Che Barack Obama Update: I Don’t Know the Commie Who’s Running My Houston Operation?

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11 thoughts on “Che Barack Obama Update: I Don’t Know the Commie Who’s Running My Houston Operation?

  1. I’m surprised DRUDGE and the other Media’s havn’t picked this story up yet. Hussein Obama’s got a problem with both of those picture’s.

  2. This is a non-story, or it should be. Mr. Obama cannot possibly know what each of the people working on his campaign is doing, and where, and when. This will not help finish the war, fix the economy, or fix the divide across fantasy lines.

    This is the story of one woman who – I’m guessing here – probably doesn’t know the significance of what Guevara did. To many, Guevara is a symbol of revolution. I had friends in college who had that iconic poster on their walls, and they didn’t really even know his history. They just liked the idea of taking down some for of establishment.

    In a way, this is the same as the uproar over the confederate flag appearing at various Republican events years ago. If it isn’t the focus of the campaign – as long as candidates aren’t literally rallying around a symbol such as Guevara or the confederate flag, saying “this is what our campaign is all about” – it is a NON-ISSUE.

    A question, for both Klatu and Victoria:

    Are all democrats evil?

    Seriously, do you feel that Democrats and liberals are all communists? Do you feel that we are all “in league” with terrorists? Do you feel that a vote for a Democrat is, as Mitt Romney said, a vote for surrender?

    I want to know why you feel this way. Because I don’t understand the hostility.

    Aside from goofing on Klaturd (who deserves it, so I won’t stop), I try to be relatively civil here, yet I am called a communist at every turn simply for disagreeing with you all politically.

    If you re-read my posts, you’ll see that I don’t hate President Bush, for instance. I don’t hate him, the person, the human being. I truly despise many of the tactics he’s employed while President, and I hate what he’s done to the image of our country around the world, I can barely stomach many of his policies, and I can’t wait until this horrendous administration mercifully comes to an end, but my criticisms of him are of policy.

    Yet regarding Democrats, the way Hillary Clinton looks is an attacking point.

    The fact that Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein is an attacking point.

    The fact that John Edwards has a fancy haircut is an attacking point.

    These arguments are, to me, ridiculous. In an age of many serious global issues, these dominate the political landscape, including this blog.

    It also kills me that so much time is spent here trying to convince me NOT to vote Democrat instead of trying to convince me why I SHOULD vote Republican.

    I’m not looking for a fight; I’m not looking for violence. But the bar really could be raised around here sometimes.

  3. OK, so what about the rest of my questions?

    I think I’m a pretty good guy, but clearly I’m a villain in the eyes of some, and I can’t figure out exactly why that is.

    Victoria, in a previous thread, you said something along the lines of “IKnow, are you advocating censorship again?” (I don’t recall which thread exactly, but I could find it.) To which I replied, “when did I ever advocate it in the *first* place?”

    No answer then, no answer now.

    These are serious issues I’m trying to get some of you to acknowledge, before there’s literally a second Civil War of sorts, when Republicans and Democrats start fistfighting at voting offices. I’m not condoning that sort of nonsense, of course, but the way politics has evolved in the past 16 years, it seems like it would just be a matter of time, and it would be a shame to see things come to that.

    I’m extending an olive branch so we can sort this out a little more, and at the very least peacefully agree to disagree.

    Any thoughts?

    Lew? Anyone?

  4. Please re-read my very civil, non-offensively worded post from above that you have not (yet) deleted. It’s simple to understand, even for Klatu.

    There’s lots of stuff I’d like to know you opinion on, but here’s the most important part, and I quote, from my first post above:

    Are all democrats evil?

    Seriously, do you feel that Democrats and liberals are all communists? Do you feel that we are all “in league” with terrorists? Do you feel that a vote for a Democrat is, as Mitt Romney said, a vote for surrender?

    It’s an easy question: yes or no.

  5. Oh, and I think I figured out why you deleted one of my recent posts.

    Apparently, the other version of “gosh darn” is just a little to rough for sensitive ears. Waterboarding is a fine idea, but a little seven letter word is just too brutal for this blog, the purest on the internet. Whatever.

    Except when Scottiebill says it (fourth response in the queue), and don’t deny that you didn’t see it, because your response is the very next one after the one in which he used the word. It was fine then, but not now, apparently.

  6. iknow – you’re wasting your time looking for a civil conversation here. Better to just come out swinging and take a few shots along the way.

    Take this week for instance – Bush flat out lies about FISA, then threatens a veto and runs off to Africa.

    Boehner pulls a Code Pink when he can’t stand up to Pelosi and runs away to hold a protest on the Capitol steps.

    In both cases the Repubs were rightly ignored because their scare tactics and temper tantrums failed to sway public opinion.

    These are just two examples, but the same thing is being played out in every corner of America.

    Last week on the night of the Potomac Primary Barack gave a speech to 17000 people in Wisconson, Hillary spoke to 12000 in Texas, and McCain?

    John McCain, who has WON his party’s primary, could only rally 250 in the state he won (VA) on election night! And most of those people were paid staffers.

    I saw it all play out on live television – the contrast was stunning. McCain lectured a crowd 7 people deep in a hotel lobby while Obama filled a sports stadium to the rafters.

    Ignore the right-wing clowns, keep fighting the Repubs and who knows, if the Dems don’t screw this up we might have a sane President that doesn’t humiliate us on the world stage.

  7. Hussein Osama and his Marxist Communist friends are still Morning Communist Che Guavera’s death back in 1967.

    Ps: And Fidel Castro maybe close to room Temperature. SO SAD

  8. Say did anyone catch “HUSSEIN OBAMA sneezing at a Rally in Houston Texas because he had a head cold, he then pulled out a Kleenex (I guess thats what it was) finished his speech, then went down and “shook hands” with the crowd. You got it. What a Stupid _ _ _! Glad I don’t hang out with Socialist Democrats. I would be sick all the time.

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