Former Clackamas County Commish Finds Life Working for Light Rail Company

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Imagine that, a former Clackamas County Commissioner taking a job at a street car/ light rail company.

From the Portland Tribune:

Oregon Iron Works announced on Tuesday that former Clackamas County Commissioner Ann Lininger will join the company in February as general counsel and vice president for compliance and strategic initiatives.

“Ann brings expertise in contract negotiation, project finance, and construction and development issues to this role,” said Corey Yraguen, president of the Clackamas-based company that employs 400 people. 

 From the Zero:

Oregon Iron Works officials donated a combined $1,700 to Lininger’s 2010 run for commissioner. A company statement said she will not be working with Clackamas County or any advocacy with officials or staff.

Now I’m not saying it was a quid pro quo and I’m not saying she shouldn’t take a job, I’m just saying it seems odd that the light rail happy deposed members of the Clackamas County Commission find succor in the bosom of the things voters don’t want.
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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.