City Anti War Resolution Passes 5-0…After Saltzman Shows Up for Meeting. Late. Again.

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Portland City Council passes 5-0 resolution to pull troops from Iraq because they don’t like the war. Oh, and we need to pull out because there will be peace. Here’s a copy of the resolution ghost written for Randy by the anti war folks.
We heard person after person testify that, among other things,
*only the poor serve in the military
*our military members are kinda dumb
*that we’re worse than Saddam Hussein’s regime
*that we’re responsible for the insurgency
*that more people are dead because of us
*that the President ‘lied us’ into the war
*recruiters lie
*that GW said Iraq was building nuclear weapons (which belies the whole Bush doctrine, but hey, why let facts get in the way of a good talking point?)
Thanks to Matthew for the following photos for the blog. You’re awesome.

Kid with a tee shirt on his head testifies that recruiters are liars and he’s so glad he wasn’t forced to go into the military. He apparently wasn’t paying attention to the part about it being a volunteer army.

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63 thoughts on “City Anti War Resolution Passes 5-0…After Saltzman Shows Up for Meeting. Late. Again.

  1. I’m very glad my recruiter lied to me, ‘cuz if he had not done so I’d be sitting in Portland’s “Living Room” with this guy waiting for the next round of Gubmint cheese.

    Anyway, a very odd look into the bowels of Portland’s sausage grinder.

    “There’s always one”


  2. The funny part of the very long city hall meeting today is that the same usual three conservative water heads [and Victoria] were on site to oppose the resolution. They had no facts or real comprehension of the Iraq Civil War, but they were there to represent the peanut gallery.

    These are the same four people, by the way, that populate the anti-immigrant, anti-social and anti-human events. And, I believe, not even Portland residents. Not surprising at all.

    On the other hand, the mass majority were clearly on site and vocal. They spoke and the City Council listened. All I can say is it must suck to be in the minority, but you can always move somewhere else.

    [I am reposting this here as this is after the resolution passed. I originally commented on Victoria’s all-call to the five conservatives that listen to her show]

  3. In response to all of the rebuttals:

    *only the poor serve in the military
    *our military members are kinda dumb
    *that we’re worse than Saddam Hussein’s regime
    *that we’re responsible for the insurgency
    *that more people are dead because of us
    *that the President ‘lied us’ into the war

    I notice you have to quote only far right-wing kooks who have been nothing but blind rubber stamps to the Bush Adminsitration’s faulty foreign policies. All them that have landed the U.S. smack dab into an ass-kicking. But hey, why let FACTS get in your way.

    I did notice you didn’t have anything to “disprove” this statement:
    *recruiters lie
    I guess it has been proven true, so anyways. Military recruitment abuses uncovered

    Better luck next time…

  4. Well, well, well. Majority rules only when they favor the left?

    And, what power does the city of Portlanistan or Oregonstan weigh over the President? NONE!!!!!!

    Hold all the faux meetings and pass all the ridiculous “feel good” resolutions you wish, they carry less weight than does the 17 Useless Nations resolutions Saddam ignored and defied.

    Oh, and while you are toking your joints feeling like you actually did something, when we know you didn’t, try reading something that does mean something.

    What About Clinton and Kosovo? Get Over ‘Bush Lied’ Nonsense

    If that one is too difficult for the “progressive befuddled mind,” try this one;

    When Killing is Enough to Defeat America

    When the terrorists are here behedaing your family, deal with it, don’t ask for help. We will be too busy defending our own families.

  5. Dang, Robert, all this left winged propaganda and still, recruitment and retention goals are met. Don’t you just hate that?

    BTW, if you are too chicken-hearted to go yourself, why not leave those that do love America alone to serve as they see fit.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot. You leftist nanny-staters can’t stand someone thinking for themself or doing what they please.

  6. Lew,

    And why don’t you go serve? You seem to populate this blog with your right-wing garbage enough to make someone suspicious that Victoria supliments your SS with a few $$ a week. Why don’t you actually spend some time in Iraq helping the troops if you support them so much?

