IF THIS WERE THE G-4-3… Oh, wait, he never would have said this…

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You’re not so smart without your teleprompter, are ya?

Towards the end of his approximately 40-minute appearance, the president talked about how he’s gotten better at bowling and has been practicing in the White House bowling alley.

He bowled a 129, the president said.

“That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno said sarcastically.

It’s “like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

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36 thoughts on “IF THIS WERE THE G-4-3… Oh, wait, he never would have said this…

  1. Arrogant blowhard is right.

    PS: I bet Nobama’s Teleprompter isn’t as arrogant most the time. Better keep your Teleprompter close to you Nobama since you don’t have an original thought in your head.

    PPS: One Big A** Mistake America

  2. I don’t know what is worse, Obama saying this or the quick witted Leno giving him a pass (along with the rest of the media). Leno never asked Obama about Dodd and his exploits which are central to almost all of the economic crisis. Leno did say it was the best day of his life. What a kiss-ass! Of course for Obama, isn’t his quip a non-issue since he supports aborting the Special Olympics kids in the first place?

  3. Oh, how soon we forget!

    The Greatest Hits (Volume 1) of G.W. Bush.

    “Tribal sovereignty means that; it’s sovereign. I mean, you’re a — you’ve been given sovereignty, and you’re viewed as a sovereign entity. And therefore the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between sovereign entities.” Aug. 6, 2004

    “They misunderestimated me.” Nov. 6, 2000

    “Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?” Jan. 11, 2000

    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” Aug. 5, 2004

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on –shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” Sept. 17, 2002

    “I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.” May 12, 2008

    Of course, I could go on for, well, quite a while with these if you’d like.

    You see, if George the Bush had said this on Leno, liberals would just add it to the (quite long) list of gaffes, and conservatives would’ve have ignored it or claimed that the outrage was just one more example of political correctness, but because it was Obama, the roles are reversed — and the earth still spins, number one seeds crush sixteenth seeds, and Republicans still genuflect at the shrine of far-right talk-show hosts.

    Move along, folks — nothing to see here.

  4. Rush Limpbaugh, the leader of the GOP made fun of Michael J. Fox, a disabled person.

    Were the Repubs and MSM concerned about this?

  5. I admit that Obama is arrogant. But he is smart. We tried arrogant and stupid for 8 years and that did not work out at all.

  6. Except… there isn’t going to be books written mocking Obama’s screwup the way that liberals made the Himilayas out of Bush switching out “is” for “are”. The level of halfwitted obsession doesn’t get even close.

  7. No, because Rush Limbaugh didn’t make fun of Michael J. Fox. Ya see, denouncing someone requires that that someone actually have done something so if they didn’t do something, there’s nothing to denounce. Sort of a magical cause-and-effect relationship, isn’t it?

  8. Hey Miles.

    I got a newsflash for you.. George Bush is no longer president.

    You can list the old sayings from him all you want.. but he is gone.. and by law.. will never be president again.

    The boogey man is gone for the Democrats.. but they keep clinging to him to attempt to distract people from the gaffs that Obama is making.

    Neither man is perfect. Neither party is perfect. But Obama is in office.. he now has appeared on the Jay Leno show.. and made a statement that did anger some. Repeating former presidential statements is not going to change that.

  9. Obama is SMART? Hmm… perhaps. But when you get to the level of the presidency, the fine line between stupidity and ineptitude blurs into nothingness. Obama is the smartest person I’ve ever seen making so many dumb moves in such a short time; the common term for this is a brilliant fool.

  10. Any time Obama makes a “gaff”…an apology comes quickly afterwards….BUSH HAS YET TO SAY HE MADE ANY MISTAKES…even though Arlington Cemetery and Walter Reid is FULL of those that have suffered by his “mistakes”…not to mention NEW ORLEANS….we have a GREAT president….facing national catastrophic problems….and he chooses to come to the American public..even on the Jay Leno show…these “audiences” were not “hand picked”..unlike our last “president”…giving speeches at military bases…so no one would throw shoes at him…GO OBAMA…

  11. Whatever Bush may have said and stumbled over his tongue, is history.

    B HO, on the other hand, doesn’t actually stumble over his tongue, but instead reads from a teleprompter.

