Cannon Beach Council Votes to Impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I Vote We Don’t Give Any Money to Cannon Beach.

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The story is here.
The resolution passed 3-2; council president Jay Raskin, council member Jerome Arnold and council member Sam Steidel voted to pass the resolution while Mayor John Williams and council member Nancy Giasson voted against.

(503) 436-2623 x3.

The Dorchester Conference is heading out to Seaside in late Feb and early March. I would advise all of those folks to refrain from spending any money in Cannon Beach during that or any other time for that matter. Shame on them.

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20 thoughts on “Cannon Beach Council Votes to Impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I Vote We Don’t Give Any Money to Cannon Beach.

  1. I wonder how many will be standing before the Inaugural Stage on January 20, 2009 holding signs of “Impeach Now – while there is still time?”

    Nothing like pandering to local voters. Don’t they know that their vote is meaningless at the federal level?

    Our country has been in serious trouble for some time and will continue to be as long as the Socialist Democrats continue pushing towards their cheap imitation of the failed Soviet Union.

    City Councils voting for impeachment of any sitting president and vice-president, voting to declare United States Marines as “Undesirable and Unwelcome” in their community, police refusing to uphold laws that protect legal business, the list continues to grow as America slides further down the drain.

    I’d say “God Help Us,” but we let Him be kicked out long ago.

  2. Berkeley City Council tried to kick the Marines recruitment center out a few days ago. But when the Feds threatened to cut off their federal dollars, they pissed backwards in a heartbeat. Maybe the Feds ought to do that same thing with Cannon Beach.

    There is an old saying -“Money talks. Bulls**t walks.” The Berkeley city council made that saying very true.

  3. I’ll be down that way for Dorchester in a couple of weeks, and will make a point of not spending any money at Cannon Beach businesses.

    I would suggest those who want to make an impact call the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce and voice your thoughts.

  4. Question for Matt Evans: Matt do you have Knowledge that “all Business’s” in the Cannon Beach area are all Socialist Left wing Nut cases. Is there Business’s in Cannon beach that Politically may not support the Cannon Beach City Councils impeachment Decision? In my opinion calling the chamber of commerce is a waste of time. The Chamber doesn’t have any teeth. I think City’s and States that pull this kind of Childish Behavior should be punished by the Federal Government by stopping any federal funding going to this City or State for this kind of Childish Behavior. The Action that US Senators took concerning Berkeley California Marine Recruitment Center and other Socialist Areas
    should apply here to Cannon Beach.

    1. Cannon Beach Oregon
    2. Berkeley California
    3. VERMONT
    4. Boulder city Colorado
    5. Some “Public Schools”
    6. ETC.

    Pp’s: I believe these actions will be part of the up coming US PRESIDENTIAL Debate.

  5. Hi Klatu. Thanks for your question. I have no idea what political stance the owners of Cannon Beach businesses have. I only know my own. Happily in this country, I can still choose to spend my own money (and my client’s money) where I wish. So can you! It’s great!

    I don’t disagree that the Cannon Beach COC is toothless; however, these messages have to start being sent to business across this state. For too long, they’ve been allowed to ally themselves with the left against taxpayers and need to be made to understand on which side of the bread their butter resides.

  6. Earmarks or the Lack of Earmarks going to Berkely California City Council and Berkely along with Pressure from State Senators and California with Pressure from the New Media is what made Berkely rethink there Position on Marine Recruiters there. This is in the “LONG TERM” what I think should happen to Cannon Beach, and any City or Public Facility that trys to do The US Senates job. In the “Short Term’ yes don’t do business with that city (I’m very aware of a certain Motel there) in Cannon Beach. Lets see Earmarks go through President George W.Bush.
    Wouldn’t surprise me to see lots of Vetos especially heading towards Berkely, Cannon Beach, Boulder, Vermont etc. Call 1-202-456-1111 Tell President Bush to give these Soviet Bastions on US Soil a taste of there own Medicine.
    Veto there Earmarks.

    Ps: John McCain has a Problem with spending Earmarks also. When President McCain takes the oath you can say good by to Earmarks, Cannon Beach, etc.

    Pps: And thanks Matt for responding.