    Now for “Military Recruitment being up”? Sounds like you are smoking a little too much tax-supported medical marijuana. Your reality is not reality. Maybe they did get “enough” from recruiting non-citizens.

    But if it is numbers you are worried about, take a peek. The key word for you I guess is “adequate”, but you are the arm chair “Patriot”: US forces stretched thin worldwide

    Some analysts also warn that while recruitment levels were adequate for 2006, the US Army failed to meet its quotas for the previous two years. With some 500,000 plus troops needed to field a rotating fighting force of 170,000 or so in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military could face a shortage of the fresh faces needed to replenish its legions.

    Just because you recruited what is remarked to be “enough” doesn’t mean you have enough.

  7. Robert, according to your profile you are a “banker”. I assume that to mean either you put your collected pennies and used condoms in the bank or you have lots of cash.

    If it’s cash, how much have you given to the various groups that support the troops and those they leave behind, either as casualties or away this holiday, AKA Christmas?

    I’m sure you feel very superior to the “water heads” (you insensitive waterhead hater) since you signed on to a worthless piece of paper. Any cash to back up your mouth, at least as thanks from Sam?

    Nice link, BTW.

    “We almost welcome being shot at because it helps us identify where they are shooting from …”

    No shit? Shoot back at the shooters is probably hard to understand to someone who would rather kiss them and make up, though we do know how the ROP’ers feel about man-love.

    “Every job in the Army does include combat. Plain and simple.”

    If you are puzzled or amazed by the the fact that the Army may be involved in “combat” you just might be to dumb enough to serve, at least according to Charlie Rangel.

    Please report ASAP to your nearest recruiter and sign up as a pay clerk, or is that above your station?

  8. Robert, sorry to disappoint you, but I already did my time. In fact, my time boots on the ground in Viet Nam is double that of your heartthrobs, Kerry and Gore — COMBINED!

    What’s your service history?

    Yes, every left-winged source there is wishes to paint a picture of failure where there isn’t. Old tactic and one that worked well in abandoning and seeing millions of innocent Orientals slaughtered back in the 1970s.

    Statements like Some analysts also warn somehow never end up telling just who these “some analysts” are. Just a hollow claim.

    2006 Recruitment Goals Exceeded

    Army Recruiting Tops New Goals

    Recruitment Goals Exceeded 2005

    And still, you cannot account for the VOLUNTARY reenlistment of many Service Members.

    As for your claim of “being stretched too thin,” if you believe this, why is the left clamoring for more troops in “civil war torn” Darfur, Afghanistan and why are we stil in the middle of the civil war in Kosovo? Didn’t Clintoon say we would have our troops home by Christmas, 8 years ago?

    Oh yes, I only smoke cigars. I leave the wacky tobacky to you muddled headed leftists. Ya’ll need it to be able to get through life. The rest of us don’t.

  9. Hmm, waiting for Victoria to close down comments or for kodiak to run in and tell us to “keep it clean.” Or anyone else with the old “foul language is the sign of a troubled mind” – or some saying like that.

    I say more power to you tromatic for being passionate enough to use strong language, but I’ll wait for the hypocrisy to settle in real nice a cozy.

    Oh yeah…there it is…

  10. Starnge thing about all this “streteched too thin” rhetoric from the left. They were making the same claims back in 1983 when Reagan was in office.

    But, after cutting our active forces nearly in half in the early Clinton days, there was no outcry of “stretched too thin” as Clinton deployed troops more than Presidents before him.

    Not to worry, though, Pelosi has promised to “double the Special Forces” and with Rangel still pushing for a draft, ya’ll just might get it.

    Robert, I hope you are over 42, the cut-off age Rangel wants.

  11. Alot a anger here, I tell you what. Maybe Waterloo and Traumatic should grab a weapon and give some relief to our boyz and girlz in Iraq and Afganistan. Word has it they are over stretched. Nice to see the “three righty listeners” to the Botox Show out in force with the disinformation campaign. Must suck to lose another battle on the Oregon front.

  12. Diversion, rogercodger? Can’t say anything of any value, so pull out the old lefty trick of obfuscation?

    Do people who think for themselves scare you that much?

