CNN’s Own Obama Apologist Masquerades As A Reporter

Covering today’s TEA Parties, CNN’s Susan Roesgen took the opportunity to berate an attendee and accuse protesters of being “anti-government and anti-CNN.”

Then, they report, “she was being harassed.”

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Get ready, America. I have a feeling it’s going to get ugly.

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5 thoughts on “CNN’s Own Obama Apologist Masquerades As A Reporter

  1. Yeah… and the toady back at HQ jumped right in to reinforce it. C’mon… a reporter goes up to some guy and snidely asks what liberty has to do with taxation. She then comments (for the audience’s sake) that he’s eligible for a $400 tax credit) then informed him that the state of Lincoln is getting a pile of stimulus money and finally, finishes her segment by babbling on about how the protest is anti-government and… ANTI-CNN (since it’s highly promoted by the right wing)? Then goes on about it not being family viewing? Exactly WHERE was there alot of cursing and swearing and inapproapriate behaviro that would make it “not family viewing”?

    Do they give their reporters a marijuana ration or something? This reporter is a complete nitwit masquerading as a serious purveyor of news.

  2. CNN’s mission was to protray these events as “mad, white radicals”…

    They did a hatchet job to a 89 protestor in Philidelphia. The reporter actually yelled at the woman saying “I don’t see any black people here, why is that?”.
    The same reporter went on to say that these events were staged becuse of the “ultra-right FOX News”.

    The “ultra left CNN News” was attempting to protray the Protestors as stupid… I wish they could have been in Portland yesterday.

  3. In her haste to point out that the portester and the state were eligible for all that money, is just exactly where that money is coming from.

    After draining we citizens, billions and more are borrowed from China and Saudi Arabia mostly, or just printed out of thin air with nothing to back it up.

    That is what is being protested.

    Just remember, this isn’t the end, but the beginning. TEA Parties must be followed up by other legal actions to drive it home we do not desire to become another Communist third world country, as the Dems are rapidly transforming us into.

    We need to begin identifying and promoting strong conservative candidates for every level of office and campaign to vote these commierats out of office in 2010 and 2012.

    We have to get busy and keep the left as afraid as they currently are.

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