Irony: Schumachers Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees to Protesters Who Put Them Out of Business!

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The judge:

“Although the (Schumachers) may have had meritorious claims against people whose names they did not know, or even against the City of Portland,” Mosman wrote, “they sued people against whom they had no evidence for $6.6 million, sought to restrict their First Amendment rights, and disparaged their reputations with accusations of criminal conduct, terrorist affiliations and responsibility for ‘shutting down’ a business whose financial solvency was questionable before the protesting activities began.”

Maybe if the City of Portland had lifted a finger to help enforce the law and call these anarchists to account they Schumachers would have had the evidence.

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20 thoughts on “Irony: Schumachers Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees to Protesters Who Put Them Out of Business!

  1. This is great! Talk about karmic justice. How much is the pelt of a living, breathing, soulful animal worth, anyway? Apparently more than the Schumacher’s thought….

  2. No, fur is not a sustainable business…. and you would agree if someone were after your pelt. But since they are not, you feel free to be callous and unfeeling and, ultimately, barbaric and unChristian.

  3. Hey David Appell: Lets see

    1. Trojan Nuclear Plant 1986
    2. The Oregon Timber Industry
    3. Schumachers 2005-?
    4. ??????????????????
    You helped to eliminate all these
    business’s and Industries in Oregon all for “Karmic Justice” em I right David?

    I can probaly answer my
    next question, but whats next in
    the name of “Karmic Justice” to destroy, David?

    Ps: David, And for”Karmic Sustainable Business Justice” ,Your Voting For “WHO” for President????

  4. I don’t think that the morality of the fur business, is the issue anymore.
    It was initially, as far as the protesters are concerned, but now I think it is more about who has a right to do what to whom, and who is responsible for the consequences of the outcome.

    But I don’t think that the audience of this blog (or the host) can detach emotionally from this one, enough to have a logical debate on it.
    Emotions are too strong here.
    We are already discussing more about the morality and environmental soundness of the fur business, than the fairness of the verdict.

    From an environmental standpoint, Fur (from managed, not endangered, species) is definitely green and sustainable. In that respect a better choice than plastic.

    However from the perspective of the individual animal, whose fur is used, it seems cruel.

    Are animals a resource or individuals, or both?

    But is that even the issue here?

  5. This ruling is just plain wrong! The Schumachers did not ask for this insurgency on their business nor did they instigate it. Instead a gang of useless ne’er-do-well hoodlums, aided and abetted by a bunch of losers and bums, took it on themselves to disrupt a legal business enterprise that had been at the same location for some 100 years. They, the insurgents, harassed passers-by, potential customers of the Schumachers, and anyone else who happened to be in the area. And what is arguably worse, they were largely supported by the police, who were watching but doing nothing to stop the actions of this gang, likely under the instructions from Portland’s Mayor, Tommy the Irrelevant.

    Now, the judge who issued this ridiculous order has shown himself to be sympathetic to the PETA “cause”, not is so many words, but in the wording of his order.

    There is but one word to describe this order – SHAMEFUL!!!!

    The business owners remaining in downtown Portland had better take notice here. They could be next for whatever actions this gang of hoodlums and bums will be planning next.

    The inmates are running the asylum that is laughing called “The City That Works”. The city that works to inhibit, discourage, and otherwise prevent any business in downtown from having success in their various enterprises. I would think that these remaining business had better start looking for other, more business-friendly cities to relocate to. And the sooner the better.

  6. One more thing: You can bet that this gang of bums and hoodlums will NEVER put on their stupidity in front of any of the strip joints, gay bars, or porn shops in and around Portland. Nor will they do anything that could put a stop to the drug dealing and prostitution in and around Portland. That would be beneath them, if there is such a thing.

  7. The 5th Listener says:

    I think Gregg and Linda should pay them in a currency that they will find ironic: Fur Pelts.

    I can’t take serious any group that claims to be for animal rights that has it’s members put on trial for throwing dead puppies in a dumpster.

    I guess the wearing of fur made Lewis and Clark and every Indian Tribe bad people.


  8. Eileen: You do have a point. Yes “CATS and DOGS” are off limits in my opinion, but saying this will this stop David Appell and friends from going after Chinese Restaurants in Portland (if you know what I mean).
    (The Chinese in Portland)now there’s a voting Bloc. But david and friends are just a part of a Socialist movement that is trying to Regulate or destroy one private sector business after another that they don’t like. The schumachers remind me of displaced Timber workers back in the early 1990’s, only here they are being destroyed by the Liberal court sysytem as well as forced out of Business by the Nader-Clinton-Obama-Liberal Portland Socialists yes the same people that destroyed the timber industry.

    Ps: Eileen you said are animals a resource or individuals or Both?
    That is a “Religious” question and I beleive that most things these David Appell, Nader-Clinton-Obama Socialists do is from a Socialist Liberal New Age Religious Viewpoint. The Church of Liberalism is alive in Oregon.

    Pps: Folks check out
    right now cheering about the Schumachers.
    Did the Schumacher Lawyers go after this Website and all its links leading right to the DNC I wonder??

  9. “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
    — St. Francis of Assisi

  10. Hey David Appell: Liberal Wikipedia defines “St.Frances of Assi” He is known as the patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment, and it is customary for Catholic churches to hold ceremonies honoring animals around his feast day of October 4.

    Question David Appell: Don’t we have a separation of Church and State?
    And I beleive there’s a Civil War within the Catholic Church.
    I guess you belong to the side that still does BONG HITS 24/7 em I right David?
    No Wonder you Like Karmic Justice.

    Pps David: I’m working on some Federal Legislation and the title of it is “THE BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY PROTECTION ACT”. Its long over do, but maybe in the long run it will protect people like the Schumachers.

  11. Democratjim: I have of Feeling Victoria hasn’t seen your Potty Talk yet. Your two posts will last maybe 4-5 hrs.

    Ps: DemocratJIM: WHY are you Democrats so vile? and your thoughts about the Schumachers?

  12. Democratjim said: Lets build a fence around Sanfrancisco to keep all the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ out of here too!

    Klatu said: Jimmy Boy you used the word “here” when refering to SAN FranFreako. I take it your a Communist from San FranFreako?
    And your thoughts about the Schumachers?

  13. “republican” Jim,
    You’re sick. As a result, your comments have been removed from my blog.
    Screw you.
    BTW: nobody was fooled, that’s how “smart” you are.

  14. The Hippocracy is everywhere in this case….Way to say it Lew, remember, war is the killing of humans as well…..Its pretty hard to say you are pro-life and pro-war..Unless you are making money on it, I guess, thanks George W, I am making alot of money on my Halliburton/Exxon dividends….

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