    A good article (even if sort of off topic) for any wishing to see what has been happening, Mob Rule on College Campuses

    Sometimes, it’s better to stay quiet and appear stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  13. “Roger Doger said…
    Alot a anger here, I tell you what. Maybe Waterloo and Traumatic should grab a weapon and give some relief to our boyz and girlz in Iraq and Afganistan. Word has it they are over stretched. Nice to see the “three righty listeners” to the Botox Show out in force with the disinformation campaign. Must suck to lose another battle on the Oregon front.”

    Cool thing about that is is that I have what we used to call a “punk card”. Mine has “USMC Retired” printed on it. Unless yours trumps mine, come back when you can speak from experience.

    Last time I checked, there were not any “boyz” or “girlz” involved on our side, just men and women, doing the job you and your “boyz” are unwilling and unable to do.

    Yeah, it does suck to lose a battle on the Oregon Front. Since I do not care at all about you, though, you are just a marker on a map to be removed.

  14. Its time for the FEDERAL and State Governments to defund Portland and 99% of the rest of Urban America. LEARN TO FEND for your Selves _ __ _ _ _ _ _ – _ – _ _ _. You can Tax yourselves into extinction.


  15. Do they ever quit? Jobless and lifeless. Everytime someone posts, both Traumatic-bot and Waterloo-bot come alive. I bet they are the same person. Probably a couple posting from home. As for your punk card Traumatic, you sound like you’ve gottin’ punked quite abit. And Claytoo, yeah boycott urban America and move far away to a little town in nowhere America and take Waterloo and Traumatic with you.

  16. r,

    I really do not need to come running in to say hold it keep it clean people. The Administrator appears to be very active in policing the comments posted here, and doesn’t require my assistance.


    I noticed you having commented on lew in ignorance. Prompting lew to remind everyone that he has already served. For myself I served in other capacity in the Army. While I was lucky that I was not deployed to Iraq many of my friends were. They are civilian employees of the Army was were sent there to assist in getting Iraq’s infrastructure up and running. They went without being told they volunteered to go.

    robert consider this if a loss is pinned on the military, who’ll sign up to defend you? Nobody as who’d want to join a loser. With that situation a draft most likely be passed and signed into law. Then it will be your turn to serve.

  17. “I really do not need to come running in to say hold it keep it clean people. The Administrator appears to be very active in policing the comments posted here, and doesn’t require my assistance.”

    I never said you “needed” to. But when a “lefty” uses or eludes to foul language, you are usually right there to make sure everyone is keeping it clean. As for the administrator, you’d be more correct to say she’s very active in policing the comments from posters she doesn’t agree with. Twice now she’s made a dramatic stop to commenting, for the use of foul language (from lefties). I see a certain word for poo is still hanging in this thread…so much for active policing.


    Let me clue you in on something. There’s “lefties” that are enlisted (as in they chose to be), have served in Iraq, and continue to re-enlist or volunteer to return. I have a few friends who are doing just that. They don’t agree with the policy, or the President, but they feel they are doing a lot of good for the people there. Not every soldier is out shooting Iraqi civilians on terrorizing families on a daily basis. If you don’t agree with the war, great. If you do, great. But because you don’t support the war, and don’t serve, doesn’t give you a leg up on those who do support the war and don’t serve. Same goes for those who have served and support the war over those who feel as you do. Both arguments are ridiculous.

  18. Lew: the lefties like robert and roger dodger aren’t going to read the books you recommended. These books have too many words with more than one syllable.

    As far as Taliban Tommy and the Toadies anti-war resolution goes, it has no weight or validity primarily because the people who passed it are not the true rulers of Portlandistan. The true rulers are the anarchist hoodlums who continue to assault honest businesses in downtown without any resistance from the Portlandistan police, as they take their orders from Taliban Tommy and the Toadies.

  19. Coboble,

    Your’re right. City counsel has no athority in the arena to which they address with their resolution. You’re also missing the point.

    You as a single individual citizen, alone, has no authority to make Presidential decisions, create laws of the land, or choose how this country will interact with the rest of the world. So why do you vote?

