Your Vote for Top (Local) Stories of the Year


  • Government run amok: Snowball, Bucky and Baby Gabriel

  • McMinnville middle schoolers charged and jailed for “spanking” girls in the hall

  • Portland’s professional protesters defecate on flag, urinate on flag, drive Schumachers out of business

  • Cesar Chavez Boulevard

  • Floods of 2007

  • The coming fiscal meltdown of the region: abatements, OHSU fiscal woes, urban renewal take toll on infrastructure, condo meltdown

  • Cars in the crossfire in Metro area

  • Fresh Del Monte raid and the Mayor Moonbeam’s response

  • Mayor Moonbeam plans to open Day Labor site for illegal aliens

  • The ghost of Neil Goldschmidt comes back to haunt Bernie Giusto and Ted Kulongoski

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