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Cleveland Kidnappings: Naked Women in the Yard, Women On Dog Collars. Why Didn’t Cops Save Them When Neighbors Called? Why Didn’t the Neighbors?

kidnapping victimsWhat the hell is the deal with these 9-1-1 Operators in Cleveland?? Listen to the 9-1-1 call of Amanda Berry to the Cleveland 9-1-1 dispatch. This operator has about as much compassion as a head of lettuce. She doesn’t even stay on the phone with a victim who clearly needs a life line, compassion and the feeling of safety.

Then read WHAT ELSE happened to these girls at the house of these three kidnappers and ask yourself: Did one of these drippy 9-1-1 operators just blow off these reports? Is THAT why the cops NEVER CAME to all of these calls???? Then ask yourself if you would have dared to do something yourself. 

If you heard that 3 women were on dog collars and being walked in your neighbor’s back yard, wouldn’t you check? Well, wouldn’t you???? From USA Today,

“Elsie Cintron, who lives three houses away, said her daughter once saw a naked woman crawling on her hands and knees in the backyard several years ago and called police. “But they didn’t take it seriously,” she said.

Another neighbor, Israel Lugo, said he heard pounding on some of the doors of Castro’s house, which had plastic bags on the windows, in November 2011. Lugo said officers knocked on the front door, but no one answered. “They walked to side of the house and then left,” he said.

Neighbors also said they would see Castro sometimes walking a little girl to a neighborhood playground. And Cintron said she once saw a little girl looking out of the attic window of the house.

Israel Lugo said he, his family and neighbors called police three times between 2011 and 2012 after seeing disturbing things at the home of Ariel Castro. Lugo lives two houses down from Castro and drew suspicion after neighbors reported seeing naked women on leashes crawling on all fours behind Castro’s house.

Lugo said about two years ago his sister told him she heard a woman pounding on a window at Castro’s home as if she needed help. When his sister looked up, she saw a woman and a baby standing in a window half covered with a wooden plank. His sister told him and Lugo called the police.

Later, Lugo’s mother called the police because Ariel would park his school bus in front of their home and bring bags full of McDonald’s and drinks into his home. They wondered why he needed so much food. Police again responded but didn’t enter the home.

A third call came from neighborhood women who lived in an apartment building. Those women told Lugo they called police because they saw three young girls crawling on all fours naked with dog leashes around their necks. Three men were controlling them in the back yard. The women told Lugo they waited two hours but police never responded to the calls.”

On Eve Of Benghazi Hearing, Left Desperate; Says President Would Have to “Bend Time and Space” to Send Help.

benghazi bloody handsI feel for the left. I really do. Their President is an economic and foreign policy disaster. He is the human embodiment of chaos.

But come over here my Kos, Wonkette and DU friends, I’ll lend you a hand and help you up. It must be tough to see clearly from your prostrate position. 

This President and his czars and cabinet members have made a hash out of our foreign policy. From Syria, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, bugging out in Afghanistan, Fast and Furious, crapping all over Israel and leaving men to die in Benghazi, it has been one disastrous call after another.  “Leading from behind” as one of Obama’s aides said of the Libyan fiasco may be the President’s favorite position, but it has been disastrous for our country. Talk about screwing up.

Just as mainstream media are starting to think, ‘hey, there might be a story here’ about Benghazi, the far lefties are out with a particularly contemptible and specious report about Benghazi and the President’s lack of attention to it. From Wonkette blog on the hearings tomorrow,

In any case, [Congressman Jason]Chaffetz will investigate the very important questions of why Barack Obama didn’t bend time and space to rescue the four Americans in Benghazi, since the attack there was the worst terrorist action to ever occur since Bill Clinton allowed the World Trade Center to be bombed in 1993. For a change of pace, Chaffetz is also expected to interrupt the hearings to vote to repeal Obamacare a couple more times.

From this piece in Wonkette quoting Think Progress (former Clintonista John Podesta’s blog funded by George Soros) that there was not enough time to get to Benghazi to help. That’s nonsense. 

The attack on Chris Stevens and his aide Sean Smith was fairly quick, according to the independent report on the event. But that independent report didn’t include any information on the shoot out at the CIA  Headquarters, a fire fight that went on for approximately nine hours. You don’t need to bend a space and time continuum to get help, you just had to show up and give the order. Instead, the Obama Administration gave the order for all immediate help to ‘stand down.’ They left Ty Woods and Glen Doherty to die. And they did. 

So leftosphere, enough with your and Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories. You are bastards for lying about it. You are bastards for covering up for persons who left them to die. You are bastards for helping in the cover up of this debacle. You are bastards for keeping a man in jail for a video the President and Hillary Clinton said ’caused’ the attack.