    As I read somewhere some time ago, these resolutions are a powerful tool for communities to speak from the bottom up.

  20. r=
    Sorry about that, I hadn’t realized anyone had read the post yet.
    Thanks for the reply as I was wondering if the whole exercise was colossal waste of resources and time.

    As far as my deleting my posts, this tool really needs an “edit” button for comments. I could switch to Beta. That won’t give me an edit button, but it will prevent me from deleting my comments (on blogs not using beta) as well as making the log-in process more tedious.

  21. It sees to be that this is a waste of time. Do they really think the Pentagon will heed (or even hear) any city’s resolution whether it be here or in Houston?

    The taxpayers are paying their salary, and they find it necessary to deliberate and pass resolutions on national security matters when clearly they don’t even function at a national level?

    They are making a political statement, it appears, just because they can. Or they feel the taxpayers are paying them to pander to their respective constituencies.

    That is my view. Anyone agree? Disagree?

  22. Of course it’s a big waste of time, but not for the commissioners. They score cheap political points pandering to their “progressive” public while engaging in one of their favorite pastimes; Bush bashing.

    You wont hear me defending current U.S. foreign policy or trying to put lipstick on an ugly pig called Iraq, but let folks like Randy Leonard focus on the tasks the citizens of Multnomah County are paying him to perform rather than engaging in political theater.

  23. “Roger Doger said….”


    “R_equals_BS said…

    “No shit? Shoot back…”

    Hey Victoria, when will you address this foul language? Or do you care?”

    I’m sorry if I offended you.
    Is there any way I can make it up to you? Behead someone?

  24. Roger Dodger: My Parents moved to the Suburbs in the late 1940’s and I have helped keep up the tridition.Urban AMERICA was dieing under FDR and his RAW DEAL.My parents wanted as far away as possible from you communists, and this was the late 1940’s. Where I currently live their is a Republican Mayor, Republican state senator, and a Republican state Rep. Wal-Mart thrives. No Randy Leonard, Tommy (can you hear me) Socialist Potter, or any other Socialist is on our city council and never willllllll beeeeeee, and would be recalled if they even tried to do a worthless “feel good” _ _ _ _ _ stunt. These Republican Leaders of mine are Patriotic vs. your anti-American Communists that seem to own Urban America. These Republican Gentleman are pro Business pro freedom and wouldn’t even think of doing _ _ _ _ like your buddies in Communist Socialist Portland are doing with this worthless war resolution.These _ _ _ _ get some of my tax dollors for their _ _ __.This redistribution must STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

    Ps Oh and time to defund PBS.
    Man I hate their Bega-thones.
    PBS-Quit sending me pledge letters you _ _ _ _ _ Democrat Socialists. Your wasting your timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Pps I could say something about Liberal AARP but thats for next time.

    Ppps Oh and you can still smoke cigerettes in this area.

  25. tromatic,
    You didn’t offend me at all. I enjoy that you have used profanity to add passion to your posting(s). At least you have the where with all to actually type the words out rather than have us play hang-man (i.e. like klatu’s _ _ _ _ _ ).

    I’m just trying to help Victoria police her blog, since she’s always been so harsh on those who use profanity in their posts. Of course the profanity police only appear when it’s profanity from those of left leaning views, but hey, I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    It sounds like to me you are exactly where you want to be, in a conservative community far outside of Portland. So is it just ideological masturbation for you to throw stones at Portland for whatever they do that you don’t like?

    Did you feel the same way about a similar resolution that didn’t pass in 2003?

  26. r_equals_bs:

    The crux of my argument was not about the ultimate fate of the resolution, and its political message. To me, the striking thing was the fact they spent time on it at all. It may have failed the last time, but then that begs the question: Why did they bring it up yet again? I felt exactly the same way in 2003. I do not care if it did or it did not pass: this exercise in futility was already been perpetrated twice for political reasons, it appears to me.

    Reconstructing the situation in my head, if it was a “pro-war” resolution in a more conservative town, I would have felt the same way.

