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News Release from: Clark Co. Sheriff’s Office
Posted: June 15th, 2012 3:39 PM

Today at approximately 1:00pm, the Sheriff’s Office along with County Public Works and Outreach from the Council of the Homeless went out to the encampment on NE 78th Street and 13th Avenue. This was a specific timeline that was given to the folks encamped in the area that they needed to vacate. Upon our arrival, it was determined that the transients had taken the advise and had left the area. Established camps were destroyed to discourage the transients from returning.

This entire project has been a huge undertaking. As you know, the property in question is privately owned. For the Sheriff’s Office to remove persons from private property requires permission from the various property owners. The area in question is made up of approximately 51 acres of undeveloped property. Many of the owners are not in the local area, however the Sheriff’s Office was able to locate and garner their cooperation.

Rather than simply removing the transients for them to go to other locations, the Council for Homeless provided Outreach efforts and was able to assist a majority of those who were encamped in this location. It is hopeful that this will provide a stable solution for an ever increasing problem in this and other communities with homelessness.

By working with the property owners, community stakeholders and other county departments, it is hopeful that these efforts will detour transients from returning to this area. Only time will tell.

Contact Info: Cmdr. Keith Kilian
Cell: 360-607-1435

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