Force Feeding: Beaverton Schools REQUIRE Fruits & Veggies

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H/T Jason Schmidt who received this from the Beaverton School District
Beaverton School students will now be forced to put fruits and veggies on their school lunch plate.

“Starting this September, you can rest assured that your student’s lunch tray will actually have fruits and/or vegetables on it!
New USDA guidelines now require that student choose a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable as part of their school lunch. (Believe it or not, previously students didn’t have to choose any fruits or vegetable as part of their complete meal!)
If your student hasn’t already been a regular at the school’s salad bar, he or she will be surprised at the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available to taste each day…..and that really is good news for good nutrition!”

This is in comportment with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move nutrition program.

Notice the faux chagrin that they hadn’t been forcing kids to take fruits and vegetables before. And look, they sound happy about their totalitarian policies, “…this is really good news for nutrition!” Good news for kids? Their parents? No, for “nutrition.”

As you can see from the Beaverton School District flyer, kids will have no choice except WHAT KIND of fruits and veggies they can put on their plate.

No word yet on what happens if a child is allergic to the items, cross contamination of allergens occurs, it makes a kid puke to eat the stuff, or the child chooses not to eat them. Those questions don’t appear to be answered in the ares of the BDS Nutrition Services websites. It sounds as if the District has made a deal with produce providers and it doesn’t much matter if the kids actually eat the stuff. 

Many changes are also coming to the Portland School District. Some schools will feature Food Police, called the Food Corps. This is a make work job for college age kids. The Food Corps “volunteers” (who are paid*) be showing kids how to garden and eat well. Yes, these would be the same kids who have survived college on Rock Star, rahman and cigarettes who will be telling your kid how to eat–and you get to pay for it! See my posts on these plans and the Multnomah Food Action Plan here, here, here, here for starters.

The Cafeteria Ladies Have Turned Food Police

It’s amazing how your child’s lunch plate is impacted by a non elected person whose only nutritional bonafides are that she used to eat at a Chicago restaurant that served lots of arugula and now has people tending her vegetable garden at the White House!

This represents a change in the school lunch program. No longer will the lunch ladies merely offer certain foods to be in compliance with government recommendations, now they must force kids to take the food to be in compliance with government requirements.

Beaverton schools provide breakfast, lunch, “carbohydrate” and supper. There’s really no need for Mom and Dad anymore. They can just drop the kids off for ten hours of babysitting. How soon can we expect plans for a student overnight program? After all, if the state is calling the shots on what a child must eat, irrespective of Mom and Dad, then why do we need parents at all? After all, the state says it’s “good!” Case closed.

*Liberals believe “volunteers” should be paid, the same way they believe government is a charity.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.