    Even his gaffes aren’t his own words!!

  12. kloin said…
    I admit that Obama is arrogant. But he is smart.

    Klatu said: yea Nobama’s arrogant and his “One Big A** Mistake America”. The Special Olympics remark sure shows the arrogant’s of this ******** that 50% of us knew about last year and how much he needs his Teleprompter. Nobama will be a Jimmy Carter “ONE TERMER”.

    PS: But Nobama’s Teleprompter shows some HOPEEEEEEE.

    PPS: 2010 Looking Good

    2012 Looking Better

  13. In the first case, Lofton, that is not even remotely true and in the second case, many of the things you refer to as “mistakes” are nothing of the sort.

    As to the hand-picked audiences… c’mon, don’t be an idiot. Do you really think that idiot who practically had an orgasm at the sight of Obama and was praising God that Obama was there was completely unexpected?

  14. We have just marked the 6th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq understandably without note on this blog.

    It may be well to remember the event by watching and listening to Bush’s speech on the night of the invasion which is readily available on youtube.

    You realize again from this speech just how utterly different the rationale was for the war at the start than it is now: to “defend the world from grave danger.” There was no grave danger. How the US government could have been so incompetent in making such a serious charge remains bewildering to me. How I was so credulous still shames me.

    But hey, we’ve got bowling to deal with.

  15. “We have just marked the 6th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq understandably without note on this blog.”

    Ok.. so you expect everyone to pay ommage to a event such as this. Not every blog out there marked the anniversary.. including some very very liberal blogs.

    But Explain to me how our president.. who made the speech in Chicago promising that if he was elected.. His very first act was to have a meeting with the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to order them for a immediate pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan. “Bring our troops home” To a Large applause of the members of the audience.

    The Meeting never took place until his third week in office after he spoke with US Central Command Commander, General Petraeus.

    Now.. He has pledged a Gradual pullout phased until August 2010 with a 50,000 man “training cadra” to remain. and Increased troop levels into Afghanistan.

    People keep remindiing us on how Bush got us into the War. But they refuse to acknowledge that our present President is not changing anything quickly.

  16. There was no grave danger.

    How utterly ridiculous.

    September 11, 2001 didn’t happen?

    The whole world did not say Saddam had amassed WMD’s?

    Thousands of Iraqi’s weren’t being slaughtered and raped by Saddam’s people?

    When will you people wake up that for three decades at least, radical Jihadists have been targeting, plotting and attacking western interests around the globe?

    You can’t blame America forever, not with many of those targets being of countries that have long opposed American policies.

    No danger?


  17. No one questions the monumental disaster Bush created…Obama has inherited this mess, and amidst all the drama about economics, this is still a serious consequence for us in terms of how the world perceives us and what happens to our troops, what happens to Iraq and Afghanistan…done wrong, and the results will be as consequential as the economic downturn…

  18. Afghanistan. Isn’t that where the Dems demanded more NATO involvement?

    I fail to see how someone who has never left the Continental United States can continually claim knowledge of how others outside of the US perceives us.

    And yet, those same people that lambasted Bush for gaffes remain silent over homey’s reading gaffes off of a teleprompter.

  19. Anytime a ditto head Republican mentions Obama’s off hand comment about the special olympics from the Tonight Show, just remind them about this sad anniversary and how after the invasion Bush actually started looking under his podium for WMD’s saying stuff like, “I know they’re here somewhere”. Remember those WMD’s? You know the whole reason we were lied to about the war? Yes, those WMD’s. Which joke is worse??

  20. How can you argue with lunatics like the war crowd? You invade a defenseless country for no reason at all, wreck it completely, destroy your own economy, spend twice as long fighting a few thousand third world disgruntled young men as it took to defeat two super powers in World War II, then declare victory and celebrate a job well done. How can anybody reason with such madness?

  21. That you have fallen in with the crowd whose belief in Iraqi WMD depended upon who was president ought to shame you more, Lofton. Unlike Bush, that crowd wouldn’t know what the truth is if it backhanded them across the face.

  22. Just like the Tet Offensive was an unmitigated disaster for the United States, right Rhubarb? I hate to break this to you but fervent belief that Iraq is a disaster doesn’t make it so.