  7. Dear Cannon Beach…

    Bikeboy from Boise here.

    I love the Oregon coast and visit there regularly. We like that little bakery that’s right there along the main “tourist drag” in Cannon Beach.

    I’ve bought there before – frequently. But I’ll just pass on thru next time. There are bakeries in little hamlets that aren’t so “political.”

    Freedom is great, isn’t it? Your silly City Council can pass a silly resolution. And your clientle can choose to shop elsewhere, for that very reason.

    (BTW, I’m not very wild about Bush/Cheney myself. But … impeachment? You folks need some couch time!)

  8. So now we don’t solicit if we disagree with political views?

    Should I quit shopping in Portland?

    They didn’t vote to discriminate against military members, did they?
    This might irk me enough not to give them my business.
    But some symbolic vote, to serve as nothing more than an indication of how the majority of the citizens in a town feel, is not enough to keep me from soliciting them.

    If I did practice this sort of boycott, Portland might just make my list.

  9. Eileen, I am so opposed to public displays of stupidity by elected and appointed officials on subjects outside of their authority that, no, I won’t spend any money there.

    The arrogance of tax parasites (politicians) leads them to assign more authority to themselves than Charters and Constitutions allow. This should ALWAYS be opposed.

    I already refuse to spend money in Portland, due to the attempted takeover of the Oregon Constitution by Diane Lynn and her socialist buddies.

    You can spend YOUR money anywhere you want. So shall I.

  10. The call for impeachment began with the last wishes of Cannon Beach resident “Gainor Minott”, who asked Rex and Diane Amos to pursue an impeachment of the president and the vice president. The Amoses collected 227 signatures from residents of Cannon Beach to present to the council in support of a call for impeachment. Minott died in September.

    I’ll Confess, I have an Uncle who has a Beach Cabin in Cannon Beach since 1968, he lives in Beaverton most of the time though.
    Even Though he is a Registered Democrat he Votes Republican Most the Time. I Know he’s laughing about this and I can’t wait to talk to him about it. I Bet he knew Mr. Gainor Minott. I’ll BET MY UNCLE’S SIGNATURE WASN’T ONE OF THE 227.

    Eileen Cooble actually I agree with you abit(don’t tell anyone).
    I think its stupid to go after all business in Cannon Beach in the “Long Term”, But Matt Evans has
    a good point State wide about Left Wing Business that want the publics business but then turn around and SOCK IT TO THE TAXPAYER, I liked Matt Evans term, (made to understand on which side of the bread their butter resides). This is right on State Wide I think, but remember the Vote in Cannon Beach was 3-2 all it would take is 1 flip and the decision is reversed. At least the Mayor of Cannon Beach was smart enough voting NO. He Probably predicted the HEAT COMING AT HIM and Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach Reverse your decision nowwwwwwwww.

    Ps update: ANYONE REMEBER 2+YEARS ago about this time of year,
    a little Motel in Yachats Oregon
    Called “OCEAN HAVEN” that would
    not rent to Bush Cheney Supporters
    or people that drive Hummers.
    Well they caught HELLLLLL for it.
    Just like Cannon Beach will.
    Oh and OCEAN HAVEN still will not allow Hummers and they’ve added Motor Homes to the list now.

    Pps: In my opinion some people looking for a room on the coast while attending Dorchester
    ran across OCEAN HAVEN’S WEBSITE BY Mistake. They were checking for rooms up and down the coast. Maybe people should check businesses websites in Cannon Beach before purchasing anything.

  11. I have a BETTER idea! Everyone Boycott listening to wannabe Radio Pundits like Victoria Taft who hate American Troops because she refuses to advocate for them to come home from foreign wars that don’t accomplish anything. YES I said it. Victoria Taft HATES THE AMERICAN MILITARY. And you also hate AMERICAN CITIZENS because you would happily draft them into this terrible war that only serves giant corporations like Haliburton and the OIL companies. You are a betrayal to America and all that we stand for.

  12. Hey Jonny: Your finnaly done with your Research paper I see? Maybe your next Research Paper should be on how Stupid it is for Local City councils to try to do the Job Of the US SENATE.

    Pps: Jonny hows the Protest At UNGARS goin and do we have a picture of you down at UNGARS protesting?

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