Grinches of Oregon

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4 thoughts on “Grinches of Oregon

  1. Just a few more reasons to NOT live in Oregon, what with Teddy the Useless and his minions trying to take the Oregon taxpayers’ money, not to mention Guillermo Bradbury and Hardy Har Har Myers.

  2. I got my check, proudly invested it in some stocks, already made 5%. Early retirement, here I come. Even if they stop sending me money, I will be fine. Thats all that matters is me, right? I should not care about anyone else, right? And neither should the government, right? So if the Government keeps the money, and its because we paid taxes, we have services like roads, education, public safety. Pretty government buildings are built, paying us good wages and paying people to work in them. Providing us a military, which is doing a pretty good job of keeping us safe. And our Federal Gov is concentrating draining our funds to send to contractors to build fences around oil drilling sites in Iraq. This leaves teh States to manage with less, and since the state of Oregon has not decreases many services, and the cost has gone up to provide the services, we have to pay more taxes. And since I dont pay less Federal Taxes, which was promised to me by the Republican Congress and President, I have a pretty good idea why the state legislature might want our money. And I am also sure, not much of if goes to illegal aliens drivers licenses or mass transit or other claimes socialist causes. Keep trying. Mitt Romney for President.

  3. cnskate, you forgot to mention wasteful government spending, federal and state.

    Imagine, if they both stopped all that wasteful spending how much more money they would have to spend on real necessities.

  4. At least Tommy the Irrelevant did something useful yesterday when he gave back the $400. that the car owner had to pay to get his car back. That is because the Tacoma police didn’t follow up properly on a “stolen” car report a few years ago and it snowballed back down to bite this guy in the butt.

    That’s one for Tommy. Not too bad for 3+ years as the Irrelvant (by his own admission) mayor of Portland.

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