Democrats Block Military Votes In Another Close Election

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By now it is no secret that during real close elections, the Military’s Absentee ballots become the subject of scorn to Democrats, since Military members are known to usually favor Republicans.

We saw it in 2000 in the close race between Al Gore and George W. Bush in the Florida recounts.

It was seen again in 2004 in Georgia.

Now, Democrats are once again denying our Troops their right to have their votes counted in the tie between Democrat Scott Murphy and Republican Tim Tedisco in New York’s 20th District.

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Apparently, the O’s September 2007 campaign promise of, “we’ll have a Voting Rights Section that actually defends the right of every American to vote without deception or intimidation” doesn’t apply to our Troops overseas defending us.

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22 thoughts on “Democrats Block Military Votes In Another Close Election

  1. This is crazy. I think the Democrats have long ago BLATANTLY surpassed the alleged “disenfranchisement” done by the Republicans in 2000.

  2. You f*************** LIBERAL A******************** ARE THREW STEALING ELECTIONS. Your not getting away with this THEFT or STEALING any other close election’s ever again.

    REP. JIM TEDISCO get use to the Name A*******************

  3. The Military Vote has been under attack and disputed since before the days of Clinton..

    This is just proof that the Democrats are using the absentee ballot system to avoid to have their vote tallied.

    But there is a problem over this.. Two Government agencies are also stating different policies over the military vote in this case.. Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. There should be a STANDARD applied.

    Obama promised during the election that the military abesentte vote would be always counted. Now its time to see if his statement will be true.

  4. Yea,
    Both sides have elements with in them that have a “Win at all Cost” mentality.
    In fact, I highly suspect this is more of the norm then either side wants to admit.

    I am convinced that integrity is more the exception then the norm.

  5. Stealing elections is standard operating procedure for Democrats and leftists. What they can’t win at the ballot box, they intimidate using internal groups of thugs – or just plain cheat.

    ACORN and union activists are Obama’s ‘brown-shirts.’ If the lefties manage to steal this election, look out.

  6. Lew: I personally called the “Jim Tedisco” campaign this morning in New York State about the Military vote and was told they have till April 13th for those votes to come in. Jim Tedisco is in the Lead so far. Your two Links maybe the only talk of Military Votes being blocked there is in the media, (TALK RADIO IS NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS) and the two articles maybe exaggerating everything abit. Course we all know what side the Unionized US POST OFFICE is on and there is 20 counties in that district to deal with. Mailing a ballot back through an obvious Democrat Facility (THE POST OFFICE) is not to smart. I hope the Tedisco campaign has tried to get in touch with some of the Military vote OVER SEA’S. I asked this question, they didn’t respond. That’s what we do here in Oregon when some one doesn’t return their ballot, THEY GET A PHONE CALL.
    Vote by mail here in Oregon SUCKS and I personally have never mailed a ballot back.
    I’ve always hand delivered my Ballot in person. The Military doesn’t have this luxury though.

  7. Klatu..

    I did Abesentee voting here in Oregon from 1985-2007…

    Heck even my ballot from 2004 for the primary was accepted and I sent that from the nation of Qatar.

    The only problem I had with voting by absentee was the 1998 general election.. I had to overnight my ballot from Utah to Pendleton. But aside from that.. not too bad.

    But from what I understand.. others are not so lucky.

  8. Kitanis: When you were in the Military did you send your Ballots back to Oregon by US mail, FED-EX, UPS or? Did you get a written reply (receipt) back? Email ballots are still illegal I’m told and how do you know your ballots were counted in the final tally. Hardly anyone knows this. Before “Fraud by Mail” got in Oregon in 1999 we use to get “I VOTED STICKERS” but now you don’t know if your ballot was received (that’s why I hand deliver mine) or counted. Were at the mercy of the elections office and the Post office for fair elections. In My opinion Oregon needs to go back to the polls. Absentees are all right in my opinion, but their needs to be more Republican poll watchers inside all election offices to make sure all votes are counted “ONCE” and to make sure that Ballots aren’t copied and counted twice or 3 times.

    PS: Kitanis maybe you should give the Jim Tedisco campaign a call to and give them reassurance. They’re very aware of all shenanigans and they were surprised this was even a small news story. But ALGORE & the Democrats did pull that **** in Florida in 2000. The Tedisco campaign has till April 13th to get all the Military votes in.

  9. My ballots except in the 1998 election were all by U.S. Mail.

    the 1998 election was a fluke.. I had forgottent to put it in the mail so I Fed-Exed it and I did get the receipt back from the Umatilla County Election office.. so I know they got it three days before the deadline.

    In Fact.. Umatilla County always sent me a ballot, all I had to do was go through my voting officer for a adress change when I moved to a new duty station.. it was almost like clockwork. When I was deployed in Qatar.. My ballot arrived to me automatically.. as the US Mail had record of my deployed address.

    My re-assurance was for Oregon.. Tedisco campaign is working under a whole different problem. They are working against a stacked deck of Judcial and government rulings.. Apparently the state and the Department of Jusitice is ignoring the Department of Defense statements.

    I feel sorry for those military members because a flap like this will just tell them not to bother in the future.

