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Illegal Aliens and Occupy Portland Plan May Day Melee

Occupy Portland MayDay 5-1-13Illegal aliens, rabble, anarchists. Yep, another typical May Day in Portland.

Droves of people with no jobs will put down the video game controllers, get off the couch and in full bravado declare they’re conducting a “General Strike.” 

Tomorrow’s celebration of anarchistic excess will feature an unpermitted  (natch) take over of the streets near Terry Schrunk Plaza called, ahem, “Roads are for Revelry.” The organizer/s of the event miss.sarah.andrea.amy@****.com” promise an “OMG big surprise at noon!”

Occupy May Day 2011 featured smoke bombs.
Occupy May Day 2011 featured smoke bombs.

The only thing these folks could do to surprise me is get a permit.

Governor Do Over: John Kitzhaber will headline a “let’s give illegal aliens driver’s licenses to show how unbelievably stupid we are” rally in Salem on the steps of the capitol. Pandering will be in plentiful supply. See nearby post.

Back in Portland from from 2-5pm,  Occupiers,  illegal aliens, students (who plan to storm the School Board meeting for inexplicable reasons) and other folks plan to hit the streets for a “General Strike,” read, stop traffic in downtown Portland to punish the people who are subsidizing their welfare checks. 


occupy may day sea smoke bomb 4

Gosh, maybe she'll be back. Luck be a lady.
Gosh, maybe she’ll be back. Luck be a lady.

They’ll start at O’Bryant Park, aka Paranoia Park,  where they’ll march for and end to crony capitalism and not making enough money and “ongoing attacks on people..and our right to organize.”

What, are the Occupiers now seeking to organize their–rock throwers or molotov cocktail makers or professional screamers?

Our response to this onslaught against humanity is to organize and FIGHT BACK!! People Over Profit!!

Wow, thanks for that. It would appear that Occupiers are “fighting back” against all the people who are just trying to get through a day filled with a job they’re grateful to have and want to get home to their kids. That’s speaking truth to power. What’s that you ask? That’s the sound of one hand clapping.

You tell 'em, Sparky.
You tell ’em, Sparky.

I’d be more impressed if they actually held the man they voted for accountable for the horrid decisions which made what could have been an 18 month long recession into five years and counting. I’m not holding my breath, though. 


Illegal Aliens Win Driver’s Licenses; Celebrate May Day as “Latino Spring.”

May Day Latino Spring enhancedIt’s hard to determine what’s more galling: giving people who came to this country driver’s licenses after we finally plugged that national security hole post 9/11, or a group of illegal economic opportunists putting themselves on par with people who have suffered the tyranny of despots. 

I say this is a jump gall.

The organization that purports to speak for illegal aliens in Oregon, CAUSA, is calling the annual May Day show of force (see post nearby) the “Latino Spring.”

The word that set the tone and gave meaning to a movement, “Prague Spring”– the (momentary) thawing of the authoritarian Soviet rule in Czchoslovakia in 1968–and which was misused during the disastrous “Arab Spring,” is being misused again by the La Raza set.


May Day latino springIn order for there to be a “Spring” there has to be a “Winter,” a tyrannical crackdown on the rights of citizens which sets off a rebellion. A government or military force that stomps citizens’ freedoms by the heel of a jack boot.  How can a collection of people rebel against the lack of freedom and rights if they’re not people who would ordinarily enjoy those rights anyway? Because, after all, isn’t the first requirement that you be a citizen?  If the government moved against a person’s rights, doesn’t it connote you’re entitled to those rights in the first place? If Latinos who are illegally in the US believe our government is a tyrannical force, shouldn’t they flee?

The last big immigration rallies in 2006 featured union members paid to be there.
The last big immigration rallies in 2006 featured union members paid to be there.

Against which tyrannical force would the “Latino Spring” be rebelling? A country which they broke the law to get into? Don’t you usually run AWAY from the tyrannical forces not TOWARD them? And what tyranny would they be pointing to, the rule of law? Our need for national security or orderly immigration policies? 

Using the “spring” moniker is almost as insulting as the illegal alien lobby’s demand for citizenship of people who jumped the line in front of a bunch of doctors and scientists who have waited patiently to receive their citizenship.  

They broke the law to be here, undoubtedly committed identity fraud to become employed, and have just won the privilege of getting United States ID–an Oregon driver’s license– in a country that has done nothing but look the other way during the commission of all these crimes. 

Against what governmental tyranny would they be rebelling? One of their own making. 

The immigration system is in need of a 100,000 mile overhaul but that overhaul should be done by citizens, not this annual extortion. 

CAUSA is advertising the fact that Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is expected to sign the illegal alien drivers license bill during the “Latino Spring” march and rally.  

Oregon State House has passed SB833–Oregon’s Driver’s Card Bill. It will be signed into law by Governor Kitzhaber at a ceremony at May Day in Salem at 11am

And the Democrats running this country and this state have only one thought in mind: get those future voters to the polls muy rapido.