Illegal Aliens Get ‘Stimulus’ Too. UMMMMM….Carnitas!

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No social security number?
No problem! Here’s your money.

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7 thoughts on “Illegal Aliens Get ‘Stimulus’ Too. UMMMMM….Carnitas!

  1. Terrific… I had to leave California because it’s been completely destroyed by illegal immigration. Try protecting our borders (sort of like Mexico does theirs). Try going to an emergency room in Southern California, assuming you can even find a hospital that hasn’t closed it’s doors.

    Enforcement only! NO “regularization”, NO “comprehensive reform”, AND… It’s illegal immigrant, NOT “immigrant”, “migrant worker”, or “beleaguered newcomer”. Also, don’t give us any of this crap about how they “live in the shadows” fearing the “next” INS raid… Don’t wait until it’s too late (like California, which is now a lost cause).

  2. Do I have to remind everyone that Earl Blumenauer, Peter Defazio and the rest of the Democratic Representatives in this state voted YES in this bill.

    Only Greg Walden who is Republican voted no.. At least he was looking out for his people EAST of the Cascae Range

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