  10. Kitanis: Yea 19 of the 20 counties in that district in New York should be suspect if they deliberately sent Military Ballots out late. I would imagine that the Tedisco campaign have traces on those ballots right now though. Personally I would use FED-EX since there NON-UNION over Unionized UPS and the Post office to get my Ballot back. FYI check this out

    PS: Kitanis theirs a big difference between Absentee voting and Vote by Mail. Absentee ballots were never opened up in Oregon Before 8:00pm on election night. Now with vote by mail the ballot is immediately opened up upon arrival and separated from its secrecy ballot.
    Sometimes a couple of weeks before election day. Plus there’s voting parties at churches etc. fraud can happen there. Then there’s ballot pickup that UNIONS do and yes Republicans do it also. (example: Sam is a republican, throw his ballot in the Willamette). These are just a few example’s why I think VOTE BY FRAUD NEEDS to go bye bye.

    PPS: NOW I HEAR ABOUT “VOTE BY PHONE”. And GOD help us if we do Vote On line. Now I really see the total picture of Card Check with Unions and how it must be stopped.

    PPPS: AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR “ACORN” in New York State.

  11. Klatu

    In the military.. there is the right to vote and it is by Absentee.

    All 50 states have various ways that a military member can register to vote by abesentee ballot.. in the USAF there is a instruction (Regulation) and “kit” to help a member register to vote.

    I know, I got stuck with the additional duty for two years.. it was a maddening experience.. because some states had these little pledge cards that a member had to sign and send in to their appropriate county office before their primaries.. each election cycle.. Others you just filled out the card and that was that until the member moved or changed parties.

    Oregon at least just had us fill out the card.. and it was done. My ballots came in by mail.. with a secrency envelope.. a signature on the back of the return envelope and another small card to sign and put in with the ballot. In the early days.. you had to punch the cards like the old election machines.. then when we went to the present system.. the
    #2 pencil was your friend.

    I would estimate that maybe half of the eligible military members vote. Some of them think that because they joined the military.. they can’t vote..

    Others.. just do not want to take the time. And from what I had seen over two years of doing that paperwork.. I can see why.

    I wish some one in power would have the cajones to get these ballots counted.. but unfortunately.. Politicians do not want that to happen.

  12. Kitanis: In Civilian Life Voting is a Privilege not a Right. A person must be 18, with no Felonies, a citizen of the USA, a citizen of one State and district, etc. I still say absentee Voting is fine but “Vote by Fraud” in Oregon needs to be repealed. I’m all for a ballot initiative to REPEAL Vote by Mail (HELLO BILL SIZEMORE) and Return Oregon back to pre 1998 standards. I know the Military has looked at VOTING ONLINE through a secure server But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: KITANIS in New York State it will take a Movement not just a Person to overcome the Voting Problems there. I just hope Jim Tedisco can pull it out. But I’m Sure ACORN and the Unions are working to try to steal that Election at this moment.

    PPS: And Former Senator Ted Stevens Corruption Conviction thrown out. The people that did this to Stevens are the same ********* that are trying to steal the New York Election, Minnesota Senate Race, helped Governor Greg-Liar in Washington State 2004, and ALGORE —-Florida, 2000.

  13. “I know the Military has looked at VOTING ONLINE through a secure server”

    Yes.. it was discussed..

    I mean the military pay and retirement pay system is now
    on-line. The system for personnel actions are also on-line.. I put in for my retirement from South Dakota to a server in San Antonio, TX.

    Voting though.. even with the Common Acccess Card system that the military uses.. I doubt if voting will become the norm by the Internet. But you never know.

  14. The people that did this to Stevens are the same*******. Oh really? I thought it was the incompetent and corrupt Bush Justice Department. Stevens can thank his lucky star for Attorney General Holder. If Republicans were in control they would probably continue with their incompetent prosecution.

  15. The Repugs had better treat the Obama administration kindly. It is the only thing that stands between certain Repugs and their prosecution for war crimes on a world stage.

  16. Kitanis: I agree about online voting “NO way” but the Military should vote by Fed-ex not the US MAIL and maybe that might be the cure for Oregon. I want to see Oregon return to Election Day not ELECTION MONTH, where all ballots are opened up after 8:00pm the First Tuesday in November like the Constitution says.

    PS: iago troll call your temporary tenant of Sen. Ted Stevens Senate Seat and tell him to get the hell out.

    PPS: Republicans take a page from Sen. Ted Stevens and never allow yourself to be convicted by a Liberal JURY from Communist Washington D.C.

  17. Iago said,

    “If Republicans were in control they would probably continue with their incompetent prosecution.”

    Iago, you don’t have to convince most of us on this blog that Bush should have fired more than eight federal prosecutors when he was first elected. He should have fired all of them, in accordance with the precedent set by none other than his predecessor, Clinton.

    And perhaps your rage would be better directed at the pre-existing incompetence of the the Justice Department prior to Bush’s arrival!

  18. Pete, they are just trying to divert the attention once again.

    Notice they have nothing to say about the Dems blocking Military votes again.

    To them, it is acceptable, but every name ACORN lists must be counted.

    “You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this —- who will count the votes, and how.”

  19. Both sides have elements with in them that have a “Win at all Cost” mentality.

    Not counting the vote of our soldiers is not a win at all cost mentalily it is criminal mentality. It is well known that the democrats will do anything to try to not count the militariy vote. CRIMINAL

    This should upset all those that back the military but not the war, right? Umm, humm, yeah, right, sure.

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