Another Oregon Lawmaker Demands the Attorney General’s Office Show Emails

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–Over the release of the redacted emails concerning John Kroger’s number one environmental attorney, Brent Foster,  and his old cronies back at Columbia Riverkeeper, a far left environmental organization.
It’s becoming apparent that the anti Liquified Natural Gas campaign was being aided–or actually led–from the office of Brent Foster. Foster has been dumped by the AG because of his lackadaisical handling of a water sample HE TOOK from a supposed polluter in Hood River (see outrageous details of this here and here)
The Oregon news web site has sought the release of the documents to determine how much a role the AG’s office played in both cases and the extent to which there was collusion between Riverkeeper and the AG’s office. 
The most outrageous new wrinkle in the story involves the Attorney General allowing Foster to decide which emails to give over to the NorthCoast reporter and allowing him to dispense with the other as he saw fit. From reporter Carrie Bartoldus:

…[T]he PIR that obtained the original emails, redacting the 69, NCO was charged for two hours of Brent Foster’s time (at a lawyer’s fee of approx $167/hr) because he was allowed to go through all of the documentation NCO requested and take out what he did not want NCO to have. Alledgely, it was merely those 69 emails. The reason why “allegedly” is used is because the Department of Justice has admitted it did not keep any copies of this documentation*. After Brent Foster went through and pulled what he didn’t want seen, the rest were sent out to NCO. What assurance do we have that it was only 69 emails that were redacted? (emphasis added)

Also, has new details of ANOTHER conflict of interest between a former Willamette Riverkeeper worker and her new role at NOAA. 
The government, it appears, has been taken over by radicals wearing suits and saying sweet nothings to the voters. Ironically, even though Columbia and Willamette Riverkeeper groups worked hand in hand with the AG’s office to push back LNG in Oregon, Bartoldus reports this is what they had to say about holding others accountable, 
“If any of these agencies tip outside the law and start to be influenced by the political pressure of the Bush administration or big investors [ie government], they’re going to be held accountable in the courtroom, where they’re not going to be able to fudge the science just to be able to meet NorthernStar’s or the Bush administration’s political goals,” said Brent Foster, executive director of the LNG opponent group Columbia Riverkeeper, in The Daily Astorian, February 5, 2008″ (emphasis added)

Maybe Ferrioli’s demand for the redacted emails and cooperation with this news organization seeking answers will have a result. Ferrioli says if the Attorney General John Kroger doesn’t comply he’ll subpoena him.

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