Chavez: Next gift for Obama authored by Lenin

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez says he has a new book for President Barack Obama: “What is to be Done?” by communist Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet state.

Sacramento Bee

What makes Chavez think B HO hasn’t already read it?

I wonder of Obama will wear his Che Guevera T-shirt next meet with Chavez?

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9 thoughts on “Chavez: Next gift for Obama authored by Lenin

  1. I think we’ve known that for some time, Scottie. But, he is finally taking off the mask.

    Pete, it does sound a lot like ACORN and this Civilian National Security Force Herr Bama wishes to create.

    What I have a hard time accepting is how complacent Americans have become to willing give up everything we fought and shed so much blood for over the years.

    I only we can make it to the 2010 election and rid ourselves of many of these neo-coms.

  2. Lew

    “What I have a hard time accepting is how complacent Americans have become to willing give up everything we fought and shed so much blood for over the years.”

    I certainly share your concern. Given Obama’s newness, minority status and his ability to speak at least with his teleprompter voters seem willing to give him considerable leeway, so far.

    However, if you can believe Rasmussen polling, the O’s strongest support has ranged between 32% – 38%, over the past month or so. Those who strongly dispprove have ranged from 27% – 32% in the same time period. I suspect his popularity may wane quickly especially if a few things go wrong either the domestic or international front.

    I also suspect that the 2010 elections will bring a change in the House, but perhaps little relief in the Senate. The Repubs just haven’t been fielding Senatorial candidates yet to run even in states where they should have a great chance, for instance Nevada.

    However, with the O Administration responsible for the dregs of the financial industry (at least AIG, Fannie and Freddie and probably Citi), two thirds of the car manufacturing industry, the health industry, not to mention the Post Office and Amtrac and who knows what else together with having to fight inflation, climbing interest rates, languishing economic growth and employment, I suspect that 2012could be a watershed year with the Dems in real trouble. However, it may be painful along the way.

  3. Pete, he’s already ticked off the Brits, who aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade.

    From the UK Telegraph, addressing his propaganda minister, Robert Gibbs and the O’s administration,

    However I cannot recall an instance like this where the President’s official spokesman has blasted the press of a key ally – in this case America’s closest friend, Great Britain.This kind of attack would normally be made against the likes of the North Korean or Iranian state media, but in the current climate of “engagement” with America’s enemies the White House is far more likely to attack its own allies. Gibbs’ remarks have echoes of a senior State Department official’s anti-British statements to The Sunday Telegraph after the appalling handling of the Prime Minister’s visit in March.Can you imagine Gibbs making these remarks about The New York Times or The Washington Post, or NBC, ABC or CBS? This would never happen. The British press, especially the Telegraph, has been singled out because they frequently publish articles critical of the Obama administration and are not afraid to take on the status quo in Washington. Increasingly, millions of Americans are turning to online UK news websites for cutting edge reports on American politics and U.S. foreign policy that the mainstream media refuses to cover in the States, especially if it is unflattering to the Obama White House.I guess the Brits aren’t aware of Fox News yet.

  4. Lew,

    I suspect Gibbs is unlikely to last long in his current position. Like everyone else in this adninistration he is in well over his head. Perhaps upon his exit, he can write an expose like McClellan and blow the lid off all this “transparent” back room thuggery.

    And the GOP does seem to be complicit. They obviously didn’t learn anything from the slash and burn public relations tactics of the Dems during the Bush Administration. And where where the Republicans when the TEA parties were raging? Like only two from Congress made an appearance.

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