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Patty Murray WIns 4th Term in Senate

Democrat Patty Murray wins her bid to return to Washington D.C.

Seattle Times

“According to a Seattle Times analysis, Rossi would need to get about 54 percent of the estimated 591,000 uncounted ballots statewide to overcome Murray’s lead.”

“But nearly 264,000 of those ballots are in King County. Murray’s already commanding lead there has only expanded since Election Day. She took 68 percent of the 69,000 King County ballots counted Thursday.”

I’m sure the rest of the state thanks King County,,,, again.

UPDATE: Rossi concedes

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Oregon’s Amnesia, Kitzhaber Projected to Win Back Governor’s Office

Being announced this afternoon on KPTV 12, KOIN 6, and KGW 8.

KATU still calls it close with no official result until Friday, most likely.

As of 5:34 PM Nov. 3, the count sits at Chris Dudley (651,517) 50% John Kitzhaber (646,063) 48%.

Premature? Or, do Oregonians really have a bad case of amnesia?

UPDATE: 8 PM count shows John Kitzhaber (664,845) 50% Chris Dudley (659,362) 48%

AP announced Kitzaber has won. Dudley concedes

Let’s see, what’s that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

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