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Teacher Uses Michael Moore Movie to Tout Socialized Medicine for “Health Occupations” Class. Huh, Maybe He Gets His Political Views From His Cousin.

It wasn‘t bad enough that Al Gore’s discredited global warming mockumentary “Inconvenient Truth” was shown in classrooms across the country in “science” class. Now a Gladstone High School teacher Kevin Zerzan shows Michael Moore’s polemic, “Sicko,” to teach “Health Occupations.”


That’s like showing “Goodfellas” to teach Restaurant Management or Footloose to teach a divinity class. Next thing you know they’ll be going to the XXX movies to give kids tips about working in the Sex Industry.

Maybe Zerzan gets his lefty persuasion from his Eugene based cousin, Anarchist, John Zerzan, friend of unabomber Ted Kaczynski, who, devised the so called “black bloc” techniques we’ve seen by anarchists at Occupy and WTO.

Portland’s Pothole Problem Explained in Two Sentences

Pothole NW Hermosa deep

It doesn’t take a “brain scientist” as President Obama once put it, to figure out that Portland doesn’t take care of its roads.

It’s obvious that drivers–the main users of the roads–are not the priority. The demonization of the automobile is in full effect here. From car free zones, roads subsumed by bike paths and “bioswales,” green boxes to, as Sam Adams once put it,  “to put bikes in front of cars,” to the jackpot parking meters with new zones and extended  hours, the war on the car is evident. roads.

Fifteen minutes in NW Portland yesterday yielded most of these photos. Other photos are being held back for my Portland’s Sexiest Pothole Calendar.

But with the recent audit of the pothole problem and a new Mayor, we’ve now learned why the roads are in such disrepair. Two sentences from a KOINLocal6 report called to my attention by a friend yesterday say it all. 


Carla Castano: “Mayor Hales said former Mayor Sam Adams made some choices that are making his job now harder. Like selling off all the trucks that put down asphalt sealant on the roadway.”

Mayor Charlie Hales: “That just made me want to pound my head against the door when I heard that.”

Hear it for yourself here.



Pothole NW Johnson deep

pothole NW Johnson

Pete the Banker: Obama Shoots Down Blue Angels and Other Sequestration Stories

I am tired of Congreobama skeet shootingss being blamed in the Press for every Washington, DC transgression. I’ve heard nothing but blame cast at Congress for the alleged disaster awaiting us on the upcoming sequestration cuts, especially those directly impacting Portland’s Rose Festival like the pending elimination of the US Fleet visit and Blue Angels air show.