Climate Change Worship Confab in Portland: Hushing the Skeptics

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And Laughing at Liberals was there with his camera. The two people intimidating the presenter are frequent visitors to the Portland City Council and are political gadflys. They are transplants from back east and live now in Portland. They are psychologists and shamanists, not hard scientists (see their class offerings below). That doesn’t mean they can’t have a viewpoint on climate science, it just means they’re not experts. They are, however, hyper partisans who are obviously trying to intimidate the speaker. Unbelievable.

Here’s what LaL says about the scene at the Climate meeting.

“Watch as climate change promoters Arnie and Amy Mindell implement several psychological tactics to intimidate a global warming skeptic at the Open Forum on Climate Change. Continual interrupting, body language, ganging up, encroachment of personal space, diversions, and distractions are employed in an effort to the throw the skeptic off his game.”

From their website:
Amy’s latest class:



In this class we’ll explore aspects of your unique style and creative nature as a therapist/ facilitator. How does nature speak through you? What special style and dreaming is trying to be expressed through you in your work? Let’s study the processmind in action

Arny’s latest class:


with individuals and relationships

Lets simplify, deepen, and “discover” our processwork methods and ideas. The word “DISCOVER” means use awareness to reveal, find out something you did not know before. Let’s study the processmind in action

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.