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Scenes from May Day Show in Downtown Portland

 The annual May Day circus came to town, complete with a guy with a whip and an illegal alien advocate on stilts. SEIU rentamobs were bused in, car loads full of “illegal alien teenagers”,  Hispanic mothers with strollers, anarchists and aging hippies converged on the streets of downtown Portland today to  stick it to the man and protest in favor of…sticking it to the man.  Cecil B DeMille has nothing on this lot.

Herewith are a few snapshots of the event today. If you follow me on Twitter @VictoriaTaft or Facebook “The Victoria Taft Show” you saw these in real time, but here they are in all their glory. 

May Day 2013 SEIU purple shirts
The SEIU Purple Shirt Rent a Mob were bused in for the festivities.
May Day 2013 anarchist
Him: Aren’t you that lady who served coffee to cops out in front of the Red and Black?
Me: Yup
Him: I don’t want to talk to you.
May Day 2013 anarchists
Anarchists in their natural environment.
May Day 2013 belly dancer
Announcing Occupy Portland’s Belly Dancing Street Performers
May Day 2013 eat the rich
That guy was sooooo going to protest, right after he woke up.
May Day 2013 Gitmo drill team
The Occupiers also have what I dub the precision Gitmo team.
May Day 2013 guy fawkes
What’s a protest without a Guy Fawkes mask?
May Day 2013 Si Se Puede
Si se…hey, I’m going to hide my sign from you as quickly as I can.

Si Se Puede! Oregonians for Immigration Reform Vows Referral of Illegal Alien Driver’s License Bill

Received from OFIR tonight:

Today, as many Legislators pander for political power and dismiss citizen concerns with an AYE vote, Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) will force a closer look at SB 833 and the ultimate authority of all Oregon citizens is considered.

 OFIR is in the process of filing a citizens referendum on SB 833, the retrograde bill that seeks to put Oregon government back into the business of legitimizing the presence of illegal aliens in Oregon, which also flies in the face of their sworn oath of office.  SB 833 proposes to regress the state back to before 2007 when the DMV provided official identity documents to illegal aliens.

 Public safety is the issue, they say.  Yet, according to the Dept. of Transportation, uninsured/unlicensed driving rates have not changed since the 2008 driver license bill went into effect.  So why the great rush to pass this bill?  Many Legislators insisted that “undocumented Oregonians” need driver licenses to get back and forth to their jobs. This is outrageous and it’s against the law.  Not a single Legislator that supported SB833 mentioned…not once, the 167,000 unemployed Oregonians.  “The Bureau of Labor statistics ranks Oregon the state as 4th highest in unemployment and underemployment.

 Also, “the enactment clause of SB 833 is a joke” said OFIR President Cynthia Kendoll.

“’Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon’ could not be further from the truth.  The “people of Oregon have not been consulted.”  In fact, they were purposely excluded from any dialogue regarding this bill.  Only people that supported the bill were included.  Law enforcement was asked to participate in the discussions, but their suggestions were dismissed.

 OFIR intends to open an honest conversation with every registered voter in the state via this Referendum.”  “Following the successful collection of 58,142 signatures every Oregon voter will be given the opportunity to reject SB 833; a bill ramrodded through the Oregon legislature in less than a month so that Governor Kitzhaber could celebrate with hundreds of illegal aliens occupying the Oregon Capitol this May Day 2013.  Oregonians deserve better from their elected officials.

Sandra “Pay for My Birth Control” Fluke Headlining Fete to Abortionists in Portland


Portland’s Planned Parenthood’s annual breakfast celebrating the sacrament of abortion features Sandra Fluke (pron Fluck) on May 22nd.

Fluke is the Georgetown University law student who demanded the Catholic university pay for her birth control in violation of the Catholic beliefs.

Fluke’s self indulgent demands so inflamed the faith community that Rush Limbaugh, in a  rare show of classlessness, called the then 30 year old a slut for needing so much birth control that she needed somebody else to pay for it.

Perhaps aborted babies will be part of the centerpiece decor.
Perhaps aborted babies will be part of the centerpiece decor.

At last report, Fluke was dating an heir to a fortune and could well afford to buy her own birth control.

The point of having Fluke testify at the time before a specially arranged committee of lawmakers was to highlight how ObamaCare could be used to force religious institutions bending to the government’s will on health care. 

