After Cutting Off Services, Tri Met Now Poised to Spend $1 Million Stimulus Dollars on Bike Parking

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Would it REALLY cost a million dollars to build a bike storage locker? Story here. Thanks to Alert Listener Jim.
Wouldn’t that bike lock to the left be cheaper?

Hey, what about this thing below?Remember now PDX is spending $10,000 to build a sculpture for the Zoobombers. Couldn’t they just kill two birds with one…
After all, that’s what they do in Copenhagen and isn’t that what the Portland Liberatti are trying to model us after?

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22 thoughts on “After Cutting Off Services, Tri Met Now Poised to Spend $1 Million Stimulus Dollars on Bike Parking

  1. This is really outstanding news, let me tell you. It is often tough to find bicycle parking.

    And although the lock is a good idea, you have to have a place to secure your bike. You can’t just chain it to a fire hydrant. Anyways, this is a marvelous idea as Portland has a huge number of bicyclists. Thanks for passing along the story.

  2. Well it would be good news Abel.

    But can I ask a question? I thought the purpose of all the bike lanes in the city was to make it easy for bicyclists to commute to work.

    So why have the bike parking at Tri-Met stations? Isn’t more healthy to ride the bike.

  3. Actually Kitanis, there is only so much room on MAX for a certain number of bikes. Likewise, not every bike rider works in the same city they live. If you live in Beaverton and work in Downtown Portland, riding all the way to Portland would be foolish, especially when there is such a great mass transit system to make use of.

    Many bicyclists use MAX like automobilist do for “park and ride”. They ride their bike or drive their car to the Max or Bus station, then use mass transit to get to work or where ever they are going. I know you are not that out of touch to have never heard of this concept.

    I would move for additional space to be made on Max for bicycles. Like in New York, there are cars dedicated for bike communters.

    We will get you on a bike yet, Kitanis. Just think about all the good you will be doing for your body and the environment.

  4. I use to ride max all the time Abel.. I already know about the bike racks on there..

    but a true commuter would Commute to his work via bike.. not take the train

  5. This is a great idea. For a business. Coin operated locks in a privately owned bike shelter. The income from such a thing could support a couple of families. But no, the rest of us once again are called upon to subsidize bicyclists who think the rest of us should pay the costs of their transportation choice so that they can enjoy only the benefits.

  6. Kitanis, You are not too bright are you? A true commuter would commute 18 miles from Hillsboro to Portland? I am glad for mass transit. It makes it possible for my 80 year old mother to get around and be able to do things for herself.

  7. Cosmic,

    Perhaps, Kitanis is simply in great shape! Although I am sure your 80 yr old gramdmother must be in pretty good shape after being chased around those light rail cars by all the felons who frequent Max. She probably also has plenty of opportunity to exercise at the “over subscribed” 24 Hour Fitness Center at the “highly successful” Beaverton Round, to enhance her physical fitness routine!!

  8. By allowing the use of bicycle and mass transit combined, it makes this a viable option for people that are in easy bicycle distance from a mass transit stop, but not in easy biking distance from work, or easy walking distance to a mass transit stop.

    I really don’t understand the animosity toward those who use mass transit and bicycles.

  9. I have nothing against Bicycles or Mass Transit myself.

    But I am against putting Bicycles and Mass Transit over and above automobiles.

    I would give you the Hillsboro to Portland debate.. but I use to ride Max from the far edge of east Portland to the Loydd Center area every day… I would see bike riders get on at Gateway (99th) and get off at 82nd Ave. More would get on at 60th.. and get off at 48th Ave. Then a regular would get on at 48th and get off at Lloydd Center.. on a REALLY nice touring bike.

    Thats not commuting in my book.

    I myself use Max when I want to go Downtown. So before you all get on my case about what I am saying. I USE the light rail system in this area when it is convient to me.

    But the Bicycle Riders wish to demand that bike paths all over.. and rarely use them by your foks complaints here because they are on Light Rail.. which is good… but I noticed that service has now been curtailed on the trains due to the recession.. I am starting to see a pattern here…

  10. Strange that locking up bikes would even be considered in Portland, home of all those honest, caring and loving Liberals who would never ever mistreat another person.

