Bawney Fwank Tells Code Pink To Gwow Up

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15 thoughts on “Bawney Fwank Tells Code Pink To Gwow Up

  1. Oh, now we are seeing Lew making fun of someone speech impediment. I guess when you have nothing, attack someone speaking.

    Maybe the Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association would be interested in how the Victoria Taft Show blog feels about people with speech issues.


    Boy, you sure ran into this one, didn’t you?

    Uh, care to tell us how often you defended the use of the word “nukular” over the past 8 years, hypocrit?

  3. Excuse the you know what out of me. Did not the Bomba make fun of Special Olympics on the Jay Leno show no less?

    Where is your out rage over that?

    These idiots are in the process of ruining our country financially and otherwise. You bet you sweet little precious sensitive feelings we are going to poke (no pun intended) jabs at them.

    I’m gonna get that waskely wabbit. Hey Unable, Elmer Fudd carried a shotgun too. Hurry up, go tell it!

  4. Lew: It’s a shame Professional Democrat Protester groups like code pink and Acorn are allowed to protest and harass hearings and meetings at all. Barney F****** knew about this group coming to this hearing in advanced and ACORN camped outside those AIG Executives private Homes in advanced (yea right a sight seeing tour)-give me a F***** break. Lew thanks for posting this video and its humorous that communistttttttttt ABEL WANTS TO MAKE trouble.

  5. “Maybe the Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association would be interested in how the Victoria Taft Show blog feels about people with speech issues.”



    Abel.. Rep Barnett “Barney” Frank is Massachusetts problem.. Not Oregons. Do not attempt to spend my state tax money on some other states problem.

    But I find it interesting that you acknowledge that he dose have a problem speaking.

  6. Aw, commie boy, was dat supposed to huwt my feewings?

    When you are weady to to go to Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association, give me a call and I’ll go with you.

    In the meantime, got anything to say about Bawney cwitizing Code Pinko?

    Victoria asked some vewy legitimate questions about them being there evewy single day.

  7. An entire thread, of pointless bickering.

    If everyone who points out an issue with thing X, and fails to point out the same issue related to thing
    Y, is a hypocrite; then I believe we all qualify (at least all of those I have seen post anything on this blog.)

    Perhaps we should just accept that and move on.

  8. I think it odd for someone that is supposed to be so fair that you don’t see the double standard. After years of hearing crap about Bush, now Mini Me makes a huge deal about nothing.

    We will continue to show the hypocrisy and hatred of the left.

  9. Abel, you’ve shown that you’re capable of being a smart guy so don’t be a complete dolt. The entire point of the post was a liberal Democrat telling a generally-liberal group to act their age (in fact, the only commentary in the entire post consisted solely of that video) and you focus in on how Lew spells the word “grow”? I understand that you don’t have much use for Lew but c’mon… seizing on irrelevant little tidbits that are totally unrelated to the topic leaves the impression that you have no response to the actual point. Also, it’s petty but that’s barely worth a mention.

  10. Keith
    as far as Able and a lot of the left goes, isn’t that how they do business . ( change that is ) they change the topic and avoid the real questions ! nobama campainged on taht , time for a change !and HOPE that no one sees the real change happening!!!!!!

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