Energy Rationing Proposed for Oregon

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The sun sets on freedom if this passes.
You need to get on the horn to ALL, and I mean ALL, state legislators and Governor’s office to put a stop to this. You need to put on a full court press to stop this.
This law (see here) is based on the fundamentally flawed notion that MAN CONTROLS THE CLIMATE. Even the Libs are getting hip to what a scam this is here.

It is the biggest whopper ever sold to the public in the history of humankind.

And that is just the beginning of the take down of the Al Gore claims.

The legislature is basing this bill on Al Gore/IPCC claims of man made global warming. But his movie was based on flaws, outrageous lies, and misdirection. See here.

They’re basing their carbon rationing plan on BAD INFORMATION!
Here’s the bill. Nut ‘graf here (note new bureaucracy established to implement the rationing program in red):

Directs Environmental Quality Commission to adopt by rule
greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system to achieve greenhouse gas
emissions reduction goals. Requires application of cap-and-trade
system to all energy facilities. Allows suspension of state's
cap-and-trade system if federal cap-and-trade system is adopted.
Allows commission to require registration and reporting relating
to greenhouse gas emissions and to establish registration fees.
Establishes Climate Improvement Fund. Continuously
moneys in fund
to Department of Environmental
Quality for certain expenses related to greenhouse gas emissions.
Creates Oregon Climate Initiative Task Force. Authorizes
task force to develop and present design recommendations for
greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system to department. Sunsets task
force on January 2, 2012.
Requires department to report on development of greenhouse gas
cap-and-trade system and to submit to Seventy-sixth Legislative
Assembly rules adopted by commission that implement cap-and-trade
Declares emergency, effective on passage.
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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

8 thoughts on “Energy Rationing Proposed for Oregon

  1. There are two arguments here
    1) If a resource is limited is rationing a fair way to handle it?

    2) is the resource (air without too much carbon in it) actually limited enough to justify rationing.

    I do not know the answer to 2.
    The more I try to figure it out, the more I realize how little I know. (I also believe that most people, even those with very strong opinions on the subject, do not know the answer either).
    But taking action, to prevent a crisis, where the action itself is not going to create another crisis, seems like the sensible thing to do.

    As for 1, I do believe that rationing is a much better approach then capitalism, for limited natural resources.
    (I have a different view when it is not the natural resource which is limited, but rather the labor and effort of other individuals.)

    Was the rationing which occurred during WWII bad?

  2. When you purposely cut off the supply of energy:
    No drilling.
    No LNG.
    No allowing hydroelectric power to come under “sustainable” energy.
    No nuclear.
    Then eventually you get a shortage–of their own making.
    In the meantime…they want to ration it.

  3. There are three things that need to be done here. First: Allow drilling wherever the geologists say that the possibility of oil and/or natural gas exists, whether on shore or offshore and in the ANWAR. Second: Forget all the crap that AlGore is spewing about global warming and greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide being a pollutant. AlGore has proven himself to be an authority on just about everything and an expert on absolutely nothing. (He and Ol’ Blowhard Biden could be soulmates.) and Third: Put a muzzle on Teddy the Useless and the Oregon legislature. They knows even less about this stuff than AlGore does. If that is even possible.

    And who does Teddy the Useless want to put on this “Commission”? AlGore sycophants? If they insist on going ahead with this, they need some one with some sort of common sense and know more about the subject than AlGore or Teddy the Useless and the Oregon legislature. Look for them to appoint someone with a wealth of knowledge on this, like Randy Leonard or Eric Sten.

    I am blessed more every day that I don’t live in Oregon.

  4. Eileens got her head in Socialist John Maynard Keynes books again I see.

    Simple “supply and demand”
    choke off “Ration” the supply and
    right when people need to run there AC in summer–Heat in the Winter. I could see people cutting down trees every where just to keep Warm. So much for Rationing.
    I could see lots of Law suits over this.


  5. I wonder how great the neo-coms will think this is when they are told they may have their furnaces on for an hour a day during the winter?

    Don’t count on using a fireplace either. Remember the smoke from the chimney and how bad it is to cut down trees.

    Maybe they will all gather around the poor smoker standing outside to have his butt to catch some warmth off of the cigarette.

    Socialism in its finest form. Spread the misery around, convincing the proletariat that their doing without is good for all, while the Politburo sits comfortably inside their big houses using all the energy they wish to.

  6. They need to start regulating hot air coming from the Repubic Peanut Gallery. I guess for now, energy is a good place to start. Maybe they will turn the lights off at KSPAM around say 5:00pm on the weekdays.

  7. Lew, Maybe the first place they should shut off power is at MiniMe’s house. But, if he gets his way, any power shut-off would be only at Republicans’ homes but not at Dumocrats’ houses. He is all for political discrimination.

    And, Ol’ MiniMe shuld know all about hot air spewing around. He is an avid practitioner of spewing hot air.

  8. Scottie, I think you just pinpointed the origin of Global Warming. ALl hte hot air coming from the likes of mini-me, not to mention their glorious leaders.

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