Planned Parenthood says of their invitation to Fluke,

“Sandra Fluke exemplifies what this event is all about: speaking truth in the face of hostility,” said Laura Terrill Patten, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon. “Again and again, we have seen political bullies try to silence progressive voices through name-calling and intimidation. Sandra demonstrated grace and dignity throughout Rush Limbaugh’s juvenile attempts to smear her reputation.”

Fluke undoubtedly will ride the rest of her career as being that woman who achieved great things.  We don’t know what great things, but she got a lot of press for being called a slut, something the left has called me numerous times. Who knew it would get you a free breakfast and speaker’s fee?



Boston Bombing Bombshell: Obama Administration Warned Specifically About Tamerlan Tsarnaev by SAUDIS.

boston marathon explosionFast and Furious, Benghazi, Boston. Any one of those would have sunk a Presidency,  but judging by media coverage, if you’re Barack Obama they appear to be a resume enhancer. 

These media members, who likely went into the business because of the allure of Watergate and gotcha journalism, refuse to see the “Watergates” in front of them. 

Now here’s another fact to burnish the President’s record of incompetence and subterfuge: The Daily Mail reports today that the Obama Administration received a handwritten note “at the highest levels of DHS”  from the Saudi government naming Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a jihadi who planned a bombing in a major American city. The handwritten note was followed up by a personal visit to President Obama,

The Ministry of Interior, he said, sent the letters in 2012, likely after Tsarnaev returned from Russia to the United States in July.

President Barack Obama’s published schedule indicates that he met in the Oval Office with Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Interior minister, on January 14, 2013.

In fact, after the bombing they made the rounds again with John Kerry and Obama,

In the wake of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal met with Secretary of State John Kerry on April 16, and then had an unscheduled meeting with President Obama on April 17.

‘This is the DNA of the Saudi government,’ said the Saudi official, referring to officials in the royal court in Riyadh. ‘This is how they work. They sent the letter, but that wasn’t enough. They then sent the top guy to meet personally with the president.’

The Saudis refused Tamerlan Tsarnaev entry in 2011 when he wanted to come to pilgrimmage to Mecca,

The Saudis denied Tsarnaev entry to the kingdom when he sought to travel to Mecca in December 2011 for a pilgrimage known as an Umrah – one that is undertaken during months that don’t fall within the regular Hajj period of the year.

That rejected application came one month before he traveled to Russia, where U.S. intelligence sources believe he acquired training enabling him to construct and detonate the bombs that he and his younger brother placed hear the Boston Marathon’s finish line.

According to the reporter for the Daily Mail, the Saudi’s set up a website to lure would be jihadis into chats. It’s a familiar tactic. This information, and separate confirmation from Yemen’s intelligence, identified Tsarnaev as a potential and likely threat.

The Saudi intelligence services have a long history of providing credible information to America and Great Britain about looming threats.

‘This is the fourth time the Saudi Arabian government has given the U.S. specific intel’ about a possible terror plot, the official said, citing prior warnings about Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber who repeatedly tried to light a fuse in his shoe to bring down American Airlines flight 63 bound for Miami in December 2001.

He also cited the 300-gram ‘ink-cartridge bombs’ planted on two cargo planes headed for the United States from Yemen in October 2010. Those explosives were intercepted in Dubai, and at an East Midlands airport in Great Britain.

This was the second warning received by the Obama Administration about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Another came from the Russians. 

In yesterday’s news conference, the President said the FBI had done everything to vet the warning from the Russians and found that Tamerlan was not a threat. 

Too bad his brother has lawyered up and isn’t talking anymore. 

This appears to be a Benghazi like episode again in which the Administration immediately circles the wagons and dismisses the attack as a one-off. That’s what they did during the Embassy and CIA mission seige in Benghazi and what they did right after the Boston Marathon suspect chase and shoot out. 

They lied. 

I know what the left will say. They’ll say that this is just like the Presidential Daily Briefing that Bush received about Bin Laden. Read it for yourself here and then tell me if that is so. Can you read that bin Laden will crash planes into the Pentagon, World Trade Center and Capitol/White House from this “smoking gun” briefing? No. Could the FBI have watched Tsarnaev? Yes. Could we have deported him? Yes. Instead, what did we do? We gave him welfare and “understanding.” What did we get in return? Dead and maimed innocents.