Allen Alley to Oregon Dems on Revenue Forecast: We Have MORE Money, Stop Tax Increase Talk!

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Allen Alley tweet

Former Oregon GOP Party Chief Allen Alley is calling out Oregon Democrats on their pleads of poverty. Alley said today, “New forecast $223mm extra in 11-13 and 13-15 is up more than $1.5b over 11-13 budget. Why do we need a tax increase?”

And yet, even though Oregon’s coffers are filling up from higher revenues,  Democrats are still ‘spangin’ (spare changing) Oregon tax payers,

Kotek suggested that she is ready to move.

“The governor has asked us to pass $200 million in new revenue for education and further stabilize the PERS system with possible adjustments to the money match formula for inactive PERS members,” Kotek said in statement. “I look forward to working with the governor, the Senate, and my Republican colleagues in the House on this framework.”

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