Dummocrat for a Day? Are You Up for it?

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Love him or hate him, John Mc Cain is now the Republican nominee for the Presidency. Because the GOP race is settled, the real show is on the Democrat side. So, why not enjoy the race and have a say in it?
If the Democrats and liberals can choose our candidate, shouldn’t we at least have a little fun choosing theirs?
I encourage my fellow registered Independents and Republicans to go to the Secretary of State’s website:

Print the voter registration page, fill it out, and re-register yourself as a DEMOCRAT and vote for Hillary Clinton to keep this democrat race going!!!!

Then turn in your registration on Tuesday, April 1st.

This will make a bit of a statement, it being April Fool’s Day and all. Since Oregon’s primary is May 20th, this is well within the 21 day window in which to register to vote.

Don’t forget to re re register to vote after the primary.

Those of you in the 5th Congressional District in which Kevin Mannix and Mike Erickson will have a contested race for that seat, you’ll have to make your own call on whether you want to vote on the other ballot during the primary.

Who’s in?

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

15 thoughts on “Dummocrat for a Day? Are You Up for it?

  1. Whats the point, Victoria? So you are sayng that you prefer Hillary over Obama? You know, I am sure you could volunteer at her campaign headquaters too. Why not get some Hillary 2008 bumper stickers for your car, while you are at it.

  2. Thank you Victoria. Yes by all means re-register all Republicans
    before May 20 and vote for my Girl Hillary in the Primary.



    Oh and don’t forget Republicans
    register as Republicans again May 21.

  3. Yea I already changed to a Democrat a month ago and I’m still waiting for some good info from
    Ronny Why-done. Of course Ralph Nader’s in the race.

  4. Maybe all the Hot Air from Global Warming comes from that big mouth _ _ _ _ WHOOREEE Billery! I worked with them for 8 years and their going to LOOOSE anyway, because their LOOOSERS!

  5. Sorry Victoria

    I can not have my name voting for that individual.. even if it is part of a strategy.

    But I know many individuals who are voting for her..

  6. hilarious. Romney was the only candidate that would hold up to the wicked witch of Arkansas, but you all sat around and insulted all the conservatives and alienated republican voters with your hyperbole and abuse. WEll done, we are now losing because none of you listened to the REAL conservative on here…

  7. From Free Republic:

    A staggering 16,000-plus Republicans in Cuyahoga County Ohio switched parties when they voted in last week’s primary.

    At least one member of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections wants to investigate some Republicans who may have crossed party lines only to influence which Democrat would face John McCain.

    Anyone who crossed lines was supposed to sign a pledge card vowing allegiance to their new party. In Cuyahoga County, dozens and dozens of Republicans scribbled addendums onto their pledges as new Democrats.

    “For one day only.”

    “I don’t believe in abortion.”

    A Plain Dealer review of thousands of records showed few of those who switched were challenged by poll workers.

    Ohio voters are allowed to switch party affiliations on the day of a primary election but only if they sign a pledge vowing to support their new party – and mean it.

    Lying on the pledge is a felony, punishable by six to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

    Klatu said: Yea right a “pledge card”
    but its OK if Communist Dems crossover and vote for John McCain in early Primaries. What a laugh.

    Another reason for ALL PRIAMRIES TO CLOSE UP at least 9 months on either side of an elction.

    _ _ _ _ open primaries.

    And get rid of those _ _ _ _ Caucuses in other States.

    Go back to the polls Oregon.
    No More vote By Mail

  8. Be very fearful of this latest development fellow Democrats. Everyone knows that Victoria’s influence on Oregon politics is overwhelming.

  9. You mean “underwhelming” right?

    I love the whining about how the democrats chose the republicans canidate.

    You sure are the party of victimhood aren’t you?

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