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Group: Portland is Central American illegal alien drop.

Numbers USA reports Portland area will be site for illegal aliens brought from Central America.

Numbers USA map of illegal alien relocation centers
Numbers USA map of illegal alien relocation centers

The Central American illegal alien story now centers on Portland, Oregon. After watching the drama play out in Southern California where I currently live, I’m not at all surprised Portland is a target for relocation. Portland is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and caters to populations of non citizens from special health centers to illegal alien day labor centers. 

Illegal aliens are brought to San Diego. Now they're being dropped in Portland.
Illegal aliens are brought to San Diego. Now they’re being dropped in Portland.


A Portland area concerned citizen contacted pro legal immigration group Numbers USA to verify its reports were true. The group sent him the locations where the illegal aliens will be processed provided by a US Senator whom they didn’t name. He passed it along to me. 

The information was given to us by a staff member of a US Senator.  I will ask my supervisor if I can disclose to you, but here are all the locations that HHS reported to this Senator in the Portland area:

Morrison Foster  
Portland , OR 97220

Morrison Shelter 
Portland , OR 97266

Morrison Staff Secure (Morrison Paso) 
Portland , OR 97266

Morrison Secure (Morrison Senderos) 
Portland , OR 97213

Citizens of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have been sending their children north via Mexican drug cartels after the Obama Administration telegraphed to them the children would be given permission to stay. The law enforcement group EPIC confirmed the children were told they would be permitted to stay as the reason for traveling north, punching holes in the Obama Administration story that the children came to flee violence. The inanity of of paying violent gangs to bring their children north to escape violent gangs at home would seem to fly in the face of the narrative proffered by administration officials. 

Some citizens have expressed shock the Feds would send children to Portland without giving them fair warning considering the health problems so many of the people have brought with them. 

Protests are planned nationwide Friday and Saturday objecting to the Obama Administration’s open borders policies. Portland, Salem and Eugene activists are planning the protests via Facebook. 

Five car crash at Oregon car wash. Worker with no license charged.

Oregonian: “Ramirez-Ramirez did not have a valid driver’s license. [C]ited for driving while suspended.”

images-4 “Car wash employee cited after crashing customer’s SUV into 4 other vehicles in Beaverton.” 

Crash at the car wash. Photo by the Oregonian.
Crash at the car wash. Photo by the Oregonian.

We’ve taken a vote at my house and have ruled Juan Ramirez-Ramirez was having a very, very bad day. Sadly, the woman who was injured in one of the five vehicles cracked up at the Beaverton Car Wash was having a worse one, because Juan’s problem with the accelerator sent her to the hospital. From the Oregonian,

Juan Ramirez-Ramirez, 34, of Beaverton, told a Beaverton police officer through a translator that the throttle of the Jeep Commander became stuck as he was driving it atBeaverton Car Wash12425 S.W. Canyon Rd., on Saturday, according to a Beaverton police report. He said it would not stop when he stepped on the brake while pulling into the drying area.

An owner of one of the damaged vehicles who speaks Spanish told police he overheard another employee tell Ramirez-Ramirez that he needed to slow down when driving out of the car wash, the report said.

The witness said he was standing next to the exit of the car wash when he saw Ramirez-Ramirez get into the Jeep, rev the engine and speed into the witness’ Toyota Camry and then a Honda Civic, the report said. The impact sent the Honda Civic into an Acura MDX and Honda Pilot, according to the report.

The owner of the Honda Pilot was taken to the hospital with injuries to her feet and legs, the report said. The woman reported that she was standing outside the car and two of her children were inside when the car was hit. No one else was injured.

Juan didn’t have a legit license and he couldn’t speak English because he needed a translator. Gee, I wonder why? Could Juan be illegally in the United States? Did his employer know? If Juan was driving cars, how come his boss didn’t check to see if he had a driver’s license? Oh, never mind.