  23. You reason with it by reasoning with it, not reciting a laundry list of things you wish were true but aren’t. Iraq was hardly defenseless… they just were a generation behind American military equipment. Iraq has yet to be “wrecked” in any sane sense of the word. The destruction of the economy has nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq. It is not yet 2011 which means that “twice as long as it took to defeat 2 powers in ww2” is still 2 years away… and besides that, a guerilla war doesn’t end until every single guerilla is dead or incapacitated which is wholly different than fighting a nation which stops fighting when the boss says so. The Americans will be done with Iraq long before the guerillas have been defeated but they already cannot win a military victory but a political one, convincing the guillible that it’s a lost cause.

    I know you really REALLY want your world to be the real one, Rightwingwacko, but it just ain’t. So sorry.

  24. “Move along, folks — nothing to see here.”

    No, and this is not a thread about Bush.

    Your boy isn’t even president. He is only “acting” president. The rest of the staff is running the country. It is really frightening. His lack of Capitol knowledge and how to run a country is far more frightening than the ex president.

    You can live in the past if you want and continue on with your Bush disorder. Truth is Borak is ruining this country and at a very rapid pace at that. Communism, ain’t it great? Forced unions, more illegals, social healthcare for all. We have a real paradise now don’t we?

    Basketball, bowling, Leno, invitations for singers to entertain them in the whitehouse. Watching the game on airforce one.

    Hey Miles since you voted for this worthless shirt, you will probably want to join his civilian army too. Right?

    This guy is a pompous arrogant moron. Communism, don’t you just love it?

  25. Besides Ms Monroe, we are not making comparisons of presidents. Borak is flushing our country down the toilet. That is neither a Republican or Democrat problem. It is a problem for all of us, and our children. Nice pickle you have gotten us into with this vote. This is not funny.

    A 90% tax??? What kind of government has he created anyway????????

  26. “A 90% tax??? What kind of government has he created anyway????????”

    Its a government who believes that it can ignore the Constitution.

    Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 prohibits this action. But yet. our congress (328 members with 85 of them who were republicans) voted for this bill.

    Obama, Rangel, Pelosie, Frank.. All of them are doing this.. and everyone is going “”yeah”, Get those AIG people””. Even when the language of the stimulus bill ALLOWED IT.

    But this 90% tax should scare the heck out of everyone. What happens next? Congress stops liking a segment of the population and then let congress Tax you at a high rate? What happens when a Republican congress takes control.. Reprisal Tax?

    I know my statements are extreme.. but still..

  27. Seems to me that the chorus of voices in Congress is a but red herring, feigning outrage over AIG and the bonuses have simply overlooked the simplest solution — selling the governments controlling 80% share of the company. The rest of us, when faced with a similar problem with a companies management have but one alternative — sell the stock, live with the mistake and move on. Perhaps this is an expensive lesson suggesting the AIG stock should never have been purchased in the first place, but it stops the Treaury Department’s immediate bleeding.

    And $200 million+/- (a tenth of 1% of total loans) in bonuses is likely the least of taxpayer worries when one considers the $180 billion in loans and climbing as AIG has desperately tried to unwind their derivative exposure and sell assets to mitigate their losses which totaled nearly $100 Billion last year.

    But failing the easy and obvious solution, I think Grassley’s in speaking on AIG bonuses has merit,

    “The first thing that would make me feel a little bit better towards them if they’d follow the Japanese model and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say I’m sorry, and then either do one of two things — resign, or go commit suicide.”


    Those whose direct action resulted in the AIG loans and subsequent bonuses should take Grassley’s advice. Obama, Geithner, Dodd, Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress that pushed through that hastily “reviewed” Stimulus package, the ritual disemboweling sword is ready. Apologize and exercise your performance of Seppuku. Such action, would be a far more convincing expression of responsibility and rage for this massive fraud perpetuated against the American taxpayer! Perhaps this form of bleeding would help return some responsibility to Washington DC!!!

  28. Maria Shriver says the reaction to Obama’s joke shows there is still more work to do. She says laughing at such comments “hurts millions of people throughout the world.”

    But what about “The One” who made this comment ?

    Listen to the Leno clip. . . and the fact he made the apology before the airing. . . was a laugh tract added to defuse the issue? The laughs start before he makes the joke.

    hmmm. . .

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