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‘Heckuva job, Barack’ gets flak for Texas border speech…340 miles from border

President Obama plans to give a speech to spin illegal alien crisis at the border. Time for three fundraisers, no time for the border.

Obama looking out the window of Air Force One. Not at the border, though. He doesn't even have time for that.
Obama looking out the window of Air Force One. Not at the border, though. He doesn’t even have time for that.

After several days of bumbling by the Obama Administration, the president has now relented and will suck it up and meet with the unwashed, cowboy boot wearing, twangy talkin’ elected officials from Texas. He also plans to give a speech on the humanitarian crisis he created at the US/Mexico border from Dallas Love Field–340 miles from the border.

Considering the president asserts this issue is a crisis, it’s odd that he chooses to spend his time at three political fundraisers, but can’t spare the time to actually visit the border. He certainly had time while in Colorado to shoot pool and drink beer.

President Obama plays pool with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper but is being criticized for not taking the time to go to the border while on his visit to Texas.
President Obama plays pool with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, but is being criticized for not taking the time to go to the border while on his visit to Texas.

Some, such as Congressman Henry Cuellar and radio talker Rush Limbaugh, are calling this border crisis Obama’s Hurricane Katrina moment. I disagree. 


On this, the day former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to ten years for taking bribes and being part of a criminal enterprise before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, it’s instructive to note that one crisis was man made and the other an act of nature. It’s instructive to note the president has not reached out to local elected officials most impacted by his invitation–tacit or otherwise– to illegal aliens to storm the border. Before Katrina, President Bush called on Governor Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin to do their jobs and evacuate and get the National Guard deployed. When the guy at the other end of the phone is a crook and incompetent, as was Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco, there’s a problem. In this case, however, Obama allowed the storm of illegal aliens to go to F-5 before he even asked for local help from some of the most COMPETENT people around, namely Governor Rick Perry, who happens to be an expert on border issues. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer was told maybe they were coming, as he put it to talk host, Mark Larson, but didn’t even know for sure until hundreds of illegal aliens were already on a bus and on their way.

In the meantime, the Twitterverse gleefully piled on the president’s recent missteps.

*Video* Murrieta protests bring out Atzlan Reconquista brown shirts

“Are you one of those La Raza guys?” “The way you’re saying that, I don’t understand.”

Murrieta Brown shirt mask In my post yesterday (here), I linked up an old video about Atzlan, the “nation” which is the old Mexican territory until it was “stolen” from them by, you know, losing wars, entering treaties, Ok’s by El Presidentes, etc. Remember the Alamo? Battle of San Jacinto? Mexican-American War?  That stuff of history doesn’t matter to these guys. This land is the land of the ancient Aztecs and all whities–or “crackers,” as one of their number called me Monday– should clear out.  They ally themselves with the group La Raza. La Raza means “the race.” It refers to the superiority of Hispanics. It’s taught in school groups such as MEChA. Fellow talk show host Lars Larson calls these acolytes the ‘Tan Klan’. He’s onto something there.  The ADL describes the Atzlan movement as,

“The Nation of Aztlan (NOA), first organized in the early 1990s, is a California-based Hispanic nationalist organization that claims to represent the desires and aspirations of the Hispanic community. The organization calls for the United States to return “Aztlan” territory – Aztlan being the mythic homeland of the Mexican people, or Aztecs, which according to legend is found in the American Southwest or Northern Mexico. The group’s nationalist message is blurred by frequent appeals anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, homophobia and other expressions of hatred.”

It is troubling, therefore, that activists in this movement have shown up to counter protest those who believe in rule of law, borders, open government and sovereignty. The brown shirted activists claim they’re there to “protect the children.” Since the group favors open borders and “repopulation” of Atzlan via “migration”, there’s no legal or illegal immigration, sovereignty or borders. 

A counter protester aligned who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.
A counter protester who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.

In short, they’re there to make sure protesters don’t block the roads to buses filled with illegal aliens from Central America as they successfully did on July 4th. I talked with a pleasant enough member of this group at the Murrieta protest on July 7th. Oddly, the man, whose uniform matched those of others in attendance, claimed to be there independently and not as part of a group. I tried to get details on the group of which he is obviously a part. At one point he pretended not to understand what I was saying. You say La Raza, I say La Raza. You say superiority, I say raaaaaaacist. http://youtu.be/B6SURduVoKM