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Boston Marathon Bombers: It’s All in a Name

boston marathon namesH/T to Andrew C. McCarthy, author of two books on terrorism and the point man for the Horowitz Freedom Center for the East Coast.

The Tsaraev parents brought their kids over to the United States , eventually dumped their bad seeds on the rest of us and left the country. We’re now finding out that the oldest, Tamaran, visited Russia, even went to Chechnya and that Russia asked the US to red flag him and check.him.for.terrorism. It’s surmised that Tamaran met up with some terrorist bad actors and/or radicalized while he was there for six months.

But judging from the names they graced their sons with, it could be that Dad did a little radicalizing of his “ethnic Chechens.” sons himself, starting with their very names.

As Andy writes here, 

Tamerlan is named after a legendary jihadist warrior andDzhokhar after a heroic leader of the breakaway Chechen republic — Dzhokhar Dudaev, killed by a Russian missile in 1996.


Boston Marathon Bomber’s Friend: #1 Terrorista Placard on Car

The Boston Marathon Bomber’s friends at school, you know, some of the ones who thought they’d recognized their friend in the FBI wanted photos? (See my post here) Yeah, here’s the front plate of one of his friend’s cars. 

UMass Dartmouth might have some problems over there. 

Boston marathon friend car
Here’s the original photo.
“It was reported that two of Dzhokhar’s pals at UMass Dartmouth, rent or lease the car. Yesterday afternoon they were arrested by federal officials for immigration violations. The students were identified only by their first names as Azamat and Dias, they face deportation. Their arrests were confirmed by a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
The duo had initially been picked up, including a young woman for questioning by local police and FBI agents Friday, but was later released.”

VIDEO of Boston Marathon Bomber’s Thermal Image Compliments of Oregon’s FLIR Systems

 boston marathon thermal flir

boston marathon thermal image


Men and women in the military already know how valuable the FLIR thermal imaging is, but now the entire country knows. During Friday’s news conference with law enforcement after the capture of the terrorist, Oregon’s FLIR Systems got a big shout out for being key in helping apprehending the bad guy. 

The following video shows the terrorist is still alive and warm. In retrospect, I wonder if this is why the law enforcement officials brought in the Blackhawk helicopters because they’re outfitted with the FLIR technology.


Boston Marathon Bombing: Miranda, Schmiranda

The very day that Boston was paralyzed as law enforcement looked for a dangerous, armed, crazy man.

The very day that Bostonians were told to shelter in place, prisoners in their own homes…

The very day that planes could not fly over Boston…

The very day that Boston’s finest and FBI agents were applauded…

The very day that Boston exhaled a deep sigh of relief…

The media, having just seen the perp wheeled out on a gurney and shipped off to what I hope was hell but turned out to be a hospital, asked the FBI chief  if they’d given the bloody remains of a human being his Miranda warnings. 

Boston Marathon suspect captured











And I said,

boston marathon miranda

The US Attorney who had been logging long hours herself look for this lower than life character, this radical Islamist, said she had not yet done so citing the public safety exemption. A public safety exception such as, hey, Jahar, got any more bombs out there? Hey, Jahar, got any buddies out there with bombs? Hey, Jahar got any friends planning any more acts of terrorism? Hey, Jahar, who’s your bomb hook up?

But the media have proceeded apace in ignoring her. 

I would like to ask these reporters: when were the cops supposed to give him his Miranda warning, exactly? Would that be when they approached the man they feared might be wearing a suicide vest? “Ollie, ollie oxen in come free! Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..” Would it be when they tried to talk him into coming with them? ‘Hey, Jahar, give yourself up.  You have the right to remain silent…” Would it be when he was able to speak (after healing from his self inflicted attempted suicide shot) so they could get on tape his grunt of agreement showing he understood he had a right to an attorney? 

The media are making more of the Miranda issue than it warrants. There are exceptions to Miranda. Forget for a moment that the cops are absolutely on legally solid ground in not reading the terrorist his rights,  ask yourself, doesn’t common also support them?

As Tom Durkin, a criminal defense (and terrorist) attorney said today, “This debate[over Miranda] has attracted more attention than we need to. There are so many exceptions to Miranda that it’s almost meaningless.” And then he added that after spending so many years in America, “I would be surprised if he [Johar] didn’t know he has a right to an attorney.”



AFP: Here Comes a New Internet Tax

From AFP Oregon:

On the heels of tax day, the next piece of legislation on the Senate floor will be one that allows states to tax businesses that aren’t even within their borders. This bill would allow states to tax online sales from companies in other states, shifting the tax collection burden onto out-of-state businesses. It’s a bad, convoluted policy and one free market advocates should oppose.

Click here to email your Senator to tell them to stop the Internet sales tax burden

The so-called Marketplace Fairness Act has serious logistical, economic and constitutional flaws. Even the Supreme Court has ruled that states can’t tax companies that aren’t located in their borders and don’t have a sufficient nexus (such as a distribution center). The cost of complying with the Internet sales tax would be an enormous burden on businesses, especially small businesses.

To make matters worse, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is fast-tracking the bill to the Senate floor in order to limit debate. Senators haven’t even held a committee hearing yet. Bills of this magnitude should go through to the normal committee process—not rushed to the Senate floor.

Click here to tell the Senate to stop the Internet sales tax burden