Camelot In The Making?

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It seems that the open and transparent soon to come administration may not be as open and transparent as expected.

The Chicago Sun Times makes note of,

The press corps, most of us, don’t even bother raising our hands any more to ask questions because Obama always has before him a list of correspondents who’ve been advised they will be called upon that day.”

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Any bets on the roar of infuriation had Bush pre-selected only reporters he approved of to ask questions at news conferences?

Is this how the new Camelot will be constructed? By careful selection of what be asked of the new messiah?

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5 thoughts on “Camelot In The Making?

  1. You can bet a weeks’ pay that the Obama administration will not be open and transparent, but rather loaded with obfuscation, innuendo, obliteration, and outright lies. all of which, of course, will be aided and abetted by the fourth branch of government, The Mainstream Media.And the new administration shuld not be referred to as “Camelot”, that would be a slap at JFK), but rather as “Notalot”, reflecting on the experience and qualifications of the incoming Commissar.

  2. Do they write the questions for his people in advance just like Hillary did on the campaign trail?
    Presidents usually have some idea of who they’ll go to before a news conference, but I’ve never heard of the reporters knowing in advance.
    Interesting, isn’t it, that Obama may even know the questions in advance but still can’t answer the questions?

  3. I read today that the government announced that, after Comrade Commissar Obama is crowned (sorry, inaugurated), it will change to national emblem from the eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of p***ks, and gives you a sense of security while yore being screwed.

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