Governor Gregoire Flips On Tax Pledge

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True to the innate of Democrats, Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire, who ran on a no tax increase pledge last year is turning her position around 180 degrees as reported in The Olympian.

Gone is “There is no way to tax your way out of this problem. We have to live within our means,” replaced by “I didn’t want revenue last year because I couldn’t figure out how you could do a revenue package that wouldn’t hurt the economy, either individuals or businesses. We’re still stuck in that rut but I’ve told the leadership, ‘Come make your case. My door’s open, you can make your case.’ But I don’t want to do anything that adversely impacts our economic recovery.”

With everything in the economy worse, how does she think any increases will not “adversely impact our economic recovery?”

Her main concern now seems to be, “And on higher ed, you take too big a toll on higher ed and it won’t recover any time soon. … You can give it more money but once you’ve lost those Nobel Prize educators you don’t get them back.”

I’m not aware of “Nobel Prize educators” signing very many paychecks!

After all, isn’t paychecks were revenues come from?

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.