Kitzhaber Dodges Daylight Disinfectant Questions on Or-BamaCare Fail

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Oregon is “O for October” in Or-BamaCare sign ups.

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Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant confronted Governor John Kitzhaber about the abject failure of his signature reform: and his handlers didn’t like it.

That failure Or-BamaCare is being highlighted by the national media. The National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes how one party rule removes the ability of the Democrats to somehow blame the Republicans for this debacle.

Oregon is one of those spectacular examples that demonstrate the silliness and falsity of the Democrats’ effort to shift blame to Republican obstructionism. In this state, there was no Republican obstructionism — there wasn’t even that much Republican opposition.

In 2011, all 30 state-house Democrats and 18 state-house Republicans voted to set up the system; 12 state-house Republicans voted “no.” In the state senate, 14 Democrats and 10 Republicans voted to set up the system; two Democrats and three Republicans voted “no.”

Democratic governor John Kitzhaber, a doctor, signed it into law. He appointed the director of CoverOregon, Rocky King.

In Oregon, Democrats got what they wanted, all of the authority they wanted, all of the funding they wanted, everything they said they needed.

And they’re 0 for October.


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5 thoughts on “Kitzhaber Dodges Daylight Disinfectant Questions on Or-BamaCare Fail

  1. The travesty is that only 15 Republican Representatives voted NO. And that is why this is a one party state! Why is it a benefit to have Republicans as representatives if they simply act as a rubber stamp on illicit Democrat legislation?

  2. Wait till the federal monies for the Oregon Health Plan start to peak out, then watch the reversion of the Oregon Health Plan back to its previous lottery system for free service. Right now any success is all on paper with the planning soaking up billions in newly supplied federal treasury monies (much of which is not sustainable).

  3. The failure of the website is minor compared to what is to come. It’s failure has captured the long overdue press coverage which has led to the disclosure of the cancellation of policies of some 17MM people in the individual health insurance market.

    But even the Republicans haven’t spent much time exposing the real horror to come at the end of 2014 when some 100MM+ people covered under the group market will potentially lose policy coverage due to ACA.

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