Broadcasting This Afternoon From DORCHESTER! Where Politics is Fun!

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And remember: don’t spend your money in Cannon Beach where the wing nuts of the city council have voted to call for the impeachment of the President and Vice President.
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7 thoughts on “Broadcasting This Afternoon From DORCHESTER! Where Politics is Fun!

  1. Victoria: Try to get a straw poll going down there at Dorchester about “IMPEACHING THE CANNON BEACH CITY COUNCIL. I personally think that most of them should be Recalled.

    Ps: Rick Dancer will be a great SOS.
    I watch him on KEZI 9 news from Eugene all the time. Hope he shows up down there at Dorchester.

  2. I’d like a count of the rinos vs the actual Conservatives. And Ms Victoria, if you could be forewarned that the same rinos who infest the former Republican Party will try to sandbag the Conservative Majority Project.

  3. Victoria: On the Boeing – Airbus deal ya Know “Orbusmax” may have a good point. Maybe the Air Force is punishing Boeing because of all the Anti-War lunitics around Seattle. In a round about way the Boeing Democrat Unions are connected with the Democrat Anti-War Loons. Washington is not a “RIGHT TO WORK STATE” the State of Kansas is a RIGHT TO WORK STATE. Boeing is in Kansas also. Sen. Sam Brownback is Ticked over the loss of this deal but I bet Sen. Brownback and Kansas non Union Boeing Employee’s don’t know this angle yet, if true.

    If this angle turns out to be true I bet there will be alot of friction between these two factions of the Democrat Party.
    The Democrat Party is Nutzzzz.
    Of course I don’t have to tell most sane people this.

    Ps: I seem to remember that Boeing Corparate heads got the _ _ _ _ out of the State of Washington a few years ago. Its probably to expensive to build planes in a UNION STATE like Washington anymore. I bet Boeing packs up and Totally moves to Kansas a “RIGHT TO WORK STATE” without being forced into a Union fairly soon.
    Building the same Planes in Kansas
    would be alot cheaper than the state of Washington.

    Ps: A Big Issue for Dino,
    and John McCain maybe?

    Pps: The Militaries revenge
    on the DEMOCRAT PARTY Maybe?
    If so its about time.

    PPPS: Wonder if theres a Boeing
    connection in Berkely California and Cannon Beach Oregon.
    Of Course Boeing is in Portland Oregon isn’t it.

    pppPs: And what da ya bet there’s Senate hearings over the Loss of this deal to AIR BUS. hummmmmmm

    These Socialist Unions chase more business out of this Country. WOW

  4. “Maybe the Air Force is punishing Boeing because of all the Anti-War lunitics around Seattle.”

    Somhow I doubt this Klatu.. I spent almost 22 years in the USAF and it dose not concerned itself with war or anti-war positions.

    The fact is Boeing was caught once being a influence on this issue and the resulting scandal resulted in millions more in costs on another selection process. This go around.. Northop (EAS or Airbus) got the nod.

    Naturally both sides are going to SCREAM if they are not the ones to be selected.

    Fact is.. the KC-135 be it the E model (older) or R model (The standard now) needs replacing soon. The fault is.. with our congress and senate through years of in-action and telling the Air Force to keep them flying with no replacement. Now we are in a replacement mode and politics is starting to rear its ugly head again.

    Northrop Grumman is going to get it or Boeing. If we say were going to limit it to Boeing becasue its America First.. then we go back to three years ago when EAS (Through Northrop) threatened to sue the government for no open bidding on the contract. meanwhile the 50 year old KC-135 soldiers on.

  5. Kitanis: You may be right, but I bet there’s hearings on Capitol hill over this and I’ll predict that there’s War and finger pointing between Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback and the two female socialist senators from the State of Washington.

    Anyone know if this Boeing thing was brought up at Dorchester?

  6. rightwingwacko said: any discussion at Dorchester as to how the Oregon Republican Party was going to get out of debt?

    yea buy taking all the funding from the democrat party ,OPB,AARP,PBS,NPR,all teachers unions,and directly out of your bank accout rightwingwacko.

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