  27. klatu,
    I agree with one of your statements.
    The Feds can stop funding and WE can stop paying them.
    Can that even work? Do we pay more in federal taxes than we get back?

    My brother thinks there is a lot of duplication in programs that waste money.

  28. We really don’t need the City Council to tell us that the administration was:

    1. Wrong about WMDs
    2. Wrong about required troop levels
    3. Wront about the length of the war
    4. Wrong about the cost of the war
    5. Wrong about the financing of the war
    6. Wrong about the sectarian violence
    7. Wrong about being greeted as liberators

    We know all that. The City should confine itself to city business.

  29. fizz,

    I am not sure about everything on your list.

    1) I think both sides thought there were WMDs and I think there were.
    These weapons are a threat and he used them on his own people.

    2) There was disagreement and there still is disagreement here. I hope they can get as many as they need with volunteers.

    3) I don’t remember exactly who said what about this. But I remember someone stating this would be quick but I don’t know who is who when I see these people on the news.
    Didn’t Rumsfeld say it would last 6 months at most?

    4 and 5) I remember hearing something about the war being paid for by Iraq oil. But I don’t know what they really meant. I don’t know if any oil is paying or if it is all tax dollars.

    7) I think that we were greeted as liberators by a lot of the Iraq people. Maybe all the Iraq people don’t agree, just like we don’t all agree in this country.
    Maybe they should vote to decide if they still want us there.

  30. L_Equals_ Communism Said: It sounds like to me you are exactly where you want to be, in a conservative community far outside of Portland. Klatu said: Your right Communist Breath. And its a very thriving community in many ways. If Portland would wake up and put Patriotic Republican bussiness people in power their, it wouldn’t have to depend on the feds for handouts. Clean house Portland of “Communism” in your city and city government.

  31. Curious klatu, am I a liberal, socialist, or communist? Or are they all the just the same thing to you?

    And, this time you wanted to use “they’re,” not their. Maybe you should just avoid using the words they’re, there, and their. Your continual mis-use of these words doesn’t do any favors for those top-notch Republican business people you support.

  32. L S_equals_COMMUNISM said: Curious klatu, am I a liberal, socialist, or communist? Or are they all the just the same thing to you? Klatu Said: to me. FUNNY. THERE THEY’RE THEY’RE all one in the same. And don’t bother with the tired ole websters definition. I’m just glad me and my family are not Communists like you and your buddies.

    Ps Equals: Randy Leonard has stated
    his dislike of Christians and the Christmas Holidays. Do you feel the same way? Most of your Political friends feel the same way as Communist Randy.

  33. Geeze, reading too many of klatu’s posts is corrupting my brain. pal you’re right – “there.” klatu cares not anyway.

    And klatu, not at all. I love Christmas. But I take the personal view that the season is for giving and sharing with family, friends, and those who have not been blessed as I have. It’s also a time for me to celebrate my religious observation of Christ’s birth and him as God’s gift to mankind. If someone else wants to feel differently than me, celebrate differently than me, offer holiday greetings to me different than I offer them, or not even observe the holiday at all – more power to them.

    If Christmas to you is despising how everyone else celebrates the holiday differently than you, or what a retailer says to you while you spend your money, then I would say you hold a very shallow and selfish view of the “reason for the season.” But that’s for you, not me, to decide.

  34. Equals: Interesting, I’m sitting here watching (THE MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET) on AMC while reading your post, and I must say its your side of the Political spectrum that is intolerent. Happy Holidays,MerryXmas, Winters Eve.Give me a BREAK. These terrible alternatives are from your side and your ACLU BUDDIES.Bah Humbug. Its MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone I see regardless. If they don’t like it tough.They can put their hands over their ears and eyes if they don’t like it and this goes for intolerent Randy Leonard as well. I’m proud of WAL-MART for reinstating MERRY CHRISTMAS and a few other stores as well and resisting pressure from communist ACLU LOVING LEFTISTS.

