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Environy: Global Warming Event Postponed Due to Snow

The same people who were in lock step with Al Gore as he predicted the “true planetary emergency point of no return“–for 2016, the sea levels wiping out American beach front homes, increasing tornadoes, hurricanes, melting Arctic ice caps and the extinction of the polar bears, had to cancel an event late last week.

It turns out that the people who believe that man is so powerful that he can change the weather, couldn’t get the weather to cooperate with their global warming news conference.

You’ll note that the news release (compliments of Lars Larson) shows that the global warming crowd has now included in their list of man-made horribles earthquakes. 

Anything to keep the money rolling in, I guess.



POSTPONED: Mayor Hales and Community Activists to Celebrate Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban

Portland, Oregon – Mayor Charlie Hales will join community leaders and activists immediately following the anticipated passage of a new city ordinance that renews Portland’s commitment to strong climate action, lower carbon emissions, effective seismic resilience, a safer Columbia River Gorge, and a safer environment for those in and around Portland. This policy also sends a strong signal about the seriousness of Portland’s commitment to green infrastructure and a transition to clean, renewable energy sources.

The ordinance prohibits the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure that has the capability to transload fossil fuels or is larger than two million gallons in capacity and forbids existing terminals from expanding in size, preventing any further potential damage to their local environment.

This victory is the result of over two years of organizing from local activists and community members committed to the betterment of Portland’s environment and the protection of our neighbors’ health and safety. The ordinance is an important step forward for Portland and should serve as a model for other municipalities and states.

All speakers will be available for a brief question and answer session and interviews immediately following the press conference.

What: Mayor Hales and Community Activists to Celebrate Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban

When: To be determined

Where: Portland City Hall Atrium (1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland OR)

This policy was worked on by 350PDX, Audubon Society of Portland, Columbia Riverkeeper, Climate Action Coalition, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Oregon PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility), Center for Sustainable Economy, the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club, and more.

The very same people who predicted world wide calamity this year due to man’s influence on the weather, couldn’t get enough cooperation to get rid of the snow.

Remember when the world laughed at Christian charlatans who predicted the world’s demise?



John Glenn, Boy Scout, Marine, Astronaut, Senator, Patriot, was a great American hero, and also that very rare being: A great man who was also a good man, a humble man, a man who went to the heavens not only in a space ship, but in his heart, with an abiding faith in God.
There are many many tributes to John Glenn on his passing at age 95 on Dec. 8, 2016, for his heroic achievements. But for me, what struck me was a story I read years ago in the book “Right Stuff” about the Mercury Astronauts. The very “down to earth” story  about Glenn, as a man, as a husband, went like this:
Then Vice President Lyndon Johnson decided that a great publicity opportunity presented itself should Johnson go to Glenn’s home to comfort Mrs. Glenn while John was off on astronaut duty with the whole country watching in anticipation. So, Johnson arrived in his limousine and his entourage, including media, at the Glenn home.
John’s wife, however, was very shy, including about a stutter in her speech, and did not want to have to participate in any media event. So, she wouldn’t let Vice President Johnson in. Instead, she locked the door and telephoned John, informing him of what was going on and that it distressed her.
John Glenn, whom the media dubbed “the Boy Scout among the Mercury Astronauts,” knew, of course, that embarrassing the Vice President could mean the end of Glenn’s Astronaut career. So, what did Glenn do? He stood up for his wife, no matter the risk of outraging Vice President Johnson and ending John’s career. John told his wife not to let Johnson in, and went on to raise holy hell that Johnson would do what he did to the distress of Mrs. Glenn, which would not be tolerated even if Johnson was Vice President.
John Glenn had incredible courage, indeed — from sitting alone atop the Mercury when there was a very high risk that he might die at any moment from an explosion at blastoff (one in four attempts failed), in Space, or coming home. But he also had the courage, the manly chivalry, to stand up in defense of his wife, even though the offender was the Vice President of the U.S. who had the power to end Glenn’s career in a peeve.
So, Mrs. Glenn remained inside behind her locked door as the uninvited visitor, VP Lyndon Johnson, sat outside stewing in embarrassment as the Boy Scout, Marine, Astronaut, American Hero — the “Man,” John Glenn, would not retreat. “What a man,” as used to be said of such men as John Glenn “back in the day” in the pre-Feminist Movement emasculation of American males.
John Glenn survived his Mercury flight, the first American to orbit the earth in space, and survived his face-down with the Vice President of the U.S. in defense of his wife’s right to choose with whom to speak, when, and how. That was perhaps a “little thing,” a small act in the scope of all that John Glenn did in a magnificent, honorable, heroic life, including returning to outer space at the age of 77. But that “little thing,” standing up for his wife no matter the risk to his career, perhaps a relatively small act among John Glenn’s many heroic acts, meant a lot to me when I first read it, and now. That love, that marriage of the Glenns, lasted seventy (70) years by the time of John Glenn’s death.
John Glenn was an extraordinary American hero, but he was also what American men used to be: First and foremost– “A Protector.” Males willing to do what is necessary to protect others, including females, no matter the consequences (and no matter the shrieks and howls of the politically correct elitists and the feminists (i.e., female supremacists) perpetually aggrieved by manliness).
John Glenn, a great and good man, a humble heroTRIBUTE TO JOHN GLENN–INCLUDING RECOGNITION , said his historic Mercury flight into space, a great leap forward in science, made his faith in God stronger, not weaker. May the God John Glenn served now embrace and keep him; may the country which he served always honor and never forget him. Godspeed, John Glenn. Godspeed.
Rees Lloyd