    Right, libs? Right?


    You mean, Liberals are dishonest?

    Say it isn’t so!

  11. Then.

    There is the PROBLEM. Max Construction and Bike Paths are GREAT for the greater Portland area.

    But Portland Metro is not the whole state. My 87 year old mother lives in Hermiston.. There is a couple of state roads there that can use some work.. but there is not enough funds..

    I am sure there are other projects in this state in other areas other than Portland that could use some work. But I notice the bicyclists and other social engineering folks here in the area want more highway funds to build more bike paths.. More rail projects..

    There should be a balance on things..

  12. But I am against putting Bicycles and Mass Transit over and above automobiles.

    See, I am totally in favor of putting Bicycles and Mass Transit over and way above automobiles. Mass Transit and Bicycles are way better for the environment preserving Oregon for future generations. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

    I would also say that in Portland, you would be among the minority Kitanis which means you always have the option to move somewhere else. That is what is great about Oregon, it is big enough for all of us. Maybe you could move to Hermiston. I hear they need taxpayers out there.

  13. Abel

    I am considering moving back to Hermiston.. because there…

    Tax Payers there are HONEST, much more so than here in Portland. They don’t expect all the money to be spent on them.. but at least some of it.

    The difference is Abel.. Progressive Portland’ers consider themselves the center of all of the state.. mainly because Portland Metro is the most heavily populated.

    Its kind of Like Salt Lake City in Utah.. they do the same thing there that you are doing.. Saying Portland first.. if you don’t agree with me.. leave.

  14. “I would also say that in Portland, you would be among the minority Kitanis”

    This is, of course, one of the great myths of Portland. Very few people compared to the population ever ride their bike or mass transit anywhere. One need only look at the weather to understand why only a hardy handful actually use their bikes to commute to work. Money spent on bike lanes and bike barns is almost a complete waste.

  15. Saying Portland first.. if you don’t agree with me.. leave.

    That is the way it is everywhere. Where ever someone lives is of course the most important place to that person. Trouble is, Portland has their budget, elected officials and populace just like Hermiston does. Hermiston runs their city the way the majority of residents want it run and so does Portland.

    If you all are so unhappy in Portland then move. No one is stopping you. The majority must like Portland the way it is being run or people like Randy Leonard, Dan Saltzman etc wouldn’t be re-elected time and time again. Likewise, the big mean Liberals wouldn’t be elected time and time again. It is probably not going to change in our lifetimes.

    See, what the problem is is you are in the minority as is Victoria. It sucks to be in the minority, but you have choices. Move to Idaho or somewhere people are all as self-centered, anti-environment, pro-SUV, gas guzzling, anti-tax, anti-any Government accept big spending, pro-war, anti-constitution Republican as you and you will be happy. Sorry, but that is where the rubber meets the road. We like Portland the way it is. If you don’t like it, find some place that suits you better.

  16. Lew,
    That has got to be among the stupidest things you have ever said.
    Theft has nothing to do with liberal versus conservative.
    One does not have to be a liberal to steal from a liberal.

    Using a Bicycle for transportation doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that would fall along political lines either (but it seems to, why?)

    The only stupid thing I saw in your comments, was this assumption that one should ride their bicycle the whole distance, or not use it at all.
    One could make the same argument about walking.
    There are times when I ride the bus, a distance I might other times walk.

    While I think the price of that Bicycle parking structure, is ridiculous, and that there are solutions that are far cheaper; I am in favor of catering to the transportation practices that consume lower amounts of non-renewable resources, and cause less pollution per passenger.

  17. You know, that is a wonderful idea: Vote with your feet and leave Portland if you don’t like it. In fact, that’s what has already happened to a great extent. All the sensible people have left town and the people that are left elect nutballs and pedophiles to office. The really unfortunate thing is that, once you’ve left Portland you have to put up with that giant sucking sound as the City That Works (You Over) hoovers every corner of the state in search of more money to misappropriate.

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