records shedding light on what really happened in 1972. I don’t think we should hold our breath in anticipation. Especially once he is Secretary of Defence, when I am sure those records would be summarily shredded!!

  5. John Kerry-Heinz as Secretary of Defense is no less scary than Leon Panetta being named for head of the CIA. And Lew is right about Kerry-Heinz, the only place he should be is in Leavenworth.

  6. Kerry belongs in Leavenworth, but Bush, Cheney and Rummy should be…where? How about the Hague for War Crimes. The funny thing is if any of them ever end up in another country, they could be arrested and then tried at the Hague.

    Your words about Kerry is just a mere fairytale in the mindless brain of a repubicant stooge. Better for the United States and the world, Bush & Co. COULD and should be held accountable for their actions. Chew on that you worthless pile of windbag losers.

    Did Bush officials commit war crimes? Maybe, but trials aren’t likely

  7. Me: You should send your Fictitious Sick humor to David Liberalman or Comedy Liberal Central. Of course Saturday Night Liberal could use a fiction writer like yourself.

  8. Just like me, ready to kick the one who kept his sorry butt safe for 7 years.

    And, not a word about Clinton surrendering for his conviction overseas.

  9. Lew: Me and his alter egos hate anything and everything that the Republicans have done in the last 8 years, blaming Bush and Cheney for it all. Nothing they did was good. Everything they did was bad. They will never go to The Hague like Me and his friends want, because they do not deserve to. Me and his friends do not even like it that the Bush/Cheney administration kept the country safe after the 9-11 disaster. If the truth were known, Me and friends were happy it happened. But we’ll never know for sure, will we?

  10. Scottie, no, they would never admit it.

    But, let a terror strike hit their neighborhood and guess who they would cry to come running and protect them?

  11. They would probably go running and whining to their hero, Commissar Obama, and he would go running and whining to the UN asking for permission to do something to appease the perps.

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