Day 12 Mohamud Trial: "Your Honor, the Defense Rests."

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What would it take for
you to blow up thousands of people?

The defense has rested in case of Mohamed Mohamud in a downtown Portland court room. I was in the court room as the defense presented its last witness, a terrorism expert who claimed the accused terrorist wouldn’t have acted on his violent thoughts had it not been for the FBI’s involvement. The defense rested without calling the accused to the witness stand. 

The defense’s last witness was Marc Sageman, a former CIA officer and terrorism expert who’s published several books on terror networks. He worked in the field observing the mujahedin in Afghanistan during its war with the Soviet Union. 

Sageman testified he didn’t believe Muhamed Muhamad would have attempted any act of terrorism in the US if the FBI hadn’t greased the skids. Sageman, who’s also a forensic psychiatrist, said Mohamud was veering out of his radical phase by the time he got to Oregon State University. The defense witness said Mo Mo demonstrated this by drinking, taking drugs and having sex with girls while away at school. But he testified when the FBI began reaching out to Mohamud they “contaminated” him, causing to turn back to his radical ways.

Sageman testified by the time of the planned bombing on November 26, 2010, Mo Mo was a radical terrorist. 

That is the defense’s case in a nutshell, admitting Mo Mo helped plot the bombing and twice tried to detonate the bomb but the FBI enticed him to do.

Wednesday both sides will offer their closing statements, the jury will get their instructions from federal Judge Garr King and then the jury will deliberate. 

I’ll have more on the blog later and plan to be in the courtroom tomorrow AM. 

Listen to the Victoria Taft Show tomorrow for the latest. I’m one of the few media covering this trial daily and the only talk show host covering it.

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