Clank! Multnomah Co GOP takes fire after news of gun raffle to “celebrate” MLK and Lincoln.

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You’ve got to admit, holding a gun raffle to “celebrate the legacy of two great Republicans who demonstrated leadership and courage that all of us still lean on today: Martin Luther King, Jr and Abraham Lincoln” is a tone deaf way to show respect to  men who were murdered by assassins’ bullets.

The Multnomah County GOP is holding the raffle for a hand gun or an AR-15 rifle to raise money for the party and draw people to the annual Lincoln Day Dinner featuring Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael. The idea is taking fire from local media and from one Portland African American businessman who thinks the idea is wrongheaded and racist. 

Friend of the GOP and real estate broker, Fred Stewart, posted this to his Facebook page today,


Unaware of the story in the media, I naturally asked Fred what he was talking about and why he was going nuclear–alleging racism by an entire group of people–without any rationale. 

Fred 2

Stewart explained the idea of a gun raffle to honor two American heroes who lost their lives in their quest for freedom is “humiliating” and insensitive to black people the party is trying to entice. He implied MCRP leader Jeff Reynolds must be racist to even consider hosting such an event.

The Multnomah County chair may have his short comings, but being a racist is not one of them. Moreover, the co-planner of the event is the mother to African American children who ironically had been targets of taunting and racist chanting by Portland leftists who crashed a 2011 Tea Party event. 

The gun story has been picked up by local media which is eager to regurgitate the facile tale of ‘racist, gun toting Republicans.’ Commenters on the Willamette Week story are pushing the tiresome cliches.

Cherub Rock  Cherub Rock

Anyone?…. crickets are usually what you get when you ask a (R)etard a question.

There’s more than one amendment to the Constitution. Should look into that.  Also: Rafael Cruz is guano-psychotic

A person under fire takes cover, retreats if necessary, and re-positions.  After this misfire, it’s probably time for the MCRP to retreat from combining the two events and re-position. 


Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

13 thoughts on “Clank! Multnomah Co GOP takes fire after news of gun raffle to “celebrate” MLK and Lincoln.

  1. So because a woman has had sex with a black man she can not be racist? Is that the same for black men? Just because a woman has given birth to a child fathered by a black man does not mean she is automaticly lacking of racial bias,. Some of the most racist Americans in history had sex with black people OFTEN.

    With that said during MLK’s life he lead a movement that was non violent and he demanded those that were part of the movement with him be non violent. To the point where they trained to avoid violence before they protested. Is it good that a non violent black man died? is the Republican Party celbrating the 400+ dead black young people in Portland that were murdered by gang violence? What is there to celebrate?

    What jeff did is an insult to black people. It is a broad slap in the face of every republican I know and it is a behavior that should not be accepted by anyone that consideres themselves a defender of linberty and justice.

    1. Fred, you have gone over the line. Not that it’s any of your business, but I believe she and her husband adopted their children. You owe this woman an apology for your insensitive and racialist remarks. You constantly conflate issues–what does MLK non violence have to do with someone who might want to have a gun for safety–? And why do you impute ill will to these people at the same time? Are you a racist because you love your M 16? If not, why not? If merely liking a gun is your criteria, then by your definition you’re a racist. You actually brought up a racist democrat and tried to pass him off as someone who spoke for Tea Party values. But how could he? He died in 1987—and died a democrat. Step back, get some perspective. Not all white people are racists. The only thing I agree with you on is the colossally stupid press release that announced the gun raffle was to celebrate these men. You should go to the event. Rafael Cruz rocks. He’s a Cuban who came to this country breaking free of the chains of communist enslavement to imbue in his son–Senator Ted Cruz–with a love of liberty which makes him the man he is today. You could learn something from him.

      1. So what she adpoted her blac or half black children? Just because she has black children does not mean she 1 is not racist toward people she has not adopted and 2 that she is going to realize where the boundries are for black people when it comes to their concerns of racism. A white person can not possibly define for a black person what to them is racist. So because she has adopted black children she gets a pass when she says niger too? Does she get to say or do other racially insensatrive things simoly because she is the mother of a couple of black children?

        If she loves her black children she will work harder at learning where the boundries are. I invite her to spend some time with my 76 year old mother and a few other old black women in Portland. She can learn a lot from them and they are nicer than I am….LOL

          1. Victoria,

            I have not painted white people into a corner. Many, many white people in Oregon understand what I am talking about and they got there by first having empathy for people that have a different background than theirs. They also took the time to learn from black people how black people approach situations. In otherwords they got to know because they asked questions and listened to answers. They got to know people.

            The issue we have with many white people. Especially white people in Conservative Politics is they feel they can assume their way through a relationship. Assume they know how a black person feels or they judge how they should feel.

            So what should the Multnomah Republican Party done? They should have contacted the Martin Luther King Jr. family to see how they would feel about auctioning off a gun in MLK’s honor and respected any answer they got from the family. Jeff knows several people that know members of the King family. he could have also reached out officially. The fact the organizers did not contact the King Family or any major organization associated with the King Family shows how little respect the Multnomah County Republicans have for Dr. King.

  2. Multnomah Republican Party Leadership is Dancing on Martin Luther King Jrs grave and spiting in the face of the man that gave black Americans their liberty. If anyone can support that they are not as libnerty and justice loving as they may think.

    1. I think you can say that only if they intended to do that. They did not. Their PRESS RELEASE was poorly conceived. You have been set straight several times on your post and my several posts. You’ve been shown the way, Fred. Will you continue in willful ignorance that these two freedom loving people are racist? They have spent their last few years working for the cause of liberty for all–that includes everyone. You see racism in that because of the press release. It was dumb but not racist. You are wrong. Admit it and apologize.

  3. I am friends with Fred and I am disappointed at his attempts to make this whole gun auction thing about racism. As fundraisers, Republicans have been auctioning off assault rifles around the country for the past several years as in your face to political correctness and the anti-gun lobby. It has nothing to do with racism.

      1. I am fine with the gun auction. There is nothing wrong with rafferling or auctioning off of a fire arm legally. I am offended it was associated with President Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. I was completely unaware that Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by a guy with ar AR-15. Thanks for the historical update, Fred.

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