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A salty mouth cost my girl the match in the US Open tonight. Kim Clijsters won in straights after Serena Williams foot faulted and was called out for it. She had a meltdown and probably said something about the line judge’s mother with lots of “f’s” in it. You don’t do that period but you really don’t do that at Clijster’s match point.
I saw a match a few years ago with Clijsters and Serena’s sister, the great Venus Williams. The balls were traveling like lasers across the net. Clijster has skills. I’m glad she’s back in the game but Serena, Serena, Serena….
Thanks 5th Listener Jim for this video:

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What an Incredible Rally! Thank You American Patriots! Thank You 9/12!

Was it the call to action by Thomas Paine, the majesty of the Amazing Grace tall ship, the crystaline rendition of God Bless America, was it the stirring flyover by the Oregon Air National Guard F-15’s (three times!), Founding Father Sam Adams’s call to turn back tyranny, or Danny Oliver reciting the Declaration of Independence? It’s hard to pick the best moment of the American Patriot Rally this afternoon in Vancouver.
This was the best organized event of this kind I’ve experienced. Great job Tom Hann and Art Scevola!
Frank and Q have pictures and I’ll post links as soon as they give me the head’s up that they’re up.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com