  35. “Bah Humbug. Its MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone I see regardless. If they don’t like it tough.They can put their hands over their ears and eyes if they don’t like it…”

    Well then I say good on ya. I just hope when you do wish others a Merry Christmas, that you are able to do so with some joy and love in the holiday spirit, and not from a militant need to force everyone to say the same thing you do.

  36. klatu,
    What version of the movie? The old one is the best. I don’t like some of what they did with the new one.
    It was nice to see a post from you with out the usual repeated letters and excessive use of “_” characters.

    r=, I don’t think that klatu is really Victoria’s sock puppet, there is another candidate for that role.

    Merry Christmas to all of you.
    Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  37. Victoria, a “sock puppet” in blog world is a character you make posts under, using that persona to say the things you would never want to say using your personal identity.

  38. r=
    I am wrong. Candidate X is no longer a suspect. I should have not even had the thought.
    But klatu it is not either. When you had first mentioned this, some discussions ago, I thought maybe you had something. It was something later in one of klatu’s posts that did not correlate with something I know about Victoria.
    There probably isn’t a sock puppet.

  39. Coboble,
    If we’re going to seriously address sock puppet possibilities, you can’t assume that said sock puppet will correlate with its master. In fact, a persona most unlike your own would be the motivation behind a sock puppet in the first place.

    The absurdity in which the moniker “klatu” posts is beyond what is believable of anyone who is able to turn on a computer, let alone lead a normal and productive life. The writing style across klatu’s posts is also very inconsistent, with exception of the “_ _ _ _.”

    If not klatu is not Victoria’s sock puppet, then I’d venture to say she has one disturbingly loyal (and rabid) fan. I however refuse to believe that klatu is anyone’s real persona.

  40. Ha, why would there be, iknow?

    Vic’s got better things to blog about, like pointing out that it’s a recently deceased man’s own fault that he’s dead (gee, no kidding?), or picking the liberal of the day to bash on.

    Why would you expect any less? It’s what you and I (and others) come here for. 😉

  41. Are you _ _ _ _ _ still talking about a SOCKPUPPET? So I say everything Victoria doesn’t, is that right???? Wow I’m truly Honored. I mentioned this to my sibling who (works with Victoria)on Thanksgiving day, who had a great laugh over it and also mentioned (WELL YA — LIKE MINDED PEOPLE). Guys i”ll give you a hint of who I em. I’m 53 years old, Male,single, graduated from Corvallis High school in 1971 with people like
    OSU football coach Mike Riley Portland Tribune sportswriter, Kerry Eggers. I currently do not
    Live in Communist Corvallis, but I do live somewhere between Eugene and Communist Portland, I Used to work for, Target & Home Depot, currently working again for a company that I worked for in the 1980″s and early 90″s. I’m a golfer, and a Musician. I play GUITAR,BASS, KEYBOARDS, DRUM MACHINE,i’ve always played Rock, used to play in a Beatle Tribute Band, many Bar Bands. I play once in a while with a country Band (But its not my cup of tea). I record with my Computer using PRO-TOOLS if you _ _ _ _ know what I’m talking about. I do audio video sometimes for GOP-TV. I’M ALSO A LIVE SOUND ENGINEER, and have done sound for many Bands and Republican events. I once did sound for Sen. Bob Packwood in 1993, and had a great time TICKING OFF the Liberal Media By playing the OAKIEST Country Music that I could find ( It just totaly distroyed their feeds for the 5:30pm newscast) I was being yelled at, but I just turned the volume up louder, I truly enjoyed that one and I’d do it again to the Liberal Media. MY concervative Politics is from my Parents and from a UNION job I had in the 1970’s. More to come!

  42. Am I the only one who took the conversation to the directed location.
    Well I guess the fact that the address was wrong, and it was not a link, therefore took some effort, didn’t help.
    It is a dead conversation anyway.

    klatu, I apologize for ever bringing this up again.
    I personally like living in Corvallis, although the one thing I prefer about Portland is the mass transit system, I like MAX a lot.

  43. Whatever “klatu.” So in your mind, you’re claiming to be either John Woloschuk, Dee Long, or Terry Draper? Or maybe you were the secret 4th member?

    (sock puppet)

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